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Quick save on the reply

You know how Gmail auto-saves your drafts for you like every 5 seconds? And how you can push "Save draft" to save your work so that in case your internet shuts down randomly you don't lose everything. Aelyria should have that. Save drafts for posts (the stinky notepad thing doesn't count).

Just a suggestion, that wouldn't affect me anymore, since all I ever do now is type in a word processor before I post, but it would still be nice for those who haven't made that a habit yet.
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In all honesty I do agree with this, especially when you are working on long drawn out world forge stuff. Or even a long post. This would give you a chance to keep it on Aelyria and come back to it if you need to.

Good Idea Guardian!!!!
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Or my favorite when you write something out for hours, hit the send button and your thinking hehehehe lucky guy my post is sooo awesome but then out of nowhere from left field you get an oops please resign back in message. And your like OMG -bangs head on keyboard- as all work is now lost and you spent a day at your computer for alas nothing.

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When that happens, just press the go back button on the left upper corner of your browser, select your text, press Ctrl+C (copy), re-login, go back to your thread, press reply and Ctrl+V (paste) that sucker up. At least it works for me. I used to use Microsoft Word to do my posts, but then I got Mozilla, which has a dictionary that works just like Word's, so... I started to post directly into the site.

Hope it's been helpful.

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Auto-save would be a life saver! Can't tell you how many times auto-save has helped me in the past!
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holy crap autosave is what we have needed in aelyria for the past 10+ years. I'd pay 10bux for autosave.
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Not happening with the current web browser paradigm.

I'm not saying it's technically impossible; it is possible. But it's not feasible and it doesn't address what you really want it to. =)

Gmail's "autosave" works because it has a limited selection of hyperlinks that are always on the page in which it can embed javascript hooks to do the "save" routine, and it has a repository (The "drafts" folder) in which to save all of this. Creating the same system for our forums would increase our server load, server storage requirements, the amount of code you'd download with every page, and to bring it back to why it isn't worth it with the current browser paradigm, it wouldn't even address the two most common instances when it'd be really useful: Browser closure and the Back/Forward button (gmail's doesn't do those either; check it out, do either and it'll only have saved what you had up to the most recent "autosave", yet another server/client process that'd increase our load and bog down resources that Google gets to use cheaply because they have them in abundance).

So yes, for now, good habits (save work to a notepad file) > trying to apply a very very imperfect fix.
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