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Custom Title

Declare for your character a custom title that interjects your personality. Subscribers can enter any word or phrase to signify their character's epithet to appear wherever posts are made. Replacing the standard title hierarchy, Custom Titles can be entered in the User CP by selecting "Edit Your Details" to edit your profile information, directly underneath the first option at the top of the Optional Information interface box.

Custom Avatar

The distinct privilege of moving beyond stock images of adventurers belongs to Companions, as they can upload a Custom Avatar to represent their characters. With an infinite variety to your appearance, your presence will be felt in the Realm with unparalleled uniqueness. Submitting a Custom Avatar is easy: in the User CP, simply select "Edit Avatar" and scroll down to the bottom of the Avatar selection box to find Custom Avatar options. Select the "Use Custom Avatar" radio button, and choose from one of two options: either enter the URL to the Custom Avatar image on another web server; or, upload the Custom Avatar image directly from your computer by using the file attachment system.

Custom Profile

All users in Aelyria have their own User Profiles, but Companions as paid subscribers can go beyond the ordinary and express themselves by creating their own Custom Profiles. Change colors, fonts, layouts, positioning, and even embed images and backgrounds to compose a masterpiece of design. You can access the profile design tool via the User CP by selecting the "Customize Profile" link from the left control panel under the profile heading. The Design Tool allows you to set text, shading, links, borders, backgrounds, styles, spacing, padding, and even fonts, colors, and images. Note that for background images used in texturing different areas of your profile, you must upload those images to your albums; simply enter the URL to a picture in one of your public or profile albums for the image to be included.

Blog & Journal

Chronicle your adventures and maintain a log of your triumphs in your own personalized Blog. Blogs in Aelyria enable travelers to keep a record of what they have seen and done, write out their dreams and aspirations, or simply share a side of the player behind the character. Be the envy of the relam as citizens and adventurers alike marvel at your accomplishments and discus syour feats within the context of your luxurious tome. While all Aelyrians can participate in public comments, only Companions can publish their own journals for the world or just their friends to enjoy. To get started, access your Blog Control Panel to review the settings for your personal blog; you can limit viewing by contact list, ignore list, or the general public, while also organizing your blog into categories and hierarchies, tags and labels. For more information on using the Blog, please check out our dedicated and detailed Blog FAQ.

Private Messaging

Companions can store up to 10,000 private messages in their inboxes, can send private messages to multiple recipients, and have special features for tracking their sent messages. Been plotting against that evil sorcerer, but accidentally sent your war plans to the villain himself? With "Message Tracking", yoyu can recall your private messengers and avoid a fiasco! Don't want others to know you've been reading their messages? With "Deny Receipt", you can preserve your secrecy in your communications with ease. Check out your Private Messages suite for the full enhancements available exclusively to subscribers.

Gallery Webspace

The Aelyria Gallery is Aelyria's community-inspired art and music gallery for fan creations and original works. All users are given a modest amount of limited storage space for their custom artwork and submitted photographs, but Companions receive unlimited web space in the galleries to store their original works of art, musical compositions, multimedia documents, and fun photographs. If you are looking for storage space to upload interface artwork (such as backgrounds for your profiles, images to beautify your character sheets, or graphical headers or illustrations for your post), please consider using your User Albums instead. The Aelyria Gallery is designed to give you prominent exposure for you to promote your artwork and music, photography and original multimedia, and solicit collaborative comments from other community members.

No Advertising

Though merchants and patrons throughout the multiverse sell their goods and services on Aelyria, sponsoring the good works of the Realm, Companions have at their power the ability to turn off and turn back on these advertisements at any time. Eliminate the annoyance of their repeated incessant prattling with a single authoritative click! Or, be merciful and indulge them in their services - perhaps they have a new offer worth considering? The choice is yours. To take advantage of Disabling Advertising, access your User CP and select "Edit Options" from the control panel on the left. Scroll down to the bottom for the "Show Ads?" option. Please note that advertising can only be disabled so long as your Companionship remains active, and if it lapses, advertising is automatically turned back on.

Arcade Gaming

Take a break from posting by staying connected to your friends at Aelyria by playing some arcade games to pass the time. Enjoy timeless console and arcade video game classics and modern innovative ground-breaking video game entertainment; play casually or engage in competitive tournaments. Strive for high scores, earn fun titles (like "King of the Arcade" or "Leader of the Leaderboard"), and launch competitive elimination tournaments to reveal the Best of the Best. Companions can play infinite games and are exempt from all restrictions in the Arena Arcade.

Multiple Characters

Companions are the only users allowed to have multiple characters in Aelyria; other users must retire characters and focus their gameplay on a single personage. Subscribers, on the other hand, can have as many characters as they can manage. Simply register any additional characters and have them join the "Companions Alternates" usergroup, which you can do by logging into your alternate character account and then selecting User CP and "Group Memberships". Once you have created alternate personas, link your accounts together through the User Control Panel for Quick Account Switching! Characters belonging to Companions are exempt from the one character per person rule, and therefore, subscribers can experience more adventure, more glory, and more fun, anytime simultaneously.

Exclusive Adventures

Companions receive a special pass through the Adventures Box Office, giving them open access to quests and storylines developed exclusively for them. Sometimes, adventures that are offered to the general public will have special Companions-only challenges and opportunities with different sets of risks and rewards. Integrating rich multimedia experiences with tried and true literary masterpieces, adventures are moderated by some of the most talented and dedicated fantasy writers. In addition, Companions gain exclusive access to the Storybook, a section of our game world featuring exclusive scenarios and modules that establish settings for game play. Some storybook modules may have accompanying subscriber-only content areas, exclusive volumes in our Lorebook containing expanded supplemental compendium materials for use in these exotic locales and far-away lands. Ranging from professional licensed content to original works of fantasy, the Storybook will enable Companions to take their characters beyond the borders of Aelyria to explore strange new lands and tell fantastic new stories.

Special Features
Upon being ordained into the society, a Companion's life in Aelyria changes forever. Companions have enhanced interface functionality, can select Styles and site skins to display Aelyria in unique ways and layouts, have the largest quotas and privileges on Aelyria - including unlimited web space, infinite access to our site resources, special discounts and savings from the Aelyria Shoppe, and often times they can participate in contetsts and give-aways for vouchers or free access to other web sites. Play by Post LLC routinely makes sneak peaks and special previews available only to Companions, and between the exclusive special edition of Aelyria and ever-increasing bonus features, our subscription program offers you unparalleled access and functionality to our site.

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