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Current subscribers are permitted to transfer their total subscription time from one of their characters to another. Subscriptions to the Circle of Companions are transferrable, in full, to characters that subscribers themselves create and control, subject to verification. (If you would like another user to benefit from subscription time, please consider purchasing them a gift subscription.) To get the transfer process started, first visit the Paid Subscriptions page off of the User Control Panel. Subscriptions that have been purchased for the account are listed above the option to purchase additional time. Take note of the subscription time, since it will be transferred in its entirety to one of your characters. Make sure that any characters that you own and control are linked using the Quick Account Switch feature. Then, simply submit a ticket in the Help Desk and request that your Companionship be transferred to your other character.

Gift Subscriptions
The Companions program supports the availability of Gift Subscriptions. If you would like to generously give either a recurring or a one-time gift subscription to Aelyria's premium subscription program to a fellow user, you can easily do so via our Gift Giving tool. You can find a post from the lucky recipient, click on his or her username, and select the "Give Subscription" option, or you can visit the recipient's user profile page and click on the "Gift Subscription" button.

Once you click on the link, you will be taken to the Subscription Center where you can select the duration of the gift and whether or not the gift automatically renews (as marked by an asterisk * next to the duration). Once you select the gift duration, click on "Order" and you can pay securely and conveniently via PayPal, which supports all major credit cards, checks (including eChecks), money wires, and bank transfers. Give the Gift of Companionship and support Aelyria at the same time! Please note: gifts are anonymous by default, so be sure to make your present known to the recipient if you like.

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