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Art Gallery
The Aelyria Gallery houses all original artwork and musical compositions submitted by our talented and gifted contributors. Whether you have felt the muse to draw a portrait of a place or render an image of a creature, or you have been inspired to write a song, all Aelyria audio and visual creations are eagerly shared, promoted, and discussed within. Users are allotted a generous quota of ten megabytes, while subscribers have unlimited space to store their files. [Gallery]

Links Directory
The Aelyria Links Directory maintains an open and comprehensive listing of all Aelyria-related fan sites, official tools, and helpful materials on the web. From character pages to full blown guild web sites, the Links Directory is a one-stop portal for external resources that enhance the Aelyria experience. If you host an Aelyria-related site, or have discovered a treasured gem, share it with us. [Links]

Blogs & Journals
Subscribers are given access to a world-class, state of the art Blogs center, where registered users explore the players behind the characters in frank and engaging dialogues. Explore the journals of our generous contributors and dedicated users, read and syndicate their blog entries, and engage writers through in depth comments. Our Blogs support the latest Web 2.0 conventions, including linkbacks, trackbacks, and social bookmarking. [Blogs]

Aelyria Wiki
Aelyria Wiki is the collective knowledge repository of the World of Aelyria, and all source materials pertaining to the fictional universe behind our community is documented therein. AelyriaWiki is our tome of lore, a great public encyclopedia, where everyone gets to write and edit articles about virtually any topic pertaining to our creative materials. Articles are written using a neutral point of view and are routinely updated and improved. [Wiki]


The Arena is the state-of-the-art collaborative tracking tool for competitive player characters, and it is divided into two sections: Ladders and Tournaments. The Ladders tool allows players to join leaderboards for in-game fields of competition, such as the Coliseum, or leagues in arenas and fairgrounds. In turn, members of the same ladder can challenge one another to competition, and after they have role played their engagement and are scored by a moderator, they can input their scores into the system and be tracked and rated accordingly. The Tournaments tool enables Companions to create one-time special events, such as contests or competitions, allowing between two and thirty-two players to participate in the event and compete; the system supports any style Competition, as well as the grand battle of the Royal Tournament. Whereas in the Ladders, players confirm scores of engagements played in game, in special tournaments, supermoderators or administrators input the results of the event. [Arena]


Aelyria Magazine is a collection of community published contributions featuring original articles, essays, columns, and newsletters for our users. From our official magazine, The Chronicle, to the numerous other periodicals and journals, members can submit articles for publication in various issues which are distributed across our site. Magazine Editors have access to a powerful suite of world-class tools that allow them to build issues, setup layouts, upload article photos and issue thumbnails, and manage their periodical professionally. [Magazine]

Chat Room
Aelyria Chat is the engaging real-time chatroom for Aelyria community members. Open at all hours of the day, our state of the art Java chat room is quick-loading, lag-free, and even works behind firewalls and beyond proxies. Join in for one of the scheduled workshops, attend a special seminar, or just hang out with your online friends in this safe and secure, fully integrated environment. [Chat]


The myths and legends, tales and folklore behind the world of Aelyria is stored in a comprehensive compendium known as the Lorebook. The Lorebook can be accessed by clicking on the Lore button at the top of any page. Articles in the Lorebook are contributed by community members that undergo a guided drafting and editing workflow process in the Worldforge. Once approved, articles in the Lorebook are considered official canon. [Lorebook]


The Arcade is a gaming center for members to play classic, retro, and modern arcade and console video games over our web site. Compete with one another for high scores or enter a professional tournament and rise through the brackets in exciting elimination rounds. Players can earn fun titles, like King of the Arcade or Leader of the Leaderboard, and enjoy passing the time to discover who is the Best of the Best in a particular game. Subscribers can enjoy unlimited gaming without any restrictions or timeouts, while also being able to create tournaments and earn credits to play special games. [Arcade]

As an organic and evolving community, there is so much happening on Aelyria at any given moment. Aelyria Feeds deliver the news straight from our website to your desktop or favorite feed reader. Aelyria features RSS feads deeply integrated in just about every page of our site. We offer general indices of the latest posts, entries, articles, submissions, and contributions so that you never miss a moment in your favorite corner of our world. [Syndicate]

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