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Dorin are a proud canine race of warriors and shamans originating from hot and air desert lands to the west. Culture bound to strong traditions of honor and courage, Dorin are gifted fighters and talented craftsmen capable of leveraging their muscular and furry bodies to grant them great agility and endurance in battle. While some are quick to anger, Dorins are tremendously faithful and loyal to their friends and family and are renowned for their sense of duty and dedication. [Dorins]

Dracons are humanoid dragons with reptilian features, whose bodies are entirely covered with scales. Due to being imbued with both dragon and demon blood flowing through their veins, they possess a large aesthetic wingspan, finger- and toe-talons, claws, fangs, a snout, and even a tail. Among their unique gifts include limited shapeshifting, a racial ability to communicate telepathically, and a powerful sense of smell. However, they carry with them the burden of a tremendous stigma in society, are hunted regularly by the elder dragons who consider them abominations, and are reputed to have an affinity for undead magic. [Dracons]

The Dwarves are a short, sturdy people renowned for their bravery and devotion but not so much their intellect. Brash talk and boisterous attitude follow a Dwarf from the field of battle to the tavern hall. Dwarves have long been one of Aelyria's strongest races. Dwarves make the most faithful of friends and, should the situation require it, the most tenacious of enemies. [Dwarves]

The fair-skinned Elves embody nobility and wisdom. They are benevolent people who strive for order and discipline, though some consider their stoic nature a sign of arrogance. Their cousins exist chiefly to do their bidding and most other good races are merely tolerated. Evil races, especially their mortal enemies the dark elves, are worthy only of a quick and efficient death. Elves are highly intelligent and possess ancient wisdom that grants them an attunement to magic and nature, but they are also renowned archers. [Elves]

Dark Elves
While the generally noble Shadow Elves, the Esh'lahier, are wood-dwelling and valorous, their malevolent brothers, the Dark Elves, are the embodiment of evil and maliciousness. Sinister, cunning and dangerous, Dark Elves coolly prey upon the weak and the ignorant. Dark Elves look down upon all other races, but in the past have made use of trolls and ogres as evil pawns. Dark Elves are one of the few known ancient elf races, they are known by the elf word, Vysstichi. They have existed for ages in the dark underworlds of Aelyria. [Dark Elves]

Island Elves
The reclusive and isolationist Island Elves of Nimal are a hearty people, well-accustomed to their mountainous kingdom. Shorter and tanner than their Aelyrian cousins, the Island Elves value discipline and control while admiring the beauty in their works of art, philosophy, and cultural practices. More proficient in combat and less interested in magic than the other Elves of the world, the Nimalni are known to have short tempers and high passions for the lives that they lead. [Island Elves]

Sea Elves
The Water Elves, or Theyliri, are a shy but warm, graceful and seductive race of people who live in the warm waters of the temperate seas to the far South and East. While physically sturdy and experts in spear combat, the Theyliri have weaknesses against fire and ice but possess special gifts from the sea: capable of breathing water, perceiving through sound, communicating in high pitched songs, and in the case of their women, having highly enthralling charms. [Sea Elves]

Shadow Elves
The pale and thin-limbed Shadow Elves are benign and noble natured progenitors to their darker and hate-filled brothers, the Dark Elves. Calling themselves the Esh'lahier, the unnatural beauty of their slender features terrifies some while enthralls others, rendering them generally physically weak though fit. Blessed with a natural proficiency for the magical arts, the Shadow Elves also excel in battle with polearms and bows and have a tradition of mounted warfare upon the pegasi and deers of the woods. [Shadow Elves]

Fae are the vivacious heart of nature, and the Faeries are the guardians and protectors of the forests. Friendly and light-hearted, they enjoy playing tricks on the unwary. Child-like in their superstitions and beliefs as well as highly adept at magical skills, Faeries are enthralled and curious about the world around them and eager to mingle with the other races at any opportunity. This gives them a sense of humor that is often described as "tricksy." [Faeries]

The tiniest of Fae Folk, the Pixies, are hyperactive and easily excitable with wild imaginations and a genuine kindness that transcends everything they do. Short-tempered, innately aggressive, and obsessed with games and trickery, Pixies possess a potent commune with magic as subtle as the seductive beauty in their slender and graceful features and as decisive as their dazzling wings. Pixies can be found throughout nature and across climates. [Pixies]

Of all the Fae Folk, the Sprites are the most pious and deeply religious given their divine creation. Bound by convictions of honor and duty, Sprites have a great love of life and especially food, but work off their appetite soaring through the skies with their four wings. Sprites are natural servants of the divine and wield divine magic effortless and naturally but are also fiercesome warriors by combining speed and flight in combat. Sprites prefer to live in extreme climates as a test of their faith. [Sprites]

Hearty and strong, Giants never back away from a just conflict. Giants are loyal companions and unforgiving enemies. They are tall and large, powerful humanoids, often blessed with great muscle mass. Giants are known for wearing their emotions on their sleeves and have no problem with telling someone exactly what they think. They will gladly back up their boasts with a show of force. [Giants]

Gnomes make up for their small stature with tenacity and ingenuity. Known for their inquisitive nature, they are constantly tinkering with devices both mystical and technological. This poking around has gotten them into trouble in the past, but their craftiness and intellect has allowed them to survive and prosper despite whatever mischief they might unleash. [Gnomes]

The courageous Halflings are good-natured and friendly, amiable to anyone willing to share a warm meal and a grand tale. Known for their humor, they enjoy mischief and shenanigans. Some view them as objects of physical abuse and ridicule, but Halflings are far from being easy targets. They are quite nimble, a fact belied by their typical appearance. [Halflings]

Sometimes wise and sometimes foolish, humans are capable of both remarkable ingenuity and startling brutality. Humans are diverse in nearly every aspect of their abilities and culture. They possess a wide range of physical features, and their values and principles are equally varied. Capable of both amazing deeds of kindness and thoughtless acts of cruelty, they have risen to prominence among many of the older races. [Humans]

Katta worship the spirits of the land and those of their ancestors. Their often docile demeanor masks the fearsome and powerful predators that they are. Katta are a large humanoid feline race, their bodies covered in fur with colors and patterns denoting their lineage. They are tall and powerful with great agility, their tails able to perform menial tasks almost with minds of their own. [Katta]

Playful and curious, the Lutrans are a race of otter people hailing from lands to the far West and South across the seas. Warmed by their dense fur and monstrous appetites, they are filled with a love of life and find joy and excitement in just about anything but as a culture are particularly drawn to collecting items and solving puzzles, playing in the seas, and making friends. [Lutrans]

Mermen and mermaids are an aquatic people, half-man and half-fish, dwelling in translucent magical cities beneath the waves of the world. Driven by knowledge, they treasure artifacts and trade tales from the overlands and have mastered arcane powers that enable them to transform their scaley fins into human legs to walk among us. The Merfolk are shy, good-natured and curious explorers who wander the seas and oceans of Aelyria. [Merfolk]

Orcs are aggressive brutes who show their opponents neither sympathy nor mercy. Strong and intelligent, their physical might is matched only by their hunger for power. Built for warfare, these hulks long-ago ruled an empire that encompassed most of the mountains. No other race is more physically imposing than the Orcs. Their fat-layered, muscular bodies are covered in thick battle-scarred skin: coarse, bumpy and hideous to most. [Orcs]

The Rodenti are agile, crafty, and surprisingly charismatic. Little is known of their past. They have a keen perspective and are highly intelligent, but tend to be selfish and manipulative. They prefer to lurk in the shadows and remain unseen; whatever they do is intended to be silent and blend in with the darkness. Though lacking strength, the excellent agility of Rodenti often makes them perfect scouts. [Rodenti]

Calculating and cold, the Saurids are a powerful reptilian race whose history is defined by conflict. They are a harsh but disciplined people who delight in cruelty and conquest. The Saurids are a very strong race, well-suited for the physical combat styles of the fighter classes. Their keen intellect allows them to be powerful mages, with a definite emphasis on dark forms of magic. Their cunning nature allows them to be excellent scouts. [Saurids]

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