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User Posts

Each post contains information pertaining to the user, as well as a few of our site features.

The layout of our user posts, called the postbit, can be organized broadly into seven main areas. Identity (1) displays your User Name, User Flags, and User Title. Avatar (2) is your character's portrait, selectable at User CP > Edit Avatar. Details (3) displays your character's Reputation, account join date, your character's location (if entered into your profile), your post count, your character's Karma, Blog entries, and instant messengers. Awards (4) shows your most recent Badges. Post Panel (5) shows your status as being online , offline , or invisible . Your Post (6) shows the content of your submission. Reply Panel (7) offers options to interact with the current post. The icons under the two panels offer extended interaction with the post.

Reputation Scales
By clicking on the scales, you can signify what you think about a member's post or their character's actions.
Infraction Troll
Authorized forum moderators can impose sanctions for violations of our community conduct code.
Report Post
If you find spam, harassment, or other objectionable content, report the post for moderation.
Magnifying Glass
Authorized forum moderators can identify your internet protocol address to verify that it's really you who is posting.


Flagging the bookmark allows you to add this post to your favorites or a social bookmarking service.
Edit Eye
You can modify your own posts to correct an error or add forgotten details.
Quote Peon
Pouncing this peon will cause you to copy the entire contents of a post in a quote box on a new reply form.
Multi Quote
Tag different posts in a thread, and they will all be quoted in a new reply.
Quick Reply
Tap this button and you will respond to this specific post in the quick reply box at the bottom of the page.


Aelyria has an advanced Character Reputation tool, allowing users to respond and react to each other's posts by rating the post as either "Good" or "Evil". As characters perform actions over the world of Aelyria, their activities can be seen by its inhabitants in either a favorable or a negative light. Clicking on the Reputation Scales will allow you to weigh in on that post. Over time, a character's reputation will change and reputation dots appear below your avatar; green for favorable and heroic, red for unfavorable and villainous.


Reputation is very advanced and takes into account things like how long your character has been alive, how often you post as your character, how often people reply to your posts, and so on. When you add to a character's reputation, these and other factors calculate into an overall Reputation Power - the ability to "move" a person's reputation in one direction or another. Even the most powerful players, however, cannot significantly alter someone's reputation in a single click -- reputation moves slowly and deliberately over time.


Where Reputation represents how the fictional inhabitants of Aelyria might view your character's actions based upon how players rate your posts, Karma is all about relationships. Each user can rate another user on a scale of -5 (hated) to +5 (adored). Karma votes are on a per-user, rather than per-post, basis. A character's karma is the aggregate average of the karma votes that s/he has received from other users. You can adjust your votes of other characters (relationships change over time) or even remove your vote altogether.

Unlike Reputations, Karma is optional. You can deactivate Karma through the User CP at any time. If you do, any votes you made will not be counted by the Karma system. However, members can rejoin the Karma system anytime and pick up right where they left off, their votes being magically reactivated as well. Like Reputations, Karma is sophisticated. Members who become inactive in Aelyria will find their votes mattering less and less to a person's overall karma. Characters are dynamic beings, and so their karma reflects their literary impact to our world's fiction: characters who are both loved and hated receive a controversy rating. The higher the controversy, the more divisive and ambiguous that character may be. For example, a disorderly and evil barbarian who kills for the sake of killing and has no friends may be universally hated and uncontroversial. But a scheming mastermind or a pragmatic politician may find as many admirers as s/he does detractors, thus becoming controversial.

Hated (-5)
Hostile (-4)
Apprehensive (-3)
Dubious (-2)
Unfriendly (-1)
Neutral (0) (1) Friendly
(2) Honored
(3) Revered
(4) Exalted
(5) Adored


To celebrate the contributions of our members, Aelyria has a comprehensive community public recognitions program called Badges. Badges are awards that are displayed in your user profile and whenever you post; each badge is a small icon representing an accomplishment as an Aelyria member. Clicking on a badge will take you to the users profile's badges listing, where a description of the award, the reason it was given, and when it was awarded can be found. Users are encouraged to nominate one another for badges using our Awards Control Panel. Compete with fellow members and collect them all.

Wikiwyrm Lifegiver Troubadour Recruiter Vanguard Realmcrafter Patron Lorekeeper Loreseeker Guardian Chronicler Artiste


Our state of the art User Profiles are industry leading social networking platforms, with conventions and modules that are familiar to netizens. There is so much to say about Aelyria profiles, from the tabs that organize and display different types of data, to dynamic editing and customization of your content. Extensible and flexible, our core modules include a public message wall for every user, friends lists, contact information, character details and reference sheets, user statistics, and more. Subscribers to our Companions program can upload pictures and photos to personal user albums, organizing them and displaying them for comment. Premium users can even redesign and style their profiles to reflect their character personalities; each user profile is a unique glimpse into the soul of our members.


Users can add contacts to their buddy lists to be notified whenever they are online, but that's just the start. Aelyria is a full-fledged social networking platform, and if you request that a buddy confirm friendship with you, the relationship is reciprocated and they become friends. Friends appear on our powerful user profiles, proudly displaying your public allies in the realm. Friendships can be broken at any time by either party. Take your buddies to the next level and cast wide your social net as you show everyone the relationships you have formed on Aelyria.

Social Groups

User-created Social Groups enable Aelyria users to create clubs and teams to network with other members. Societies range from out of character fan clubs to in character guilds; each Group has its own public space where its members can post discussions, share pictures and photos, and relate to one another. Group affiliations are displayed prominently in the User Profiles. Groups are configured by their creators, who lead them, to be public free for all, public invite-only, or moderated communities.

Public Messaging

Our user profiles are your personal hub for social networking on Aelyria, and built-in to your profile is a public messaging center. Visitors to profiles can leave messages to profile owners on their public message walls. Profile owners can moderate and control the content on their profile's public messages, as a way to build synergy and communication between users. In addition to secure and confidential Private Messaging, Public Messaging adds another progressive layer of exchange among registered members. Messages can be entered using the familiar web site editor for rich content.

Thread Tags

Aelyria has a dynamic thread tagging system, which allows our registered members to add descriptive keywords to any of our content. When submitting a post, replying to content, or just reading any entry on our site, users can add several tags that help create a natural organization and grouping of our materials. Moderators and contributors routinely review the tags to make sure that they are effective for the content that they describe. Combined with our standard site structure and powerful search engine, Tags create an innovative way to sort content. Threads that have tags are signified by a flag icon in the threads listing.

To see a listing of all tags, users can access the Tag Cloud which displays the most commonly used tags. More popular tags appear in larger text; clicking on any of the tags pulls up a listing of threads and content that have ever been tagged with that word.

Personal Sticky Threads
Subscribers to the Circle of Companions can benefit from Personal Sticky Threads, an advanced moderation option that allows users to pull a thread to the top of the threads list in a forum. Forum users are familiar with how moderators are able to pin or stick threads so that they remain prominent; Companions can also designate threads that they would like to personally see on the top of their thread listings. A Personal Sticky Thread is only visible to the person who stick it, and is denoted by a different colored sticky icon in the main forum display thread listing. Personal Sticky Threads can be stuck and unstuck using the "Thread Tools" pull-down menu located at the top of the page when reading an individual thread. Personal Stickies are a great way to organize information that matters to you personally by helping pull up threasd that you want to watch or keep an eye on, or just mark threads that you use frequently.

Quick Account Switch

Aelyria features functionality that enables you to link accounts - whether it is multiple characters or your contributor and playing accounts - and then toggle what account you're actively logged into with a single click. This is called Quick Account Switch. Using Quick Account Switch is easy and simple: just access your User Control Panel, and at the bottom of the main page, you will find the Quick Account Switch configuration panel.

Simply enter the username and password of the account you would like to link to yours. Underneath, a listing of all currently linked accounts, along with the option to unlink those accounts, is presented for easy reference. Quick Account Switch is a powerful yet simple and elegant way to keep track of your multiple accounts on Aelyria. From time to time, forum administrators or site operators may ask you to verify ownership of an account by linking it. Once you have linked accounts, you can switch between them quickly by clicking on the toggle arrow next to your active username at the top right corner of all pages.

Personal Notepad

All users have a Personal Notepad which they can access on the front page of their User CP. The Personal Notepad allows you to save notes, update drafts, and record information that you might need to refer to later. Just jot down some important facts or nifty reminders, click the "Save Notepad" button, and your messages will be waiting for you upon your return. The Personal Notepad has dynamic resizing of the window, a collapsible interface, and asynchronous refresh. Use it for everything, from jotting secret notes to yourself about plots and mysteries, to saving progress on lengthier posts.

Moderator Log

Whenever a moderation action is taken on one of your posts or threads, it is displayed on a graphical table in your User CP for easy reference. This improves communication between moderators and users when there are thread merges, post edits, and other forum maintenance, so that it is easy to follow along with any consolidation or redirection of your storylines, threads, and posts. The Moderator Log displays the last ten moderation actions on your content.

Media Embedding

Aelyria is equipped with a world-class automatic media embedding system. Users simply cut and paste links of music, videos, images, or books from their favorite websites, like YouTube, Google, Amazon, etc., and Aelyria will automatically convert these links into embedded players right into your post. To embed media, simply post like you normally would and you can provide links to your desired content without the need for any special markup or complicated coding. Any links you include will be automatically parsed and instantly converted.


Building the Aelyria community is something in which each and every Aelyria member can take part through our state of the art Referrers System. Referrals allow members to earn credit for new users they invite to Aelyria. You can gain referrals by promoting Aelyria across the Internet and sharing with your friends using your unique referral link. You can obtain your unique referral link as well as track your progress and compare yourself to other Aelyria users on our Referrals System page, also accessible from the Quick Links pull down menu at the top navigation bar. From time to time, the site operators and system administrators will hold community contests for invitations and the Referrals System page serves as a top recruiters tracking center. Additionally, your referrer statistics can be found on your profile page.


Styles in Aelyria allow users to select from among different skins and templates that display the Aelyria web site in different ways; some styles are subtle color and artwork changes that are thematic renditions of our site for specific content motifs, while others are radical reworkings of our site's interface that significantly alter the way that users can use our site. The ability to choose skins is an exclusive benefit for our Companions. Users can set default preferences for styles by accessing the User CP and selecting "Edit Options" from the left control panel, or more commonly, can change styles using the Quick Style Chooser, found at the bottom of all pages on our site.

Special Codes

When users contribute content or post in Aelyria, they can format their text using a variety of special tags called bbcodes. In addition to industry standard editing tags that users deserve and expect, we have implemented a number of neat bbcodes and special tags that extend your functionality on our site. From hidden [SPOILER] tags to secret popup [OOC] messages, from colorful [GLOW] magical text to convenient [BOX] container tags, an entire and ever-growing suite of bbcodes is available to our users. For a basic introduction, please review the standard list of bbcodes, which includes syntax and examples of how to use most codes. Some bbcodes are extremely powerful and advanced, however, so they have separate pages documenting their functionality and are listed below for easy reference.

  • [TABLE] - creates a table with rows and columns to organize text.
  • [FOOTNOTE] - cites more information at the bottom of a post.
  • [SHOWTHREADS] - displays the latest threads from any forum inline.
  • [WIKI] - links to the Aelyria Wiki article for easy reference
  • [BOOK] - links to the Aelyria Wiki book, a collection of articles.

Clean URLs

The Aelyria web site has been customized to have clean, easy-to-remember addresses for all of our pages. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, helps both people and popular search engines, like Google and Yahoo!, crawl our site, index our information, and make it more readily available. Most other web sites have pages with a long string of random characters, weird symbols, or confusing terms that have little or nothing to do with page content. Our addresses for all of our forums and sections are clean, crisp, simple, and memorable, like in the example below.

Project Tools

Our web site operates on an advanced engine, a collection of original scripts and customized programming, bringing the latest interactivity to our users. From time to time, users will come across a bug, think of a new feature they might enjoy, or perhaps come up with a task for our technicians. When this happens, Project Tools is your friend. Project Tools is our official project management dashboard, enabling our users and developers to communicate by identifying issues, contributing tasks, and viewing the progress of work on them. Seamlessly integrated with our site, Project Tools identify status and versions of Aelyria for every issue, and each task has an ongoing conversation identifying progress and disposition. [Project Tools]

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