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[PA] Dance with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight

It was the start of a new era for the elfess. The previous had brought with it quite a few emotions, both good and bad but enough to force her into temporary isolation. After a few months went on and the snow began to melt around her, she thought it best to return to the life she had left behind in hopes of making things better.

Her first stop was to the job that she had come across in the midst of saving a damsel. It had originally been a mission of petty theft, an object that would hold enough value to show the Cabal her worth. Upon hearing the cries of a woman being tortured, she knew that her path had changed. As it turned out, despite her scarred arm, that was a huge turning point in her life for she had rescued one of the members! In doing so, she earned her place among their ranks.

Unfortunately, things spiraled out of control after that so she wasn't able to begin taking contracts or helping her companion seek revenge.pending thread with grim After sending a letter filled with explaining and apologies, she hoped to obtain her first mission.

Tali wandered along the markets in wait of a signal or courier to respond, while not looking too eager or suspicious. Discretion was key in her new line of work so she thought it best to blend in and allow them to come to her. All of the while, her little nirmban slept peacefully in his pouch with a full belly of apples.

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Port Alyxandrya remained a vibrant city even as many others fell to ruin, to fog, to undead, to orcs and the like. It remained a vibrant city despite an influx of refugees from the provinces that had fallen to various forces. Argon had come here for his own reasons and everyone, eventually, needed to visit a marketplace.

It was here that a dwarf could be heard in argument with a stallkeeper "these rations aren't worth a crown! They're barely fit enough to give to a rat!" the dwarf said, clearly deep in negotiations with a merchant over the price "I would give you 2 silvers a piece for each ration I buy!"

The dwarf was wearing well worn traveller's clothes and showed he was someone wh moved around a lot. His blonde tufts of hair were unkempt, indicating he hadn't seen a barber for many an era, but most striking of all was the right arm, muscular and brawny to a far great extent than the left arm and to an extent perhaps never seen on a dwarf. In his beard, of all things, were small pieces of bark that could be made out. He also carried a backpack, apparently quite full, and was armed with two axes, one of stone that appeared quite plain and one a crude metallic one and one spiked round wooden shield

Argon briefly made eye contact with Talindra, they were strangers, so the eye contact was brief, but it didn't stop the dwarf putting the elf on the spot

"Excuse me, dear maiden" Argon said as politely as he could "but what would you pay for these rations? Surely not a crown, like this young charlatan would have me pay?!?"

It was a gamble to introduce a third party into negotiations but in truth, this was a gamble he was willing to make. He could survive on bark easily thanks to the strange impact of the evolution spell out form Frigid River back in the day, but having a bit of flavour compared to eating only bark was always a better prospect for him.
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The marketplace was bustling with activity by midday. Set within the shadows of the majestic Castle Shari’lea, the vast square was filled with vendors and merchants from all over the Aelyrian Empire, who had arrived much earlier in the brightening to erect their stalls and tables for the sole purpose of showcasing their wares and goods. From a bird’s eye view, the colorful cobbled streets could barely be seen beneath the sea of pattering feet as hundreds of passersby browsed the day’s treasure trove of sales. It was often said that virtually anything could be found here so long as one was willing to locate it and had the crowns to pay for it.

It was within this crowded market that Tali sauntered, her eyes casually scanning the faces that she passed and waiting for some sort of communication from her clandestine superiors. A gang of children surged furiously past her, splitting into two groups as they ran around her like a stream parting before a rock. None were uncouth enough to touch her, although one, a small boy with raven hair, genuinely considered trying to run underneath and between her legs. His calculation apparently advised him against that course, however, for he quickly step-sided Tali and proceeded past her with a giggle on his lips as he chased after the other children.

Her stroll was otherwise uneventful until the sound of a heated altercation between a dwarf and a nearby merchant reached her keen elven ears, the former soliciting her intervention politely but without much warning. The merchant, a portly human who was only a head taller than the dwarf, wore a mask of frustration as he switched his attention from Argon to Tali. “Two silvers? Do you want me to go out of business, dwarf?!” the merchant shouted incredulously. He shook his head, the gesture causing his bush of greasy brown hair to flop from side to side.

Behind him, the merchant’s stall displayed a variety of wooden baskets containing an assortment of glistening red apples from Songbrooke, fresh corn from Candaceburg, and even a medley of berries that had most likely been locally harvested. On the table in front of him were sweet-smelling loaves of bread, their freshness suggesting that they had been baked earlier in the brightening.

I’ll sell you the two apples, the slice of bread, and a bag of the berries for three silvers, but that’s it,” he grumbled. “You won’t find a better deal in the entire city, and I mean it!

He crossed his arms defiantly, then turned to Tali. “What about you, miss? I’ve got the finest produce from all over Prime and fresh baked bread from Talvo’s Bakery for sale. You know the one,” he said with a laugh as if no explanation was necessary. “Come, come,” he bade, waving Tali over in hopes of a sale.
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