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[Port Alyxandrya] The Talyx, to investigate the past (open)

Timestamp: XXVI spring post-Fractum

Argon had seen a few adventures now. Fought alongside some grand new people from all walks of life. He had his beliefs about the empire questioned by the reality the empire might not be as grand as it should be. To the West after the Xet invasion the empire's province of Lauryl was in Ruins and Arakmat had been ceded to create an independent state for the lamia. To the East Sharia was overrun by undead after the province effectively rebelled from imperial rule.

He didn't understand the intricacies of how this all came about and this bothered Argon. How could he save an empire which appeared to be dying? What were the causes? Would one hero be enough?

For this Argon needed answers. He intended to put together a group, which he hoped sincerely his friend Z'kron would be a part of, that would journey into Sheria and find some answers as to why and how the empire became so weak.

He also knew that a lot of refugees had ended up in this post town. His initial investigations would start with talking to them and perhaps even finding work with them here. He understood that the Taralonian people where an enginuitive bunch. He would be looking to work in smithing, alchemy or with ikonomancers if any was work to be had.

He would start his inquiries by the seaside regarding the former refugees and where he might come across their businesses and places of leisure. Stale ale was always welcome to the dwarf after a long travel. He still tended towards rougher establishments and now was no different.

He decided after having his first ale to strike up a conversation with the barkeep

"Serale!" Argon started "might I trouble he for another ale and perhaps some information? I am looking for some work in smithing or alchemy, do you know where I can start my inquiries?"
CiR here

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Z'kron sat quietly in the corner drinking. What there was to gain from all of this, he wasn't quite sure.

After all, Sheria hadn't been his fault.

Sure, he'd been the Naream of whats-its-place.

But there was no way he could have stopped all the stuff that had gone on afterwards. He'd done his best. He'd done his best with what he could.

He sipped at his ale. He then looked at it fairly intently.

Nothing to do but drink right now.

Returning to regular posting

Happy posting everyone! :)
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