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What's that in the woods?(Maevewood forest)

Melora XXVI

Kythaela ran her palm over the smooth onyx colored hair of her horse Obsidian after dismounting off the creature. A few words to the horse as Ky continued to smooth her hand over the horse, allowing the creature some rest before her return to Port Alyxandrya. The pair had been riding the better part of a fortnight at least (it was difficult to keep track of time on the road), and once they hit the outskirts of Maevewoods, Kythaela would allow them to take a break. She knew that the roads were not only well trafficked, but also patrolled by the Maeve family, so this was as good as any place to stop and rest her horse a while. Her bow and arrow found a spot nestled against a tree not far from her horse, but within reach of Kythaela for quick grabbing should she need the weapon.

“Here.” Kythaela coaxed the horse as she pulled at the fabric of her cloak to get at the deep pocket within her dress. An apple, the shade of a lobster from the seas not far from here was revealed and offered to the horse with a pat to the side of Obsidian's body and a mirthful laugh from Kythaela. The horse was led to a nearby tree and tied to it, wrapping the reigns around the tree twice, then doing a slip knot. With the horse secured, Kythaela moved away from the faithful creature and brought her arms up into the air to stretch. She still had a few days of travel ahead of her, but with most the journey behind Kythaela, there was time to appreciate being off her horse.

An older gentleman with two sets of horses and a cart full of whatever passed through, opposite the direction of Ky as she and her horse rested. He nodded to her, but continued on his way. The cool winter air wrapped around the woman as she crouched down to the ground and decided to sit on a small rock protruding out of the ground. It was honestly the first time she noticed the chill in the air, being stationary. Her dark green wool cloak was wrapped around her while Kythaela sat and watched her horse finish the last of its apple.

“Everything alright, miss?” Her attention shifted to the voice, noticing the purple and white crest on the guard's uniform. Kythaela looked back at her horse, then to her bow and arrow which was still close by. “Just resting before we make our way through the woods. We won't be here long.” Kythaela assured the guard who was joined by another guard not long after.

“Good idea. Heard there might be some thieves in these parts from those passing through. Best to stay on alert, ya hear?” Their horses shuffled around, not appearing to be satisfied with being stationary. “Thank you. I'll keep my eyes open.” She assured the both of them, even going so far as to slowly stand and wipe her hands off on her cloak. They appeared to be satisfied after a quick glance around and took off back in the direction they had traveled. Kythaela's bow and arrows were collected before she moved to the horse and untied the reigns. “So much for a break.” Ky muttered wryly as she led the horse from the array of trees. Back on the road and ready to mount her horse, Kythaela froze and looked around.

What was that???
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It had been a long journey, and wasn't getting any shorter. Last season had seen him from Prime to Arkdun and back again. And it would feel like a stroll along the clouds compared to the journey to Lauryl. What Lauryl had become following some bizarre, insect invasion was beyond Roost's understanding. But so was Arkdun and the capitol before his visit. He'd found men who knew how to fight in the former, and a woman who knew how to love in the latter. But they were only dreams now, albeit more pleasant than the nightmares from his 'home' across the sea.

His journey to Lauryl would begin the same way as it did to Aelyria prime. Daltina would cater to plenty of men looking for a discreet voyage along the coast. Particularly if those men knew how to grease hands. But getting back to Daltina meant doubling back across the River Ioannes, through the Khardan Pass, and finally resting where he was now, in the Maevewoods. The forest appeared pretty before, but it's enthralling now in its current bloom. Only a bird's chirp or frog's croak disturbs the otherwise smooth whisper of the summer breeze. For a man whose spent his entire life around the trees, this is paradise. A shame, then, every tree was allegedly owned by the Duke of Maeve. Word around campfires was his penalties for timbering without consent were harsher than his former masters.

An entire day's journey meant that by midday, Roost is ready for a quick rest. Along a babbling brook, off the cart path, stale bread is quickly 'enjoyed' before his back rests on a small patch of dry earth. The moss above the sprouting soil is as soft as any mattress, so he doesn't believe sleep will be elusive. Another minute or two, and he'll be off into the gods' dreams.

... That is, until he hears company. "Feth me," he says as they approach. "They just had to come around my nap time." Roost keeps low, his eyes barely perching above the small mound near his resting place. It requires no keen ear to understand what approaches. A few horses, maybe a wagon, and far too many people to kill without notice. So he tries the next best thing. He makes noise. A lot of noise.

Indifferent to the breaking branches underfoot or the squirrels racing from his stride, he meets the caravan at the path. "Afternoon, lads!" Roost bellows out, no doubt already having caught their attention. "Just resting my eyes for the long journey ahead. No need to be afraid, mates. I may be a drinker, womanizer, killer and gambler... but c'mon now, you can't be thinking me as some highwayman! That would just be immoral."

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Her breath was held as Kytheala listened for the noise she swore she heard. Her heart thudded in her chest as she heard a new sound; the sound of murmurs somewhere not too far from her. Kythaela couldn't make out what was being said exactly, just that people were talking.

She was about to get on her horse and disregard the noise she had heard early, when it happened again. "Hello?" Kythaela said, just loud enough to get the attention of the individual making the noise. Someone was crying. No, not someone...a child. A child was crying.

"What the feth?" Kythaela didn't swear a lot, but when struck with the thought of a child being out in the woods by themselves with anything out there...it was daunting. Who would--no, who could leave a child in the woods by themselves? But then a new thought came to her mind.

What if the child escaped something? What if they hadn't been alone, but their caretaker(s) were unable to be with them? Her eyes squinted to the left, then did a sweep of the first twenty or so feet out from her, until Kythaela did a complete circle around her and her horse. Another circle back the way she came, as the child continued to cry. "Hello?" Ky called again, certain she heard it off to her right. So, without further hesitation, Ky finished untying her horse and warily took off to that direction, hissing out a 'hello' every now and again after the sound of a weeping child in the distance.
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