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[PA] Time to spread these Dramz (Niven)


It was a cold cold morning in Port A, the sun's were still hiding in there beds along with the majority of the populace of the city. After all, who would actually want to crawl out from their nice hot sheets and away from their soft pillows to wander around the city before any of the merchants had bothered to open their stalls or while the fishermen were still undocking their late night catches?

Well oddly, at least one human was doing just that as she breathed out into the cold air and made a little bit of fog, her feet carrying her quickly towards the warm and inviting (actually it was a little sketchy) door of the lady in waiting. The would be pub remained open in these wee hours thanks to a shift change in order to better serve some of the saltiest of delivery workers and fishwives as they finally came off whatever long night shift they had been staying up for, either to delivery their needed goods or worry about their husbands or loved ones that were constantly away, at least on this particular brightening of the cycle.

Now as for why Sarah was there, well there was really just one reason. The first of which was that she had fell asleep a little bit too early the previous brightening, and other places to eat or drink just weren't open this early. Still, she would find herself a seat somewhere cozy for now.
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The Queen Cletoria had finally docked on shore and all of the crew were beginning to unload some of the wares they had...acquiesced...from a shipwrecked crew some miles back. Talen the first mate did as he always would do once they docked: he grabbed his parchment and quill and set out to speak with the local merchants to barter the best of prices. Killian grumbled something underneath his breath as he rose from his cot and made his way up to the main deck, grabbing his black brocade gambeson off of his bedpost. His deep strides caused the heels of his leather boots to clap on the deck below as if announcing his presence. As he passed the crew they would all greet him with a nod or half salute. Being the Quartermaster of the ship had its perks. One of them being that he did not have to unload the goods once they reached shore. As he made his way through the main deck and down a large wooden plank to the dock he called out to Talen, "Make sure the crew does not attempt to pocket any of this before we can get a thorough inventory and negotiate with the morning merchants." His deep voice still dry and grumbly from being half asleep. He receives a wink and nod from Talen in approval before making his way through the town attempting to find a place to catch his morning breakfast.

He had always enjoyed the brisk morning air that definitely wakes him up. The cool breeze lowering his core temperature and causes the small hairs on his chest to stand. As he takes a bend around the city road he notes a pub with a sign reading "Lady in Waiting" on it. A sly smirk crosses his lips as he shakes his head and chuckles to himself opening the door to the establishment. There always seems to be one of these places at every port and the District of Maeve was surely no different. He adjusts his sword belt before throwing his black brocade gambeson on, not bothering to button it. He makes his way over towards a table and pulls a seat out, resting his large frame upon it. As a smiling busty waitress makes her way up he grins and begins to give his morning order.
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oocI think the word we’re looking for after ^ is, “…..Anyway…..”

Sleep had been more than elusive for the elfess, now quite heavy with the twins she carried. She often awoke before the suns and could not fall back asleep. This morning however, she could not bring herself to doze as she usually did, but instead found herself hankering for a hot breakfast. Eggs and sausages and bacon with toasted bread. The problem was not all of those things were in the house and none of the shops were open at this wee candlemark to purchase the ingredients to satisfy her craving. So she would need to find a tavern open early enough to cater to her needs. Fortunately, she knew of one such that she was certain would be open.

It was far too early to catch a carriage in the current neighbourhood, so Niven had a to walk through the bitter cold outside of the Nest before she was able to hire one to take her to The Lady in Waiting, the establishment she had come to frequent as she had become friends with the proprietor since Calanon had first asked to meet her here after she had shared the news of his involvement in her pregnancy and he had promptly refused to believe it. Gratefully, they had come a long way since then, Calanon accepting the truth of their tryst in the woods just north of the city and he and Kailin going so far as to move her into their home so Calanon could be around for the duration of her pregnancy and the birth of his children.

Pushing open the door, Niven let the warmth of the tavern wash over her as she stepped in. She smiled and waved at the owner, Logan, who was busy drying mugs with a towel behind the bar. He gave her a smile and nodded towards her favourite table and the elfess’ smile spread into a grin. She moved towards the cozy chair by the fire and waited until one of the barmaids came over and took her order, bringing with her Niven’s customary drink order of raspberry tea.

Looking around, Niven took in the other clientele here this early in the brightening. There were some more grungy looking people than normal in the tavern, likely sailors who had dropped off their delivery for the brightening and then stayed for a bite to eat before returning. It was a far cry from the normal crowd who tended to be more better bread and finely dressed. But Niven was the last person to judge a hard worker having once been married to a sailor herself.

Her gaze continuing to wander, she caught sight of a young human girl with long dark auburn hair entering the tavern. She didn’t look like a sailor and Niven had never seen her in here before. The elfess tried to think of where the girl might be from or why she was out this early in the brightening. She hardly looked old enough to be out on her own, but then looks were often deceiving. Realizing she was staring, Niven quickly averted her eyes and kept her eyes on the flickering flames of the warm fire near her.


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oocthose moments when you look back at a post and realize you must have been quite tired when you wrote it xD.

It was not familiarity that had drawn Sarah to patronise this particular establishment that morning, but a simple coincidence of need and chance that had resulted in her walking through the door. It had looked like what she had been after and thus she had entered it. It was just as simple as that in the end. Still, lacking experience in this particular building, she stopped for a few moments after entering and took her time to look around just a little bit.

Her eyes seemed to slide over the grubby looking men that were resting, almost as if they were no more important than the furniture upon which they sat. Expected, and thus mostly ignored. Her gaze for a moment did linger upon the man that seemed to be in charge of the place, mostly because she would probably need to go and talk to him in a few moments herself. And then finally there was a slightly unusual sight of an el-...well, perhaps a halfelf? She couldn't really see the ears to be that sure but her face did seem to have the same bone structure in a way?

Also, if she were an elf...it would be Sarah's first encounter with a fat one. She couldn't help but smile as she looked away as well. So that's how they put on weight. Not overall like humans tended to swell, but all to the stomach. How odd.

Still, none of that thinking and observing was going to put food into her own belly, so she would instead move towards the bar and set about getting something ordered up for later.

Just a number of lonely souls in a bar.
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