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Adyn wasn't blind to the scowl the girl gave him in response. There was another subtle quirk to the corner of his mouth, eyes sharp as he regarded her and her words.

"But it is mathematics," he said, apparently unperturbed by the irritation in her tone. "It's what it's for that I'd rather not share. Besides," he cast the girl a genuine smile then, "Be open about the secrecy of my dealings? Do you realize how that sounds?" His eyes flickered with an amiable enough humor, though, and it was clear that his words held no intention to harm.

The smile faded as the girl went on though, and there was something in his eyes that belied a familiarity with what she spoke of. He himself had been raised on the harsh realities of the Gut, though perhaps not from as young an age as she appeared to be. And even now, as that life somehow failed to let him go, he had dealt plenty with the little shadows many of the gangs here employed. Children were handy in many ways - as pickpockets and as eyes and ears, and they had been a go-to method everywhere he went, from Aelyria Prime to Port Alyxandrya. He could still remember the one mute boy in Ziel Aerca, with his strange intuition and photographic memory.

And so Adyn had grown accustomed to their presence. To tossing them a copper now and then, and to gaining intel from them for jobs he didn't trust himself to scout thoroughly enough. But there was a reason why he had never bothered to talk to them for long, to get to know the stories behind those grubby and lost-looking faces... because it was easy to feel that pang of guilt when he thought too hard about their problems.

Which, he supposed, was what he might have come dangerously close to just then. He determined that the half-elf's interest was just a little too keen on the girl for his liking. Adyn cast the man a wary look, debating with himself on whether or not he should involve himself at all. It was not as if the child would welcome his interference, anyway, and to speak up on her behalf was to rob her of her hard-earned voice.

Yet Adyn's brow pinched as the half-elf posed his little question on morality. It couldn't have been a more evident prod if it had smacked Adyn across the face. His body immediately took on a more disinterested sort of language, one arm tossed over the back of the chair in which he sat. He looked more like a rebellious schoolboy then than a man with better things to do.

"You seem to leave out a great variety of options," he remarked without looking towards the man. Instead, he took a drink of the liquor the bartender had provided at his request earlier. "For one, not relying on chance or the variability that comes with others. Take it back yourself, merchant and thieves be-damned, and leave the other factors out of the equation."

The class made a thunk as it was gently placed back on the counter. Blue-gray eyes then shifted sidelong to study the other man at last. His expression appeared to welcome any discourse the others might provide.
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Only partially listening to the conversation at the bar, Ellie nodded her thanks to the bartender and took a sip of the beer. In truth, she'd had better, but, she couldn't complain. It would serve its purpose. It wasn't often that she drank alcohol, her preferred beverage being tea. But, on occasion, a beer hit the spot. And, besides, ordering tea in a tavern seemed..wrong. And, being that she was at present in the Gut, such a thing may draw attention. She did not want any more attention than necessary. Not after last time. She shuddered at the thought and took another sip.

She had dealings with the bartender. Her employer, Mr. Baldo, had sent her to make payment for a small shipment of "baubles" that the bartender had arranged for him. Ellie knew better than to ask any questions. She would drink her beer, pay the man, and be on her way.

She turned to Lady, assuming that the faeri had found a spot near her. "How has business been?" She was terrible at small talk. Or talk in general, usually. So she asked the same ol' cliched questions. How about the weather? How has your day been? How has business been? Meh.
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OOC: Ellie. I guess you will be sitting at the same table with the rest of us?

Polite talk. That was what Cherjaine used to describe what Ellie was asking. She was versed in polite talking as it was one of her tasks to do so while her other friends listened on to discover more about the person. It was then she found out that she love such kind of talks. Actually, she just love to talk.

"Business have been quite average. I think the novelty of faerie-made perfume is dying down, but again, perfume can last for quite some time." She said. Then she began talking about the weather, asked about the beer taste and general gossips. She was pretty interested in why would anyone willingly drink beer. It was so bitter.

The topic raised by Luzon attracted her attention. She found the answer by the other man to be oddly familiar to her older way of thinking. After an era of working within a town, her thinking had began to change, mostly because she knew how hard doing a business was. The merchant Luzon spoke off did not seem to be a nice guy though.

"I think if the merchant is too nice, your friend should retrieve the heirloom by himself. He can just, er, buy it over from the merchant." She voiced her thoughts. She had originally wanted to say take it, but thought otherwise.

"Then he should go ahead and inform that he had heard of some thieves coming. It is only right to pass on the message." She added.
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