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[Port Alyxandrya]The Breeze at Dawn has Secrets to Tell You, Don't Go Back to Sleep

Timestamp: Spring, Era XXV Post Fractum

No matter how much it became routine, Calanon was still not a fan of hauling himself from the warmth and comfort of bed, nor from Kailin’s arms, and he huffed out a sigh as he rolled away, only for it to turn into a yawn as if to underline the fact that it was really too early to be considering rising. And yet, despite this rational and reasonable argument, the elf persevered, dressed as quickly and quietly as he was able and then slipped out of the bedroom he shared with his beloved and down the stairs.

The sitting room was still and quiet, the pale grey light of a dawn not quite sprung spilling through the windows, but Calanon didn’t pause here either. Instead, in a well trodden routine, he picked up his sword from where he’d set it the darkening before, and moved through the kitchen and out into the backyard, booted feet leaving soft impressions in the still dew dampened grass as he made his way to the centre of the small lawned area.

Once there, the male pushed his body through a series of stretches, chasing away the last vestiges of sleep and unfurling any of the kinks and knots born of the darkening's rest. It seemed an almost seamless shift then, as the sword was drawn from its sheath and the lithe form of the elf began to flow through a repeating series of movements, fluid and graceful, even as the blade cut through the air with exacting precision. Of course, Calanon was unable to appreciate the results of his dedication as any watching from afar might, and the Sylrosian was not really thinking about what he was doing by this point. It was just a natural shift from one pattern into another, and his mind instead sharpened and focused to a point where he relied more on muscle memory to take care of the steps he moved through.

Six months now he had been rehearsing these forms, at least once a day if not more, and it was like second nature. And yet, he still cycled through the movements numerous times, the silver white of the blade catching the early rays of the suns and sending light skittering around him in a fountain every now and then,the only unchoreographed moment in the entire scene.

Eventually though, the elf stilled, the sword point resting lightly on the ground at his feet, his breaths coming a little faster after the exertion. Cal remained so for a little while, letting himself come gradually back to the moment and even then, taking the time to appreciate the relative quiet around him. What could have been the soft words of a prayer were sent skywards, and then at last the swordsman relented, sheathed the blade once more and turned back toward the house.
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It was a swift kick to her bladder had Niven up not long after Calanon. Her sleep had been restless and uncomfortable as the babies had done in utero acrobatics all darkening long. The elfess was certain that sleep was going to forever be a thing of the past. Usually, the elfess would sleep and rest for as long as she could, most often just in time to help Kailin cook Rosyun before she and Calanon left for their activities for the brightening, but this brightening was different. After using the chamber pot with extreme difficulty, Niven put on her lilac dressing gown and sleepily patted her night table for a flint and steel to light her candle.

Certain that there was no one else awake at this ungodly candlemark, Niven lit her candle and moved towards the kitchen for a little snack and some water. Juno still snored on the carpet sitting at the base of the crib that was sitting all ready for the babies. It was going to be any brightening now, the druidess was sure.

Once arriving in the kitchen, Niven placed the candlestick on the counter and reached for a glass to get some water out of the cistern. It was at this moment that she chose to glance up and outside at her handiwork in the back garden and caught sight of the form of Calanon doing some sort of strange movements with his sword.

Turning the water off, the elfess watched as he made his graceful movements one after another, his sword slicing through the air, wondering what the feth he was doing and why in Aeternia he was awake before the suns were up. The first of them was just starting to peak up over the horizon.

Her confusion still on her features, Niven shook her head and turned away to grab a grapefruit from the fruit bowl and a knife from the drawer. Slicing the grapefruit in half she grabbed both halves and brought them to the table with two spoons, before going back for the candle. Sitting down with some effort in the chair, she started into her early morning snack and waited for Calanon to finish and come back inside.

She definitely had some questions.


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Calanon is a glorious SuperheroCalanon is a glorious SuperheroCalanon is a glorious SuperheroCalanon is a glorious SuperheroCalanon is a glorious SuperheroCalanon is a glorious SuperheroCalanon is a glorious Superhero

Calanon had not expected to find anyone awake when he returned to the house. Usually, he timed his practice so he might slip back into bed for half a candlemark or so before it was Kailin’s turn to pull herself away from him and start her day. Not this brightening though. The light spilling from the kitchen window was enough to inform him this would be different, but still, he paused in the doorway when he saw Niven sitting at the table, an unreadable expression on his face before there was an almost smile and a quietly spoken ‘Quel amrun, Niven”.

The male turned away to push the door closed behind him, and also to give him a moment to gather his thoughts. He had known, of course, that this conversation would come around, sooner or later. But, now he was actually faced with the possibility of it, he couldn’t help but wonder what his kinswoman might think. Still he mused, as he deftly unfastened the sword belt from around his hips, perhaps this would not be the moment anyway. Perhaps she had just awoken? Calanon slid a glance toward the blonde as he crossed the room to set Adilah down, one dark eyebrow raised.

“You are awake early. I hope I didn’t disturb you?”

He seriously he doubted that he had, having quite perfected the art of escaping without waking anyone many eras ago, for..other reasons. But as he stopped to fill a glass of water, Cal chanced he could feel her gaze burning into his back. Wishful thinking that she had not seen then, and was brimming with questions?

If anything, he supposed it was a surprise she had not stumbled across him practicing before now. Some days he ventured further afield, but many mornings he had spent practicing in the small overgrown garden, from when they had very first moved in. Indeed, it was where he’d found himself in the immediate aftermath of that fateful confrontation where Niven had revealed the babes she carried were his. Only his movements on that day had shown none of the control and precision he strived for, but had been wild and unconstructed. More an outlet for his churning emotions than any attempt to finesse his skills. A brief sigh before Calanon tipped the glass and drank down half the glass of water, turning then to lean back against the sink, eyes settling back on the elfess, a slight furrow of concern scoring down between his brows.

“Is it too late for you to go back to bed? No chance of further sleep?”
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