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[PA] Three Men Walk Into A Bar (Niven)





Fists and fur and really anything not bolted down to the floor was flying in the bar room. No one really knew who threw the first punch. It was probably something over a bet, or a bad joke about someone's mother last night in bed. It didn't really matter at this point. Once a punch was thrown, the effect snowballed, spreading like wildfire in an instant. A massive orgy of violence, blood, and loose teeth exploded.

Somewhere in the chaos stood a small vixen. Her pretty dress had been ripped to shreds, leaving little left to the imagination. She kicked a big rude meanie head in the knee. Then punched another in the stomach. She tightened her chokehold on the little ratta who happened to look at her wrong. Someone had smashed her piece of cake BEFORE she even got a chance to taste it. They would all pay. ALL. OF. THEM.

"Cake vandalizing scum! I will make you all pay!"





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Hiding under the bar of the Lady in Waiting was a petite Sylrosian elfess in green trousers, a white shirt with a brown leather vest, and mid-calf brown leather boots, who was unsure what exactly was going on. She’d merely come in to visit with Logan, the bartender, and maybe get a drink when the brawl broke out. It was an unusual occurrence for the establishment and Niven wasn’t quite certain what to do. The bartender was going around trying to break up the fighting and attempting to throw some of the violent patrons out, but there was just too many for one man to corral.

A chair smashed into pieces in front of her and the elfess simply looked down at it with concern before sneaking her head out from under the lip of the bar to see if there was a chance she could bolt from the exit. No good, there were too many people throwing punches. The druidess bit the inside of her lip.

As her emerald eyes scanned for an escape route when she caught sight of the scantily clad vulpine dorin. Her eyebrows raised, but she didn’t let her gaze linger as a hole in the throng appeared. Gathering her courage, Niven made a dash for the door.


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