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[Mercantile District] Qiara's Apartment

Immanis XXI forward

It was going to take more than one pickpocketing for Qiara to keep a roof over her head for the next era, but for the month at least, she was taken care of. The contents of the nobleman's wallet that she'd lifted on a crowded rainy brightening had paid for the first month's rent for a room over a small smithy in the mercantile district.

The room was clean and bright, and had come furnished with a bed, a writing desk, and a couple of shelves. She shared the latrine at the end of the hall with the second floor's other residents: two other single boarders like herself, plus the blacksmith and his wife, who owned the building. The lock on her door worked, which was more than she could say for a lot of other places with rent so cheap. Plus, since the smithy was directly underneath her room, it was always warm.

She spent a little bit more of the nobleman's money on curtains, sheets, and adjuration supplies like poppy seeds and nice little jars. She didn't bother buying pots and pans, since the only source of fire was the forge downstairs, and Qiara was a terrible cook.

The sound of pounding iron woke her before dawn for the first few brightenings, but after that, she began to find it sort of peaceful.

| SOF | Qiara's Apartment
adjuration services offered
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Summer Era XXII

A letter arrived at Qiara's apartment with no clear adornments or seals of any kind. The writing was plain but practiced, written by someone with an educated, albeit cursory hand. It said simply:

"Saw your posting. Would like to contact my sister."


The return address was simply the name of the nearest inn.

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