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The Festival of the Dragons - Spring, Era XX (Open)

Timestamp: 11th - 20th of Aperitus, In the Season of Spring, Era XX, During the Age of Heroes

Even though the Isle had become a wintry wonderland, didn't kill the spirit of Demios. The council had still planned to hold the event known as the Festival of the Dragons once more, and this turbulent weather wouldn't slow them down in the least. The Orator's square was decorated much like it had been in prior eras. Banners were strung from the top of the statues of the Queen Fire Mystia across to the buildings that surrounded the square. They flew in all varieties of colors with dragons painted on them courtesy of the local artisans.

In the square, statues of dragons had been put up around the statue of the Queen Fire Mystia, each statue coated in different hues of gems and precious metals, so as to show praise to every type of dragon that happened to drift through the multiverse. Vendor stands were placed up that sold idols of various dragons, and even the Paedia was making an appearance with the gadgets, and looking for new recruits for the Knowledge Seeker's guild. Banners with depictions of dragons flew above nearly every house, and it was clear that the dragon worship had come to a head during the festivities.

The Fire Keepers made their appearance once more in the skies of Demios, showing them their strength, and that they'd always protect the island should some major threat come to bear upon it. People gathered in the square, dancing, singing, and praising the proud and ancient creatures that happened to be watching over their fair island.

Parades were held every day, and people couldn't wait for the riding spider competition. It had been far too long since their last festival last era and everyone was enjoying themselves and having a grand ol' time at the festival, as the people desperately needed a way to let lose on some fashion and give thanks to the protectors of their island. Guards made sure to patrol the streets along with some of the Fire Keepers to make sure there was no trouble brewing for the festival.

On the Bulletin Board:

Festival of Dragons, Activities List

Aperitus 11th - Opening Ceremony, Opening Parade
Aperitus 12th - Ruby Dragon Parade, Flight of the Fire Keepers
Aperitus 13th - Silver Dragon Parade, Pet Wyvern Showings
Aperitus 14th - Emerald Dragon Parade, The Paedia shows of it's Wondrous Works!
Aperitus 15th - Golden Dragon Parade, Riding Spider Races
Aperitus 16th - Sapphire Dragon Parade
Aperitus 17th - Obsidian Dragon Parade, Free drinks at the Taverns!
Aperitus 18th - Topaz Dragon Parade, Tournament of the Dragons
Aperitus 19th - Bronze Dragon Parade, Banquet at the Orator's Square (15 crown entrance fee to be donated to the upkeep of the Dragon Temples)
Aperitus 20th - Closing Parade, Closing Ceremony, Closing Fireworks Display

OOCAny events that people wish to take part in, please send me a PM, and i'll create a new thread relating to that event! Thanks! and above all have fun!!! Also, people can post in this thread for the main portion of the Festival of the Dragons, and i'll moderate it from there! Enjoy!
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Gadgeteers' Area

Klue and his crew had been busy at the workshop for several cycles now, putting their heads together and designing, altering older and crafting newer wonders to display, demonstrate or even sell at the festival. Their assigned location was nearby others from the Paedia. But it was the gadgeteers who required the most space. Those others tended to give them plenty of space anyway…always mindful that these innovators were a daring lot, not necessarily disinclined to mishaps or minor disasters.

They’d anchored hot air balloon with its bright checkerboard pattern, inflated and mysteriously lit up from within. One of the first of the steam cannons produced was there, but it wouldn't be fired during the festival. There was a wide banner depicting Klue’s own trademark over a number of heavy worktables, stylized in onyx, bronze and copper, predictably a dragon raised over a fancy bit of clockwork.

He and his crew were there to man the tables. They'd demonstrate any number of the contraptions they’d brought, they might sell a handful here or there, or accept an odd commission or two. And there was plenty to capture a variety of interests. Toys to feed the imagination of children of all ages. Animated, brightly painted wooden pull or geared toys, wind up submersible toys not so unlike a version bobbing in its housed slip down at the harbor. Mechanical, chattering spiders with waggling eyebrows, small boats powered simply by copper coil, candle and peat brick. Whirligig toys... Digger had brought one of his animated coin banks, Waldo had spent all of last cycle on a mechanical puppet theater.

There was also plenty for the adults, curious in some cases, useful in others. A few pocket watches, unique in all the Empire, contrasting with an automatic, combination mousetrap / cat feeder. Spyglasses for sailors and soldiers, colorful kaleidoscopes or others with bawdier images inside... There were gadgets for the kitchen or desk top, oil lamps in trios that would come alight together with a flick of a lever…A parlor press and an artist’s picture box to tempt even the gentry. Ornate bronze and ceramic globes and eggs nested on silver perches that would flicker to life when snapped opened, for lighting cigars, melting wax for seals...and so on.
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