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Stranger in a new land [Closed]

Mid-Autumn, Era XIX

Having taken his first day to rest and get acclimated to the area, today Rhys felt like going checking out what the city had. He only really came to the island on a whim and then upon hearing about dragons on the journey, made him a bit more interested in Demios.

Donning his green shirt and tunic, he topped it off with his dark brown tricorn. Putting his belt and sword on, he headed out into the streets.

A short walk down the road and Rhys was at a noticeboard, he scanned past lost animal notes, sale not but a flier did catch his eye.

Neigh Neigh Stables; for your equine and arachnide needs


"Spiders?" Rhys said aloud to himself.

His uncle used to tell him scary stories when he was young of goblins riding spiders fighting Imperial cavalry. For the most part he just dismissed them as a story and nothing else. If he couldn't see a dragon, then surely he definetely would be able to see one of these giant spiders. Taking a mental note on the location he continued on his way.

Two kids came running down the road chasing each other. The child in the lead turned around to look at his pursuer and didnt notice the small hole in front of him. Tumbling to the ground, he skidded into Rhys' legs before regaining his composure and standing up. His stopped pursuer let out a slight jeer from afar.

"Go, don't be lettin' him do that." Rhys said looking down at the boy.

Surprised he wasn't in trouble the boy turned and ran as fast as he could with his pursuer now his target. Rhys shook his head, Kile would be about there age and Rhys probably would've said the same thing to the child. In his head he saw what he thought Kile would've looked like at this age. Lost in his thoughts Rhys had continued walking, not paying any attention.
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