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TimeStamp: Spring Era XXV

Aelyria Prime: Qurstat Ward, Mercantile district.

Within this city, as large as it had become were sections where one, if one was looking for it, could find the strangest of places that you would not expect to find. As it stood the ‘Bean and Gone Cafe’ was not a new establishment, but it was one where the usual loutish behaviour was not a usual occurance. The establishment was run by a couple who took the roll of providing a service to its best at all times, with a couple of additional workers to provide waitress table service to all guests that arrived. There were fresh baked loaves, some cakes, and iced buns, and other baked goods that were made on the premises but the male owner, the lady being more of the type to make the rest of the food offerings, which ranged from different soups, and broths, sandwiches, and main meals. All the food was, in terms of the usual affair one could buy elsewhere, it was just presented much cleaner, and with care and attention here. The atmosphere within the Cafe was similar to a tavern, in the sense that a lot of people visited the establishment to eat and drink, the difference being there was no alcohol involved, all very civilised, but still noisy in terms of multiple conversations taking place on the differing tables that were placed within the cafe. This was also a place where many rumours about what was happening within this ward, and district of the city, but also within the larger city that this was a part of, were discussed, and if one were to want to know what was happening then one would just need to discuss the general ‘rumour of the day’ with any of the staff here.

As one would enter this place a young lady waitress by the name of Bella, would greet and show one to an available table and then return to take any orders of those that have been seated. If one was just looking for a place to rest weary feet and have a cup of tea, of which a number of kinds were available, then one need only ask and a fresh brew would be brought to the table, before the rest of the order would be taken.

oocGentlemen...I invite you to take a seat at a table and introduce yourselves, before I bring forth the rest of the introduction, and the adventure begins in earnest. Have fun if you want to order something to eat and drink etc. Then we will proceed.
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