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[Aelyria Prime] Monopoly (BizLiz, Adyn)

oocLet’s do this! Assuming Ssslaw and Lia are already together since they most likely traveled together

Aelyria Prime. It had been so long since she had found herself in the Empire’s capitol, nearly half an era now. It felt familiar to the Quel’anthasan, perhaps not as comfortable as Ziel Aerca had become, but familiar nevertheless. She was standing across the inn room’s small mirror and fastening her hair into that of a tight braid. The journey from Moonstone to Prime had been a long one, perhaps even a bit rushed for her preference, but there were things to be done. Forums to infiltrate. Debauchery to be had.

It was not easy to find Adyn in the bustle of the district. But she knew he stayed here, knew he had skills that would prove helpful and she came with an opportunity that was right up his alley. It was an act of chance then, to run into him in The Crown last darkening, or perhaps (considering both of their affinities toward liquor), it was not that far of a coincidence. And so she told him to meet her and her new partner here in room 303, in a small inn just outside of the Imperial Forum. Green eyes flicked to the Saurid’s reflection in the mirror, ”I expect we will want to survey the building first.” She said mildly, twisting lavender curls into a tight knot. ”Find where the guards keep post.” Find a way to get in. Did they even have a plan? No. A plan. The idea was laughable to the purple elf. Lia didn’t make plans.

But perhaps, that’s why it was important to keep her present company. Scales here, and Adyn.
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Having heard of Lia's generous ambitions had caught Adyn by surprise. She wanted to do what?

Granted, it had been a result of negligence on his part that the two had happened to meet that fateful darkening half an era before, but the lavender-haired elf had not struck him as the most skillful of thieves, herself. It had taken him a full darkening of no sleep to weigh the possible consequences of the job she had taken from Ziel Aerca. It had not been given to her directly, and it had not come from any source he knew, although he was not well connected to the city of Free Ziel himself. But she had claimed to have some connections of her own, and the rewards offered for success of this task had been very, very tempting.

This could turn out to be a very bad idea... or a very lucrative one. It had been difficult to determine which was more likely, and he was beginning to wonder more with every moment if his final determination had been wrong.

Too late for that now.

He made a final inspection of one of his blades before sheathing it in his boot, his eyes flickering upwards toward the elf. "There will no doubt be patrols, rotations. Those, and the posts you speak of, will likely change by the darkening. Perhaps by the candlemark," he cautioned. Typically he was one to observe through the darkening until he was acquainted with the patterns the guards set about. But the vantage points might be limited where they were going. And the legionnaires were of a different ilk than the typical city guard. He wasn't sure which they'd find, though.

"Observing for those things has an added benefit. If there is a caravan or a company that delivers, provides services, or things like that... it's possible we could use a similar guise to gain entry more easily."

Sneaking in would have its own obvious dangers. He knew dogs could be an issue in some high security places, so if that was the route they decided to take, he'd be sure to check with some of his connections to see if there was anything for purchase that might mask scents. He'd also need to keep a look out for alternative tools for gaining entry to rooms or vaults, given that his own knowledge might not be sufficient for getting through the more sophisticated locks.

"If you need me to keep my eye out for anything specific when I speak with my connections, let me know."
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Prime. The Saurid's 'home town', and yet, he always felt a little foreign within its walls. Even with his adopted family's connections, education and status, Ssslaw had always been an outsider. Certainly, he had proved himself capable at the University and Academy of Magic, but even such achievements were set aside due to his peculiar size and race. His family, though supportive, could not put him forward further into their world. Those who had seen him from a young lizard, confined to a cage, could not believe that creature would be capable of pursuing employment within the family's legal business. When his studies were completed, he had a decision to make. Strike out on his own within the city that had been his only true home, or leave to find his own place in the world.

Meeting Rex Wagner had been the sign the Business Lizard required. The Adventurer Chef's exploits, and tasty dishes, could propel Ssslaw to heights he had only dreamed about. Rex became his first only client, even now, but that could soon change due to other associations he had formed in Ziel Aerca.

Ziel Aerca - the only place where he had found acceptance. There he had found a path to a lifestyle he dreamed to maintain. One could excel quickly in such a city. There he had discovered that city officials desired to learn about the mint, where coinage of the empire was created. It would be a great challenge to gain entry, but Ssslaw felt up to the task.

And his two companions in this room at the Inn could only help him complete the job.

Liahal was an interesting woman. Prone to quick action, she was nearly as fond of Rex as he was. She had readily accepted the opportunity to join in on this caper. Adyn was new to him, a rogue by nature, if Ssslaw was any kind of judge of character, and likely possessed certain skills they would require. Liahal had spoken well of him, and Ssslaw would have to trust her assessment.

Listening to the pair talk, Ssslaw knew they required a plan of attack, but information was what they required first.

"Indeed, Adyn," he responded to the man. "Knowledge is our greatest weapon. Sssecrecy our biggest ally. We must gain one and maintain the other. One of us ssshould ssscout out the immediate sssuroundings so we have a rough design as to the ssstructures external layout. If there are any tall buildings nearby, one of us ssshould ascend its height to get a clearer view from above. I believe those tasks are sssufficient for this brightening."

He tapped a clawed finger to his nose, a motion he did whenever deep in thought.

"But first, we ssshould procure ssseveral changes of clothing for you both. We will have need of disguises. If we are to traverse the area repeatedly, neither of you ssshould draw notice."

As for himself, Ssslaw had other means to change his appearance.

"As for your connections, plans of the internal ssstructure would be useful. Identities of persons working inside the mint would also be something I would want to know."

He nodded to Liahal.

"I am sssure any male workers might loosen their tongues for our friend here. As for myself, I may ssseek out information from my family's connections, though those will have to be handled with utmost care. Once we have the information we require, a proper plan can be developed."
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