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Scroll Calanon Siluvanade

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Early History

My heart belongs to the Forest

House Siluvanade, one of the major Houses of the Sylrosyan Combine, and the home of Calanon Elbraeth Siluvanade.
Cal is the younger of two sons,and Grandson to Lord Jhara'Lynn Siluvanade, an artisan architect. The family house in the Amethyst Court is a shining example of his work

Originally Posted by Leafsong
....nestled in the cradle of Amethyst Courts highest perches is the Siluvinade manor. The unorthodox home faintly resembles a cluster of toadstool pods ingeniously built around the hulls of seven Redwood tree circles. They appear as a symbiotic extension, grafted with plasters, careful carpentry and fluting support boles to the trunks of this magnificant sequoia tree ring. Platforms support the turn-crank pulleys, elevating residents and guests to a decorative treetop gazebo where the balconies are home to a notorious hanging garden. From there an arrangement of beautifully crafted bridges network around the manor. Detached guest homes are found positioned at distinct, and supportable points throughout the tree. There is an obvious regard for necessity and comfort, and the heirloom task of encouraging its neverending growth carries on still.
It was here that Calanon was lucky enough to spend his childhood, and goes someway to explain the elf's unyielding love for the forests and glades of Sylrosia. Spending his younger years skittering about the protective boughs of the forest makes for a love affair that will never end. To Calanon, the woods can offer everything you might ever seek; solace amid quiet glades and reflective pools, adventure amongst shadowed pathways and tangled trails, and seduction in moss floored groves, where sunlight dapples the features of all who lie there and the very leaves on the trees seem to whisper sweet nothings in you ear.
Whilst he is content to explore the worlds of Telath, there is an eternal pull backto Silrosia, which is the only place where he can ever be truly at home.

Family Ties

The family Siluvanade is led by Lord Jhara'Lynn, head of the household. A kind but serious fellow, Jhara'Lynn pours his passion into the beautiful architecture that he loves so well. He sees the world as shapes and sinews, and is a great appreciator of beauty in any form. This very beauty can be found in his wife, Lady Caelei Siluvanade. Once a scholar under Jhara'Lynns tuition,the pair found each other poring over books late into the night, and the elder elf ecscorted the young Caelei about the Tawnleaf and the Amethsyt Court, singing praises over architecture with a passion that he later realised was inspired by her. Together they shared the same love for the forests and the trees, and it was as an offering of love to Caelei that Jhara'Lynn designed and built the treetop wonder that is the Siluvanade mansion.

The pair were blessed with two children, a girl, who they named Myaera, or Emerald Song.Always of the trees and flowers, Myaera studied Druidism, and made a home for herself amongst the great Tawnleaf where her parents had wandered before.
Then came a son, named for the quiet strength seen behind his eyes,Nimafel. More of books and lore, Nimafel studied under his father and prepared to take on the responsibilties of the House Siluvanade in days to come.

It was his marriage to an elven girl Tiavanna Fenywe that brought Calanon and his elder brother Erlende into the world.
Where Erlende went, Calanon was sure to follow, and the pair spent their childhood dancing amongst the boughs of their treetop home,a favourite pastime bombarding those below with soft berries,and on less thoughtful days, harder objects too.
Their mischief was well tolerated, and for many years the sounds of childrens laughter would always be heard high amongst the leafy canopy of the Amethyst Court.

The brothers were different however and as they grew older this became more clear. Erlende was fiercely ambitious, and fought for what he wanted, whereas his younger brother was often content to drift as the days took him. Of course, being the youngest Cal was indulged by all, but Erlende was the golden boy of the family. Charismatic and charming he became close to Jhara'Lynn, who often spoke to him of matters of the Combine and of the future of the elfhame. Soon, he was offered a position as Senior Advisor to the Lord of the house,which he took with great enthusiasm. House Siluvanade was beginning to make ripples in the heart of Sylrosya.

Calanon meanwhile was a gentler force, determined yes, but the paths he would take in life would be much different. He was adept at his studies, but could be a dreamer, and whilst he had worshipped his older brother as a child, he now saw changes in him that were unsettling. Erlende wanted the house to be part of something, wanted to push them to the forefront of Silrosyan politics, and he had the Lord's ear. But Calanon began to see a different side to his brother and wondered if he even cared as to the manner of his ascension, as long as it happened. Of course, it was difficult to speak of his fears, difficult even to acknowledge them himself such was his love and loyalty for his brother, and it was perhaps this simmering of doubt that led Calanon down a path that would rock the family to its core.
The Fracture of the Family

It was the summer solstice festival in Sylrosya. The air was alight with the glow from a thousand twinkling lanterns hung from the boughs of the great redwood trees, between which were strung garlands of flowers, knotted together by the fair hands of the ladies of the city, who wove secret enchantments and blessings throughout the vines and petals that now bestowed their delicate beauty upon the evening. A balmy breeze carried the sing song chatter of the elves far about the forests, all about would feel the magic that wrapped itself about each and everyone.

The formal part of the day was over, and there was an air of excitement before an evening of revellery, an evening where every elf would cast off their woes and give thanks to the suns for the longest brightening. Minstrels wandered about with Lutes, singing softly, and in the Ameythst Court an enchanted harp sat, is golden shimmering strings being plucked by the secret spirits that watched over Sylrosia and her residents.

Calanon was in his chambers, too sombre for the evening ahead. Ai, the frustration! Earlier, his brother Erlende had been formally inducted to his new position within the house, and Cal had been forced to smile and listen to everyone singing his praises.Again.
Not long ago Cal would have been smiling along with them, proud of his brother and sharing in his satisfaction at his new posistion within the House.It was an unfamiliar feeling, this bitterness, and Cal wasn't sure what it was. He didn't think it was jealousy, he had no desires to follow that route. There was an element of sadness, thats for certain, sadness at the change in the relationship with his brother, his best friend.
Once, they had spent their days together, and Elrlende would listen as his younger brother spoke of fanciful thoughts for the future of their beloved elfhame. Erlende was often dismissive of Calanon now, or worse,patronising.

Glaring at his reflection in annoyance, the young elf took another sip from the goblet of wine. He had been drinking steadily now since he had returned to his own room, a circular space wrapped around the vast pillar of a redwood tree. The pitcher of wine that the serfs had brought him was dwindling, and Calanon was all to aware that he would pay a heavy price for this melancholy tomorrow, his head was already spinning. There was a knock on the light shutter door that seperated his dwelling from the myriad of walkways amongst the bowers of the Siluvanade Mansion, and Cal looked up to see his sister in law standing there.
Ylenna had been joined to his brother 5 patterns ago, and was a good friend to her younger brother in law. A good wife to his brother also, Cal had not seen her much of late. She stepped into the room, looking from Calanon to the wine with puzzled eyes.
"What are you doing up here, all alone?" [/B]she asked in a teasing tone "Half the maidens in Syl are waiting for you to make your descent"Cal shrugged and poured her a glass of wine, noticing with dismay that it was the last of it.
"Not much in the party mood" he said dryly, handing her the goblet. He stepped out through another door onto the circular platform that surrounded his room. It allowed for a fantastic view, but the young elf wasn't paying attention. Instead, he drew a small case from the pocket of his tunic and began rolling some tobacco inside a waxy leaf. The tobacco was mixed with a potent herb from the forests, and after Cal had lit the self made cigarette, he took a deep inhalation and noted its strength.Blowing the smoke out through his nostrils, he offered it to Ylenna, who had followed him out onto the wooden viewing platform.She took it from him, and in a rare moment of insight, turned and looked at her brother in law"It's Erlende, isn't it?"

Her eyes were firm and fixed on Cal, and he thought he saw a little sadness in them. He raised an eyebrow at her until she drew a long breath from the cigarette and turned back to look out over the festivities below.
"He's being different with me too" Ylenna said, blowing smoke out of her mouth and watching as it was carried away by the gentle breeze. " I don't know what it is, but he's changed Cal"
Cal could barely believe his ears, such rarity it was to hear anyone speak anything but good of his brother. It was the opening of the floodgates then, the two of them finally able to unburden their minds of niggling thoughts, thoughts that united them. Ylenna spoke of how distant Erlende had become, his mind engage elsewhere, and Calanon was finally able to speak of his feelings regarding his brothers ascent through the ranks to Senior Advisor.
Ylenna sent for more wine, and a servant girl brought it, her slanted eyes widening as she smelt the smoke from the cigarette and saw the two together. But it was not her place to say anything, so she left again, leaving the two spectators gazing down upon the party below. Hours passed and the two elves soon talked of other things, relaxed now and enjoying eachother's company.They were sitting, their legs dangling over the edge of the talan and waching a couple dancing below. The combination of the wine and woodleaf had made them both giggly and tired, and for a moment, Ylenna laid her head on Cal's shoulder, closing her eyes and sighing.
"Oh Cal, do you think it'll be like ths forever now, me a widow to the Sylrosya Combine and your brother preferring to spend his time with his Grandfather than wth his wife...."
She sounded so sad for a moment that Cal feared she might cry. Looking at her he felt a wave of tenderness sweep over him.It wasn't a conscious action, but the next second he leant forward and pressed his lips against hers in a kiss that lasted a little too long to be proper.................

************************************************** *******

The next morning, Calanon awoke in a tangle of silk sheets. Someone was shaking him, and he opened his eyes blearily to see Ylenna standing before him. Her face was tearstained, she had obviuosly been awake for some time, but now she appeared frantic

"Asca Calanon, someone is coming!"
She had already begun to dress, and was still crying as the enormity of what had happened the night before sunk in. What a betrayal! She was sickened with herself, and could barely meet the eyes of the elf she had just last night shared all of herself with.
Calanon's head was spinning, he too was stunned. The night was replaying itself in dizzying flashed behind hIs eyes, and as he fumbled with the buttons on his trousers, he stole a glance at Ylenna.
Calanon had never been uptight about the sexual side of his nature, indeed he had bedded his fair share of girls from Sylrosya, but to .....Ylenna was married to his brother, and marriage was not a thing taken lightly in the elven world, till death do us part being an extra long commintment for the long lived. What had he been thinking?! Had he been thinking at all?! He hadn't time to contemplate before there was a light rap of kuckles on wood. It was as it would happen in a bad dream, Erlende's voice ringing out before the door opened and all chaos ensued.

Calanon would later learn that the servant girl from the night before had heard his brother asking as to Ylenna's whereabouts, and retold her last sighting. What followed was a blur,although the ice like tone of Erlende's voice as he ascertained the events of the night burnt a lasting scar into the young elf's heart, that he would not forget.
It was when Erlende had snatched the dagger up from the dresser and approached Calanon that Ylenna's scream had brought his mother and another of the House Advisors running to the room. Erlende had been subdued by force and led away by the House Advisor and his Mother, with Ylenna following and begging for his forgiveness.

So Calanon was left alone the crushing weight of sorrow and shame that now pressed down upon him. He recalls nausea overwhelming him, and retching and retching as if to rid his body of the feelings from the inside out.

So, this was how it had happened. What followed was a meeting he didn't care to remember, after which the young elf had thrown a few items into a pack and left, leaving behind the home he so loved, and his family also. What he was unable to shake was the sick and cold feeling that had settled deep within his stomach. He had hurt everyone that was dear to him, and Cal knew for that for now, he was alone.

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NPC Family-Not doing great

Lord Jhara'Lynn: Lord of House Siluvanade Current status: Unknown

Nimafel Siluvanade: Father (See early history). Current status: Unknown, presumed lost (The Veil)

Tiavanna Fenywe Siluvanade: Mother (See early history). Current status: Unknown, presumed lost (The Veil)

Erlende Siluvanade: Older brother.(See early history). Current status: Unknown, presumed lost (The Veil)

Ylenna Siluvanade: Sister in law. Lived in Sylrosya at the time of the veil, survived the veil. Current status: Deceased (Black Fog)

Cal'ed'non Siluvanade: Cal and Ylenna's son. Time dysfunction during the veil means he is only a few patterns younger than Cal himself (weird). Current status : Unknown, presumed dead (Black Fog)

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Recent History

After returning home to Sylrosya and discovering that he was a father, and that his brother and parents had not been seen since the descent of the Veil, Cal did his best to settle into the new Sylrosya , accept his responsibilities and took a job as a deputy in the guard during The Longest Winter.

Posted out of the forest, he was devastated when the Black Fog descended and he was forced to flee alongside countless others. He spent a little time in Sancta Nova, but grew frustrated with the seeming acceptance that the elves had to remain there. As soon as he was able, the elf travelled back to what had been his home and sanctuary, to find only ruination.

IC Timeline:
Era X PF: Leaves the elfhame in disgrace (Not rpd) (272 Eras old)
Era XIII PF: The Veil descends, Cal is wandering the empire( Rpd)
Era XVI: Gets letter from home and returns to Sylrosia (Rpd)
Era XVI-XIX: Serves in the Guiding Hand pf Sylrosia,tries to make things work with his family.(Partly rpd)
Era XX: Black Fog strikes-Cal is away from the elfhame but his home is destroyed entirely. (Not rpd)
Era XXI-XXIII: Sancta Nova, then wandering, is a tramp for a while in Aslangrad.(Not rpd)
Era XXIV: Current
(286 eras old)

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- 1 Cheap Dagger
- Adventuring Kit (small):
A Small tent, a bedroll, a mess kit, a water skin, a tinderbox, 30 feet of rope, a lantern, a flask of oil, a sewing kit, 5 medium bandages, 2 large bandages and a backpack.
- Hardened leather cuirasse
- A woollen cloak
- Leather arm bracers
- Leather half gauntlets
- Longsword Adilah
-Necro pimp ring with Journeyman 'Fright' spell
-Blessed Oil-Can be used on swords, highly effective against undead
- Shard of Ameythst
- Sword Dancer's Medallion
Strange Green Coin
- Chlorophyte Gem
-Ancient weaponry
-Devourer’s Eyes
-Ancient trinkets

Secured in the right hand pocket of his breeches, he keeps his Imperial Visa and whatever money he has at the time.

Items owned but not carried

unidentified strange object that produces odd arcane anomalies within an unknown radius of its location. Also results in strange dreams and occasional hallucinations. Or maybe he's just crazy

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Age: 286 Eras
Height: 5ft 11
Weight: 165 lbs

The elf before you stands long and lean as most of his kind.Inky black hair is a dishevelled crown to a youthful face where eyes of darkest emerald are framed by thick lashes. Some might see arrogance in the aristocratic arch of the brow and the generous mouth , perhaps not entirely inaccurately. As of yet his face his unlined and his skin mostly unblemished, though he bears a set of scars, puncture marks at his throat and above his heart that are but a slip of silver in the right light.

Calanon is a blend of old fashioned manners, and a somewhat impetuous nature which can oft take people by surprise..Usually his expressions play so freely across his features that others often know what he is thinking before he realises it himself , which can be both a blessing and a curse.

Born under : Kard en' Mela - House of Love
Fifth house (Era 5, Era 15)
When presiding over the sky, Kard en’ Mela represents lust, desire, and affection. Those of this house are said to be depicted in two ways; either devoted and faithful, or lustful and capricious.

Sign of: Tel'lhach - The Flame
Fifth Sign, falls under the month of Optia.
Depicted as a burning fire spirit. Those born under Tel’lhach are said to be fierce and passionate people, often quick to anger. Nevertheless they can accomplish many things simply because of their boundless, restless energy, or nothing at all as they can often be flighty and indecisive.

Patterns & Triggers

Addictive Personality
Cal isn't always very good at knowing when to stop.

Self Destructive Behaviour

When dealing with anything particularly difficult or traumatic, Cal tends to pick on things that wont necessarily do him a lot of good long term. See Vampire Blood.

Flight Not Fight
Avoidance is the magic word. Whether it is running away from his problems or distracting himself from them with his vices, Calanon is adept at not dealing with them.

Kiss It Better
See above. One of Cal's favourite distractions from emotional upset is to lose himself in something someone. Which has landed him in trouble more than once.


Vampire Blood: Cal teetered on the edge of an addiction to Vampire Blood. Its mostly under control, but in moments of weakness he can still crave the rush of it, which he has tried to replicate to some effect by using Sliucha's drugs.

Lust: Cal can be quite easily influenced by the thinking of less cerebral parts of his anatomy

Jealousy: Insecurity brought about by his lack of experience in actual committed relationships means it easy for him to feel

Guilt: Calanon carries a lot of guilt for letting his family down and betraying his brother, and is likely to react quite strongly if it is
ever brought up.


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Calanon is a glorious SuperheroCalanon is a glorious SuperheroCalanon is a glorious SuperheroCalanon is a glorious SuperheroCalanon is a glorious SuperheroCalanon is a glorious Superhero


Time Line

Threads will be linked chronologically.


Secrets :


Era XXIV Post Fractum

Secrets :

Time Stamp: Winter, Era XXIII Post Fractum.

Night Terrors In which an elf gets in some bother in Aslangrad

Time Stamp: Winter, Era XXIV Post Fractum

Secrets :

The Failings of the Mother In which Cal actually does cry, renounces Carmeyla and meets Faust
Contemplation, No Destination In which Calanon journeys across Vesta, is trampled by lizards and has some kind of mental breakdown.
When we walk alone, together In which Calanon meets Kailin, and she cries. But not because of Cal. She also entices him back to her Inn with the promise of a room and a bath, but then MAKES him bunk up with her.
On the edge of New Horizons In which Cal enrols as a student and apprentice at The University of Arcane Science
Even in Winter, a Flower Might Bloom Kailin cries. Does not wear undergarments.
I sword I saw an Esh'lahier a creeping up on me In which Calanon meets one Moranor Andares and practices sword
Frosted Blades Calanon has a run in with Nye Es, who he finds rather perplexing. And violent.
I take my education very seriously, honestly In which Calanon and Kailin sneak her into the University. Why? Why not?
In the Bleak Midwinter, an Elf visits you at home Dispatched with a message from Dasseldorf, Calanon meets Keldon Elsdragon at Dragons Cliff.
The Snakes at Our Bosom In which the elf joins the revolution. Pretty sure Kailin cries.

Time Stamp: Spring, Era XXIV Post Fractum.

In the Sweet Stillness, What All is Laid Bare In which Cal and Kailin share a tender moment or two. She doesn't cry though.
What secrets now does love conceal In which Kailin makes a big announcement. And cries. Cal did make her this time. What a jerk.
Just dont *touch me* In which Calanon meets Ministra and doesnt very much like or understand her
Violence doesn't solve anything, except this, this it will help In which Cal lets off some steam
Who's Black and Blue? Me or You? Cal meets Diamea
A Frolic in the Deep, Dark...Under In which a pleasant afternoon in the Loremark is befouled by Ministra and the Undead. And a really long corridor.
A Lesson you wont forget Just a couple of guys, rolling around in the mud. Nothing to see here.
Scurvy? Not on my watch, me hearties Elf tangles with a pirate.
Life is Meant for New Friends and Great Ladventures! The elf bumps into Adynirach Thorne in Zerdagia, and because its the manly thing to do, embarks on a rescue mission to save some naked Nymphs.

Time Stamp: Summer, Era XXIV Post Fractum.

The Mundane and the Mage A last ditch attempt to save his academic career is a flop, but friends matter more , right?
You Truly are the Stuff of Nightmares In which an elf runs into his best frenemy. Who is also now a Vampire
There is a fine line between Serendipity and Stalking Blood you say? A little hate sex? Why not.
The morning blues hungover me
Pre Dinner Drinks? Where was my Invite? Cal sells his soul to the devil (Mini) and is mean to some dwarves.
He cuts down trees, I skip and jump Cal meets a lumberjack and journeys to PA with him.
Painting PA That awkward moment where you get high with your buddy and realise that his current girl is your ex, and that you just made out with her brother.
Well Isn't This Awkward The even more awkward aftermath. Cal also loves Kailin, even though shes crying (again0 anf throwing glassware at his head.
You Dont Have the Guts Cal and Rosie get into a bit of trouble but then bond over rum and hair braiding.
Tell Me When It Kicks In Because craving Vampire blood isn't fun. So why not get some other stuff to mask it.
Something afflicted this way comes
What Fools These Mortals Be Some freaky midsummer voodoo in the woods
Dead or Alive
Who you Calling Cheap, baby Daltina Kailin is on her knees, Cal saves her. She cries. They make up.
Sellsword Spellsword He's a mercenary now. And there's a demon. And Wade.
Its a Question of MannersPA Elf teaches Pirate the meaning of being polite.
Lets Practice Impregnating Stuff PA Calanon blows himself up, but also learns the art of Imbueing.
Now everybody wants some Presto magic PA Calanon interrupts the mating ritual of some pyscho Mermaid, gets a Treant Bro.
She loves me, she loves me notDemios Oh that girl? Yeah, we banged once. Shall I invite her to come to the wedding with us darling? Cal feels like crying, but doesn't. And miraculously, Kailin doesnt either.
All of me, loves all of you Off to Demios for an interesting wedding.
My Mother Said I Never Should, Play with the Elves in The Wood DEMIOS Kailin pretty much assaults Cal in the woods. She's not so wholesome. But he doesn't mind.
A most awkward alliance Demios. Kailin and Cal offer to help Diamea free her enslaved sister.
At home with the Asunders Demios. Dinner with the newly married couple
Hey Angel Girl, is that a ladder in your tights or a stairway to heaven PRIME
Noir Nights PA. Calanon and Rosie have a terrifying encounter with a shadow demon......look, it was fething huge rat ok?!
Clean your own puke PA Cal KNEW she was a Pirate!
This is where the magic happens
I'm buying what you're selling, if she asks then I'm not telling ZA Calanon meets Sliucha, gets high and gets lost in her cleavage for a few moments.
If you cant see that then you can just tap that ZA Swirling Lotus Gardens Date Night

Time Stamp: Autumn, Era XXIV Post Fractum.

Is that Moss I see or just a random lichenness Centripax
When you Stick It In,Go Nice and Slow PA
Secret Assignations, Unplanned Revelations. PA Oh Ian.
They will run you down, down to the dark. PA Bad times. Scary Times.
Repression and Ruin PA Dealing with the aftermath.
Days are long, the nights are young, even when we crash and burn PA
Absis 106 Arium. Cal investigates a strange facility owned by Absis Inc. Sees some weird stuff, fights some stuff that may or may not be real. Trippy.
Facing the Darkness to Find the Light Ruins of Sylrosia. Cal gets in a bit of bother with a ghost from his past, but finds a saviour in the form of a snooty Trelorean Sword Dancer who sets him on a new path.
Tripping on the Last Mile Home PA

Time Stamp: Winter, Era XXIV Post Fractum

Fragile Forest, Fledgling Faith Dolwoods

Era XXV Post Fractum

Secrets :
Time Stamp: Winter, Era XXV Post Fractum.

Storm, Stone, Salt Moonstone

Explosive Beginnings PA

A Place to Call Home PA

To The Lands of Mercuri PA

Omak The Devourer Arium

In the Darkling Wood~ Staff Quest Trysvale

Time Stamp: Spring, Era XXV Post Fractum.

Time Stamp: Summer, Era XXV Post Fractum.

It's Far, Beyond a Star PA/Trelore


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Skills and Achievements

Combat Skills

Bladed Weapons: Veteran
•• • •••••••••••• ••••••••••••
Unarmed Combat: Basic
•• • •••••• •••••••••••• ••••••••••••
Acrobatics-Level Basic
•• •••• •••••• •••••••••••• ••••••••••••

Sorcery: Adept
•• • ••••••• •••••••••••


•• •••• •••••• •••••••••••• ••••••••••••


•• •••• •••••• •••••••••••• ••••••••••••

Sword Dancing

"Sword Dancers are those who combine their skill of the blade with the power of sorcery all in the name of the Archon of Magic, Phedos. "

Finding Darkness to Find the Light : Calanon is an Acolyte Sword Dancer
Fragile Forest, Fledgling Faith


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Sword Dancing
Religion: Phedos


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The Men and Women Merely Players

Kailin Alyxanda

Kailin was the first person Cal really connected with after shutting himself off from the grief of his losses. It has proven a resilient connection as the elf and human have navigated a less that simple relationship, not least because of reservations about their differing races. Though it has not always been smooth sailing, she understands - and tolerates -him better than anyone else and has his heart.

Rosie Kyrillos

Cal met Rosie when he threw an orange at her head. The pair formed an unlikely sort of camaraderie and though they have different outlooks on some things, are good friends. Though Rosie wont say the word.

Niven Soleil

Niven is the only Sylrosian elf that Calanon has met since the Black Fog, and so there is a bond of kinship even though the elfess had quite a different upbringing to Cal. An unfortunate incident with a love potion meant that the two got a little more acquainted than either of them would have intended, and Niven fell pregnant. It still remains to be seen how that little situation will develop.

Moss Oktra'rek

Calanon and Moss met in a sparring ring in Prime, and the human with the bad memory has become a friend.


Azure, as she is currently known, and Calanon had a brief tryst (hours rather than brightenings) in Spring Era XXIV. He ran into her again in the Summer of that same Era, and it was a less than amicable reunion. However, after Calanon and Kailin aided Azure in her questo release her sister, the pair have a less contentious relationship.


Calanon met Ministra in Prime, and it is safe to say they didnt hit it off straight away. Nor the next time they met, where they ended up stuck in an crypt fighting the Undead. When Calanon next met Ministra, it was when she had become a Vampire, and he became food not friend. Their brief dalliance left Calanon with a bit of an addiction problem and a few scars.

Aydnirach Thorne

Adyn taught Cal the basics of unarmed fighting. The pair later braved the horrors of the underground whilst battling to save some sparkly naked Nymphs, and then painted the town of PA a million different drug induced colours. Then it turned out they had more in common than they realised and it all got a bit awkward when that came out. He's still a dude though.


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