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Ylva Cherhc is a glorious SuperheroYlva Cherhc is a glorious SuperheroYlva Cherhc is a glorious SuperheroYlva Cherhc is a glorious Superhero

Ylva Cherhc

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Ylva Cherhc is a glorious SuperheroYlva Cherhc is a glorious SuperheroYlva Cherhc is a glorious SuperheroYlva Cherhc is a glorious Superhero


Childhood Name: Siri
Adult Name: Ylva
Name Meaning: She-Wolf
Profession: Cherhc

Age: 24 Ordinances
Race: Human, Rhagrhnd
Place of Birth: Great Mountains of Arium
Citizenship Status: Barbari
Wealth Tier: Sterling (Tier 2)
Physical Description:
Ylva is not a tall woman by any stretch of the imagination. She stands at a full 4'7" and while she is not slender nor stocky, she has an athletic build to her developed from an early age on due to the rigorous mountain routine she has lived. She has the fair skin of the mountain people, a pale hue so white it is reminiscent of the snows. Her hair has grown long to her shoulders and is just as pale a white as her skin. Her eyes are a dark brown, in sharp contrast with the rest of her pallor.

She would not be considered a beautiful woman. While she is comely in her way, her cheeks have been scarred (hirhm) in the fashion of the Rhagrhnd, her left cheek cut with the two parallel lines of the Cherhc. These lines run in an angle with one end pointing towards her left ear, the other towards the corner of her eye. On her right cheek is her naming scar of Ylva, meaning She-Wolf in the tongue of the Rhagrhnd. Additional scar lines (yirhirhm) rest parallel above her left eyebrow, about an inch long each.
  • Battle against the giant in High Peak (Gone at the end of XVIII)
  • Battle with the Xet in Arium
  • Battle over a dragon carcass on Mount Icepeak
  • Battle with orcs, goblins and ogres in High Peak
  • Battle with slavers to free potential slaves
  • Battle with three cragers (Gone at the end of XVIII)
Other Scars
Ylva was slashed by a wolf across her left forearm during her Naming Quest, a swipe of scars now distorted and almost unnoticeable thanks to the mess of scars in the same spot. These were obtained on a hunting expedition when a wolf clamped down on her arm and would not release it. Scars web her right ankle and foot where a giant lizard chomped it up.
Other Tidbits
Ylva is protected against experiencing nightmares associated with the Nightmare Rises event due to the rescue of three Dreamwalkers in Lirael's Prison. This does not prevent Dreamwalkers from influencing her own dreams to produce nightmares.

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Ylva Cherhc is a glorious SuperheroYlva Cherhc is a glorious SuperheroYlva Cherhc is a glorious SuperheroYlva Cherhc is a glorious Superhero


Ylva grew as a child in the frigid peaks of the Great Mountains, high up on one of the tallest peaks of the range, in a small Rhagrhnd trading village. Born to the name Siri, the woman would not earn the name of Ylva until her life had reached sixteen ordinances. It was tame as far as childhoods went for those of the Rhagrhnd folk, although some might call it a trace more vigorous than what those growing elsewhere are accustomed to. Until the age of five, Ylva lived close by her mother, a H'drhin of her people, and other nurturing H'drhins. She ran freely through the town, a rambunctious child full of energy and spirit. Her elders were mindful not to let her wander too far for the dangers in the snowy peaks are numerous and a child of that age is easily tumbled off a cliffside.

At the turn of her fifth year, Ylva began the rigorous conditioning routines familiar to her people and began to sit at the knees of the elders to learn the customs and beliefs of the Rhagrhnd. Although bright, Ylva proved to be a fidgety child, a constant torment to her elders as she longed to run free and do as she pleased.

Gradually this behavior began to be eased away...more or less. Ylva maintained a pleasant, boisterous countenance, a child in love with life and quick to find humor in a given situation. She was able to discipline herself, gaining more patience with her tasks and focusing on the conditioning and lessons shoved into her by those more knowledgeable than she. Still, Ylva's first, true love would always be the wild ways of running free and she clung to the physical exertion they were pressed into to get them into prime condition to weather the hard elements around her.

Ylva's childhood was not without its dark spots. Because of the harsh climate and fierce wilds around them, Ylva suffered her share of lost friendships to death, be it from the cold, a wild beast, or illness. Ylva has always remained a determined soul and does her best to ensure that the sadness does not reach her, masking many of her emotions in her humor and smiles.

Rite of Passage

As with many close to the age, Ylva looked forward to her Vhatchrhak, the Naming Quest of the Rhagrhnd. Always she imagined what it would be like--difficult, of course, but rewarding, exciting, the challenges well worth the physical hardship that she would have to endure. As many her age, she viewed it increasingly as an adventure and while Ylva was well aware of the event's importance, she looked forward more to what she might encounter rather than what she might prove to herself or others.

Of the outcome, Ylva had no doubts. She would be successful and she would earn herself the rights to becoming a Cherhc, one of the warriors and hunters of their folk. The life of a H'drhin was never appealing. For one, Ylva had no great love for small children, and secondly, she could not imagine a life stuck watching a bunch of five ordinance-old children rather than scouting the dangerous peaks of the mountains. As to becoming a Rhit, that Ylva could not imagine herself sitting still long enough to learn a craft...on that she harbored no illusions. So a Cherhc she must be and when spoken to about the possibilities of her Vhatchrhak, she very blithely informed her elder's of this.

At the commencement of her Naming Quest, Ylva set foot alone into the mountain wilds with little more than her vhatcha and enough food to get her through a single brightening. While some of her childhood friends had set out to explore the outside world, Ylva remained determined to execute her Naming Quest the old fashioned way. So she struck out into the wilds, forsaking the paths known to her and cutting new ones through the trees and along rocky clefts. She wandered and endured such hardship as she had never known before. The cold was biting and sometimes the fires refused to light themselves. She struggled to catch her food, sufficing on berries and mountain growth and the occasional rabbit she managed to catch with snares, hands and knife.

The most trying of all were the wolves, the snow-dusting their thin, hungry bodies as they circled and stalked her. Several times she fended them off, killing one with her knife, but gaining wounds from the slash of the wolf's claws on her left forearm for her efforts to save her life. The wolf had put up a good fight, snarling and charging, biting and snapping. It was alone, no pack dogging its heels to help corner the furless prey. Almost Ylva thought she might die in that fight, but she came out victorious and cut herself the skin of the wolf to claim as a prize. She ate of the meat and kept herself warm with the blood-soaked skin and for that reason alone, perhaps, Ylva survived her Naming Quest.

When Ylva returned from her Vhatchrhak, she was greeted by enthusiastic family and friends, all wishing to hear of her exploits and what her choice would be in living her life. Of her future, Ylva now had no doubts: She would truly become a Cherhc, just as her father, and fight to help her people thrive in this harsh mountain world.

She enjoyed herself during her Vhatchksii, accepting the scars with what she hoped to be very little flinching. She told the story of her Vhatchrhak freely and with gusto and as such was rewarded with a fitting name from her mother, who was moved by the story and proud to claim Ylva for her daughter. "Ylva you will be. Siri no longer, but Ylva, for you proved yourself the real she-wolf when you fought that pretender in the woods." And her mother carved the symbol in her cheek, forever marking Ylva as the She-Wolf.


Shortly after the completion of her Naming Quest, Ylva was inducted into the ranks of the Cherhc. To go apace with her new profession, Ylva knew she must undergo the ritual sterilization, or De'h'drhi, faced by the female Cherhc. She had not expected to feel some remorse over destroying her womb and thus was surprised when she did weep a little after it was over.

It was a fleeting second guessing of her actions for, youthful as she was; Ylva could see little she might regret in her life as a Cherhc. She embraced it and thrust herself into the ways of the role, following the examples of her fellow Cherhcs as they helped her learn.

But for Ylva it soon became not enough. Her excursion into the wilds, exploring new places, called to her and she longed again to travel and to see. While she had no great desire to necessarily see arhegc and walk among them, she nonetheless longed for a new freedom. So, after much debate with herself and her thoughts, Ylva packed her meager belongings and struck out into the mountains to find something new.


Anika - Mother; a H’drhin; A middle-aged woman with graying white hair and bright gray eyes. She is slender and less hale in comparison to her daughter. She has a gentle, nurturing personality and while comfortable with the need for brutality in some aspects of her life, dislikes useless bloodshed. She never chose to marry Ylva's father, which is not uncommon for the Rhagrhnd, but rather turned her affections elsewhere after a time.

Eyulf - Father; a Cherhc; A man moving past his middle ordinances with silver-gray hair, pale skin, and dark brown eyes. He is a man more stocky than he is athletic. He is a stern, forbidding man without much in the way for tender words for his daughter, but he is not a cruel man, simply removed from the display of emotions.

Chachymr - Younger half-brother; a H'drhin; Former child name: Bodie; Chach is a shy individual, but strong and dependable. Despite a gentle, nurturing spirit, he is quite capable of taking care of himself.

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Ylva Cherhc is a glorious SuperheroYlva Cherhc is a glorious SuperheroYlva Cherhc is a glorious SuperheroYlva Cherhc is a glorious Superhero


IceStrike, Sword: A blade magicked with the Elemental spells Imbue Element: Lightning and Imbue Element: Ice. The ice spell is triggered with an act of Honor. Both enchantments are at the Adept level. IceStrike can also enter the Dreamworld with Ylva. Obtained in Lirael's Prison.

Shortsword: A sturdy blade made of iron with a leather-wrapped hilt and a well-maintained blade.

Dagger: A simple weapon made of steel with a leather-wrapped hilt and no hand-guards.

Shortbow: A crude, homemade bow of hickory wood and strung with dried gut. The accompanying arrows are made of whatever wood she can locate and sharpened rock arrowheads.

Throwing Arrows: Longer than average arrows with sharpened stone heads.


Dragon Hide Cuirass: Gold-scaled armor fitted over her breasts, chest and back. The lower back portion of the cuirass is the only part that is not made of dragon hide but rather of white wolf hide. Dragon hide obtained in My Voice It Made an Avalanche.

Dragon Hide Archer Gloves: Gold-scaled hide gloves, one that buckles just below her wrist on the outside of her arm, the other that reaches the length of her wrist. Both gloves are fingerless and the outside of the longer glove leaves her arm exposed with the exception of the buckle. Dragon hide obtained in My Voice It Made an Avalanche.

Crager Fur Cloak: White fur cloak that she can wrap around herself in full. The full length of it runs from shoulders to shins with a hood that can be drawn up to protect against the elements. Crager fur obtained in Laughing with a Mouth of Blood.

Leather Cuirass: Brown leather armor fitted over her breasts, chest and back. The armor boasts leather arm plates attached to the breast piece with crude gut and woven fibers. The cuirass is cinched about the waist with a bronze-buckled belt. The armor has spiraled blackened designs burned into the edges of the armor. *Usually packed away*

Leather Bracers: Brown bracers with black spiral designs burned across the surface. They are tightened at the underside of the wrist with gut and woven fibers.

Old Buckler: "A rusted old buckler with ornate lettering engraved on it (any existing properties unknown)" obtained in The Lost Hollows.

Sentimental Pieces

Wolf Half-Cloak: A hooded half-cloak made of the fur of a white wolf that falls about mid-calf on the short woman and ties in the front with a thick, white cord and wooden toggles. The cloak is particularly important to Ylva because she killed the wolf herself during her Vhatchrhak. The skin kept her warm and the meat of the wolf kept her fed during the long brightenings of her Quest.

Vhatcha Knife: A knife of sentimental value to Ylva that she does not keep on her person regularly for normal, every-brightening use. The Vhatcha she keeps safely tucked away in a narrow, wooden box to use when she merits more marks. The Vhatcha is the blade she received when she embarked on her Naming Quest.


Wilderness Gear: Ylva carries traditional Rhagrhnd gear such as iksa (tear-dropped footwear to walk over snow) and lisiksa (sharp spikes and a flat-headed hammer used to climb ice walls). She also has a "survival kit" that is packed with flint and tinder, a small collection of first aid materials, snare wires, a sewing kit, a small tent and a fur blanket. Additionally, Ylva has a waterskin made from goatskin that is off-white in color. A white carry sack is usually used to carry a combination of these items.

Vial of Poison: A black oily liquid, the hallucinogenic poison used to oil the edges of the blades. Obtained in Slaves, Swords and Spies.

Large Goblet: A slightly shimmery goblet with strange, unknown markings and a dark magical aura. Obtained in It's Alive?!?.

Glowing Gemstone: A small glowing gem reminiscent of the mushrooms and plants found in the caverns (properties unknown). Obtained in The Lost Hollows.

Spyglass: A plain spyglass that allows a person to see things at a distance. Obtained in An Early Brightening Trek.

Raw Materials

Natchkatze Hide: A single dark blue hide with darker striped markings. Obtained in There's a Wild Woman Living Inside of Me.

Crager Beast Hides: Large pieces of crager hides. Obtained in Laughing with a Mouth of Blood and Howl.


Sjezana, Wolf: A young wolf taken from its den after Ylva and Rhystlin killed its pack. White of fur with dark eyes, she is a young and feisty creature. Although young now, she is quickly growing and showing that she is going to be of a large size. Sjezana means "Snow Woman".

Stigr, Horse: A Trhaksiino horse. Stigr is a stallion with a dark gray, slightly shaggy coat. White snowflake-like spots dapple the whole of his body but are primarily condensed from his shoulders to his withers. He has black stockings on all four legs, a dark gray muzzle and a black mane and tail. He is neither young or old. Stigr means "Path".

Vhethrik, Griffin: Also known affectionately as Peck. Vhethrik was taken from his nest at a young age to bond with Ylva as her future sky-mount. He will be mature and fully grown at the end of PF XXIII. The griffin has black-speckled gray and white feathers that shift into dark gray fur across his lion-like rump. His white tufted ears and eagle legs are white but his tail is a dark gray with a black pom of hair at its tip. Vhethrik means "Death from the Mountains".

Needs a Name, Worg: A young worg pup rescued from the mountains. A little on the feral side and given to chasing small, furry animals on instinct. Four weeks old at the time of capture.

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Ylva Cherhc is a glorious SuperheroYlva Cherhc is a glorious SuperheroYlva Cherhc is a glorious SuperheroYlva Cherhc is a glorious Superhero

Sword Savage

Elite Bladed Weaponry | Total Experience: 26
Ylva learned shortsword from an older woman by the name of Espen shortly after her Vhatchksii when she declared herself to the Cherhc.
Weapon of Choice: Sword
Back-Up Weapon: Dagger

Solo Maneuvers:
Landslide: Ylva runs forward and makes herself small by dropping herself into a horizontal slide across the ground and swiping out at her opponent's legs with her blade. At the conclusion of the slide she halts herself back up into an upright position.

Climb the Mountain: Against larger opponents, Ylva scales her opponent as if it were a mountain to get higher purchase and access to the softer, more exposed points at the neck and face.

Free Fall: Using nearby objects with height, Ylva launches herself down or at her opponents in a free fall to get on top of them.
Duo Maneuvers (Kael):
Drhtsvek: A maneuver wherein Kael goes down in front of her, allowing Ylva to run forward and use his back as a leaping point descend down upon their enemy from above, the allowing Kael to come up at the opponent from below.

Adrihc: A maneuver wherein Ylva runs in towards Kael with an opponent at her back, darting in under Kael's sword arm as he aims high at their enemy. Ylva then goes around him to pop out on the left, stabbing at what ought to be an exposed midsection.

Barbari Bowmanship

Elite Bowed Weaponry | Total Experience: 23
During her time back in the Great Mountains, finding her people again, Ylva learned how to wield a bow as opposed to simply throwing arrows. She has sharpened her ability with the bow mostly through hunting in the mountains.
Weapon of Choice: Shortbow

Feral Firing

Basic Projectile Weaponry | Total Experience: 2
Ylva taught herself how to throw long arrows as a projectile weapon/hunting device while stalking large wild game in the Great Mountains of Arium during hard winter times by herself.
Weapon of Choice: Throwing Arrows

Primal Pummeling

Basic Unarmed | Total Experience: 3
Ylva is getting decent at manhandling, courtesy of her own hard-hitting determinations.
Fists of Choice: Brawling

Primitive Passions

Basic Healing | Total Experience: 2
Ylva was taught some healing know-how by Paulu, a healer in Ziel Aerca.
Basic Bowyer | Total Experience: 2
Ylva was taught how to make bows and arrows by One, a random elf in the woods.

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Ylva Cherhc is a glorious SuperheroYlva Cherhc is a glorious SuperheroYlva Cherhc is a glorious SuperheroYlva Cherhc is a glorious Superhero

Mountain Lore

Climbing | Specialty: Rock and Ice Walls
Ylva grew up on the cliffs of the Great Mountains, clambering over rock ledges from an early age on. She learned how to climb ice walls using the lisiksa of her people from a man named Jonakr, a fellow cherhc. This gear consists of dense rock spikes that are hammered into the ice as handholds.

Dogsledding | Easy Transport Over Snows
Ylva learned how to handle a dogsled by the local guide Dogtooth. While working alongside of Dogtooth, Ylva learned commands, dog positions on the line, handling the sled and dogs together as well as how to care for the dogs.

Sledding | Downhill Travel
A traditional mode of travel among the Rhagrhnd, Ylva can use a small sled to skim down snowy mountain sides with little trouble.

Tracking | Speciality: Mountain Tracking
Ylva was taught the basics of tracking from Rikard, the same man who taught her how to survive out in the wilderness.

Wilderness Survival | Speciality: Harsh Mountain Climes
Ylva learned how to survive in the wilderness starting at the young age of five. It was taught to her primarily by a thick-shouldered older man by the name of Rikard. Her survival skills are prime for the harsh, freezing mountain regions of the world.

Learning Lore

Arcana Theory | Druidism
Ylva encountered Druidism while hanging out one evening with one Straylor Leonard. She was changed into various different animal forms over the course of the night, from wolf to bear to bird.

Languages | Rhagrhnd and Common
Ylva is fluent with her mother tongue of the Rhagrhnd and knows Common well enough that she can string cohesive sentences together so long as the wording is simple and does not tax her recollection of her lessons all that much. She cannot read Common, however, and relies on pictures on signs or word of mouth to determine what a store contains.

Learning | Uneducated by Aelyrian Standards
Ylva is well-versed in the ways of her people, the Rhagrhnd, but knows fairly little about the ways of most Imperial Citizens. She has not had a formal education, for above all it is survival that a child need learn in the harsh mountains of Arium rather than letters and numbers. For all that, Ylva is not dim-witted, but she can scarce sit down and discuss great works of literature.

Miscellaneous Lore

Undead | Combat
While fighting the undead in Arkdün, Ylva has increased her ability and knowledge on how to fight against the risen dead.

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Ylva Cherhc is a glorious SuperheroYlva Cherhc is a glorious SuperheroYlva Cherhc is a glorious SuperheroYlva Cherhc is a glorious Superhero


Mountain Bounty - Hunting with Kutsa
First One to Complain Leaves With a Bloodstain - Hunting orcs
O' Bandits Where Art Thou - Beating up on bandits; meets Gye'ron
Identifying Key Steering Factors - Curiosity about Moonstone
By Five I'm Ready To Fight All Night - Bar fight?
The Savage In Me - Making Kael one with the mountain
Howl - Hunting with Kutsa pt. 2 Wolf Version
Best Laid Plans of Slaves and Men - Looking for the Golden Suns
Instigators - Looking to hassle slave caravans
We Blow on the Coals in the Cold of Our Souls - Uniting the Barbari
Blood to Bone - Hunting bears with Rhystlin
Tournament Locker Rooms - Banter with the participants
Tournament Round One - The Masked Opponent
When the Bow Breaks - Learning how to make bows
Fate is Always Pending - Clearing out the High Peak mines?
The Savage Spirit - Festival in High Peak
On the Eve of Reunion - Bandit hunting with Jade, Vai & Kael


Secrets :
 A Chance Encounter - Kael & Rhystlin
There's a Wild Woman Living Inside of Me - Natchkatze
My Voice It Made an Avalanche... - Tallest Mountain
There's a Restlessness In Me... - Hunting Shifter Bears
Slaves, Swords and Spies, oh my! - Freeing? Slaves
It's Alive! - Hunting Zombies
Live It Up / Bored Now - Bounty Hunting
The Lost Hollows - Exploring caves
Minecraft - Exploring caves
An Early Brightening Trek - Patrolling outside of ZA
Exterminators - Exploring Zinn'Sunn
Sacramentum Gladiatorium - Dueling Deities
The Changing Wind - Basic Bowcraft
Somebody Let the Beast Out - Hunting Firestalker
Accedamus Excelsum - Guiding Paulu
A Bandaid For What Ails You - Basic Healing
Walk of the Damned - Hunting Griffin
Revolution Loves Company - Evaluating High Peak
Snow Trek - Kutsa joins the team
Just the Echoes of Scars & the Unbeaten Road - Meets Golash


Secrets :
 Down the Rabbit's Warren - Basic Tracking
The One That Got Away - Basic Throwing Arrows
Just Hear Those Sleigh Bells Jingling - Descending from the mountains
Glory and Gore Go Hand in Hand - Bandit hunting
Live Like We're Still Alive - Looking for Rhagrhnd in Sancta Nova
In the Belly of the Beast - Tracking baddies?
The Hive - Fighting the Xet?
The Beast Howls in My Veins - Drinking and magicking
The Beast With Two Backs - Traveling through the mountains
Laughing with a Mouth of Blood - Meeting Kael
This Is Exactly What It Looks Like - Meeting Jade and her crew
Looking for a Breath of Life - Visiting High Peak with Kael and Jade
Find True North and Stumble Home - Back home
Peaks and Valleys - Meets Porta
Holy Water Cannot Help You Now - The Arium Tombs; Meets Vaishen
Into the Rarefied Air - Faengwen, Porta and Lyna
Nothing Ever Happens If You Always Play It Safe - Svein


Secrets :
For the duration of these eras Virhyla retreated into the mountains to stay with her own people. Towards the end of era XX Virhyla was out on her own when a black fog crept in from the west. All access to her village was cut off regardless of where she moved and she was forced to retreat east and north into Arium, coming out of the mountains to avoid a long, cold winter alone.


Secrets :
Surmounting Sheer and Slippery Slopes - Ice-Climbing
The Gates of High Peak - Returning to find her brother
Brother, May I? - Finding little brother Sorrazhe
From One Cherhc to Another - Meeting a fellow rhagrhnd
The Silver Maidens - Trying to join the femme warriors
To Shape Silver - Initiation to the Silver Maidens
Flames of Life, Flames of Death - Strange things in the wilderness
Cliffside Tannery - Looking for income
Who You Callin' Little, Huh? - Mountain exploration
The Sky Burned and the Ground Shook - Trouble in High Peak
Weathered Oke Woodsmiths - Buying a sled
Snowcap Kennels - Looking for a dog
Food for the Masses - Helping with a food run
Era XV
Hunting Mayhew - Searching for the missing Jeremiah Mayhew
Just Make Sure You Survive First - Wilderness Survival Flashback
The High Peak Gates - Confronting a Giant
Old Mother Merriam's Furs - Buying something with color
Lauryl Trading Company - Buying supplies for a trek
Take One Down, Pass it Around! - Drinking at the local tavern
Dogtooth's Guide Post - Looking for dogsled training
Dogs Pull Sled - Dogsledding
Chasing Rumors - Hunting Crager Beasts
Sparring with a Fellow Cherhc - Matching swords with Temujin

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Ylva Cherhc is a glorious SuperheroYlva Cherhc is a glorious SuperheroYlva Cherhc is a glorious SuperheroYlva Cherhc is a glorious Superhero

For more information on the Rhagrhnd, please read their wiki entry: Rhagrhnd.

Other Cultural Basics

Housing: All the homes of the Rhagrhnd are built on stilts. This is because of the snows and permafrost beneath the dwellings; houses built directly on the ground would melt the permafrost with the heat of the insides, and cause the ground to collapse beneath it. The outsides of the building are white but the insides are far different. Color is the main idea of interior decorating, and originality is the second.

Weaponry and Combat: The common weapons of Rhagrhnd are daggers, swords and combat without arms. They prize speed and agility in their fighting, as brute force isn’t effective against the foes they fight, namely creatures that are larger than them. Unlike most of the races of Telath, the Rhagrhnd do not fight among themselves. To kill another Rhagrhnd without cause is considered taboo and those who commit murder or harm another are sentenced to death. The only foes they fight often are the predators of the mountains, the great wolves, bears and cats that hunt the expanses of snow the humans live on.

Food & Hunting: The Rhagrhnd are excellent hunters and gatherers. Food is scarce, and the fight to find it is a long and often difficult one. Most of the villages are found high in the upper reaches of the mountains where the snows protect them from all but the most desperate of predators. As a result, the parties of hunters have to go out regularly and bring back a large amount of food back to the tribes, then promptly head back out again. The hunters have to be extremely athletic, not because they often chase after their food, but because there are frequent attacks made by mountain predators, and because they have to carry huge amounts of food up and down the mountain, transporting it on wooden sleds (rhiksa) that slide on the surface of the snow. These sleds are also what the hunters use to get down the hills quickly and efficiently, each one mastering the art of sledding as a child as it is a major form of locomotion.

Laws: The laws of the Rhagrhnd are harsh to no small degree. Murder, thievery, assault, arson... any breaking of the laws is met with the same fate. The accused goes before the chief and presents their case. If the chief determines that they are guilty, they are killed. If the chief determines that they are innocent, the person who made the accusation is put on trial for attempted murder. If it’s found that they unjustly accused the person of the previous case, than they are killed. There is no other punishment for lawbreaking – a Rhagrhnd obeys the rules, or they are killed and fed to the predators of the snows.

Ceremonies of Note

Appeasement (Dedenrha): When an arhegc or a member of another tribe enters a village, they must go directly to the chief and present a gift to him. If the gift is found acceptable, the person is allowed to stay in the village and go about their business. If it is not, they are immediately exiled. If the gift is found to be purposely insulting, the person is killed. The best gifts are those that are unusual – strange foreign beads or colorful fabric often appease the chiefs and cause them to allow passage. The stranger and more colorful the gift, the better. Some chiefs have been known to give yihirhm for particularly pleasing gifts.

Courtship (Amrhie): Though they do not wed, Rhagrhnd are humans and do fall in love, or engage in amorous activities with one another. Either sex initiates this, depending on who is the least shy. Generally courtship for another’s affection involves the exchange of gifts. These gifts are supposed to be personalized, as an indication of ones knowledge of the others character. In order to provide a proper gift that truly reflects what the other likes and enjoys, most couples engaged in amrhie spend a great deal of time together. If at any point one of the Rhagrhnd should cease to desire the other, the relationship is broken off, though all gifts are kept. Gift-giving continues for as long as the couple continues to spend time together, and amrhie does not have to be an exclusive activity. Should one like two people at the same time, they merely divide their attentions between the both of them, along with their resources.

Honor Scars (Yihirhm): If a Rhagrhnd should prove themselves especially brave, fast or skillful in their art, they can receive extra scars. These are considered to be a high sign of honor. The yihirhm, or ‘honor scar-signs’, are small, centimeter-long scars on the forehead that are parallel with the eyebrows. They are given during a public ceremony by the chief, who tells the tribe what the individual has done to deserve the marks of honor, and then the chief administers the scars with the vhatcha. Afterwards there is much drink and celebrating, and often a few bad songs are sung to the person who has received the yihirhm.

Naming Quest (Vhatchrhak): In order to truly understand themselves, all Rhagrhnd are sent out into the snows armed with a knife and a brightenings worth of meat. The knife was made by their mothers beforehand, and each ornate knife is carefully and lovingly handcrafted by one of the mothers that know the youth best. This knife is called the vhatcha. The knife is a symbol of child, and will be kept by them forever, not to be used but to be treasured and used for all the scars an individual might receive. On their sixteenth birthday, the youth is sent out into the snows, where they must survive with what they are given for around two cycles, though now many wear on for longer simply because they venture beyond the mountain. During their vhatchrhak, they are expected to learn more about themselves, in preparation for the life ahead of them.

Naming Day (Vhatchksii): When a youth has undergone their vhatchrhak, they return to their village, with the knowledge of what they wish to do in life and who they are as a person. That very same day there is a public ceremony held, where the youth declares before all of their peers what they are going to do with their life, and tells the story of their vhatchrhak. Then they present the chief with their knife. The chief uses the knife to carve the symbol of the profession they have chosen into their face, then rubs herbs in the cut to cause it to scar. The knife is then passed to the mother who knows the child best, who carves in the naming scar and rubs in the herbs. The rest of the night is spent celebrating with food and drink.

Promotion ceremony (Frhihirhm): When a rhagrhnd has proved that they are excellent at what they are doing, they occasionally get promoted to the head of their sect. They receive the additional scar in a ceremony in front of the rest of the members of their group, by the previous leader or, if the leader has passed away, by one of the promotee’s closest friends. Afterwards there is food, dance and vibrant color to celebrate it.

Sterilization (De’h’drhi): Should a woman choose to be a warrior, she sacrifices the right to bear children. Before she begins training, and after her vhatchksii, she spends one cycle with the H’drhin, who feed her a precise concoction of herbs and poisons that cause her to be infertile. It is a painful process, and permanent.


Adrihc - Low
Amrhie – Courtship
Arhegc – Outsider
Cherhc / Cherhcsa – Warrior / Chief
Chidrth - Troll
De’grhin – Funeral
De’h’drhi – Sterilization ritual
Drhtsvek - Crager Beasts / Great monster
Frhihirhm – Promotion ceremony
H’drhin / H’drhinsa – Mother / Head of Mothers
Hirhm - Scar-sign
Iksa – Snow Shoes
Insa – Leaders
Lisiksa – Spikes and ice-climbing equipment
Rhei'th / Rheihc - Bear / Bear Warrior
Rhiksa - Sleds
Rhit / Rhitsa – Craftsman / Head of Craftsmen
Verhlet / Verhletsa – Mage / Head of Mages
Vesrhrm - Goblins
Vhatcha / Vhatchksii / Vhatchrhak – Naming Knife / Naming Day / Naming Quest
Yihirhm – Honor Scar-signs
Yldri'th / Yldri'thsa - Wolf (Plural is equivalent to Wolf Pack) / Wolf Leader (Alpha)

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