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Olive Strunz

Name: Ashley Osgood

ICQ #: 160161206

PC Name: Olive Strunz

Race: Hobbit

Physical Description: Olive is a hobbit with long, fire-red hair. The same long, curly hair grows on the tops of her feet. She is 2'6" tall and leaner than most hobbits tend to be. She wears a bright yellow shirt and green leggings under a cloak of guady brocade.

History: Olive Strunz is a young hobbit of less-than-modest means with dreams of granduer. She grew up on caravan with a travelling group of various performers. They had different people from several different races performing with them. A tiny group of Katta who, with their agility and lithe grace, were the acrobats of the small show. A dwarven strong man, two human "magicians" who excelled in slight-of-hand, and a family of hobbits who danced and sang for the people's crowns.

Athen and Shelvy Strunz, Olive's parents, had signed on with these "gypsies" shortly after they were married. The two have been with the caravan ever since, raising a family of five in the bargain. Athen II and Otho, who helped with the caravan's animals. Shalthia, who acted as clerk and kept track of the caravan's funds. Tiggen, who acted as errand boy, fetching water and helping in the kitchen, and Olive who was following in her mother's footsteps.

Of course, performing was only their day-job. At night, they turned to "scavenging" in the towns they would stop in. Stealing a few pigs from a farm, pilfering some tools from a tool shed. They even went so far as to pick their audience's pockets at the show. They were gone before morning, long before the thefts were discovered.

It was a good life, but Olive craved more. One night, she left a letter for everyone saying "Farewell", and all of that mush. She took what little she could from her parents' wagon, raiding the stash she knew they kept hidden under their bed. From it she got one of her pop's old daggers, 500 crowns the thrifty hobbit had squirreled away, and a deed to her great-great uncle's house in Primus Gaudeo.

With these possesions, the young Strunz started out, and this is how you find her now.

Training: Applying for pickpocket training in Primus Gaudeo Academy of Shadows. Will provide the link as soon as the actual training thread begins.

Major Items/Equipment (include all magical items, thread link, and moderator name):

-two-hundred-sixty-nine crowns
-an imperial visa (your proof of citizenship)
-a dagger
-a suit of light leather armor
-a flask of fresh spring water
-a deed to her great-great uncle's home in Primus Gaudeo
-eight throwing knives and a dagger purchased here
-a bedroll, messkit, tinderbox, waterskin, sewing kit, and backpack purchased here
-a pair of black trousers, a blood-red blouse, and sky-blue dress purchased here
-a yarting purchased here
-an inkpot, ink, and notebook of papyrus purchased here
-a set of lockpicks, a black jack, and three rings purchased here


Bard and scribe. Assistant to Fingnor Culuthiene at the Culuthiene Arts Center.

Other: For the base of Olive's personality I refer you to AD&D's description of a neutral evil character: "Neutral Evil characters are primarily concerned with their own advancement. They have no particular objection to working with others, or for that matter, going it on their own. Their only interest is in getting ahead. If there is a quick way to gain a profit, be it legal, questionable, or obviously illegal, they take advantage. Although they don't have the every-man-for-himself attitude of Chaotic Evil characters, they have no qualms about betraying their friends and companions for personal gain. They typically base their allegiance on power and money.

That's Olive . She wants to make something of herself, and she'll do anything to get what she wants. You can always count on Olive to look after Olive first, any valuables second, and everyone else probably not at all. She is definitely a black sheep of the hobbit folk. She seems to be the happy-go-lucky hobbit who doesn't seem to take offence at anything. She usually is this, but she has a darker streak that can be caught beneath the surface.

Pet Peeves include being patted on the head and being called a peck. She doesn't particularly like it when she is called a halfling either. She takes kindly to most races except orcs. But if the orc had money, Olive can always make an exception and become his best friend.
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