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PC Name: Honets

Race: Dracon

Physical Description:
Honets stands a hand's width over six feet and weighs 145 pounds. In a human this would make for a rather skinny figure, but dracons, being built for flight, are amazingly light for their size, so his appearance is trim but well-muscled. His tail stretches just over six feet from its origin at the base of his back to its tapered prehensile end.
His hide is an uneven and unpatterned grey, said by some to resemble the swirling fogs that sometimes shroud the eastern foothills before the sun rises to bake the land. As usual in his family, his face, chest and the underside of his wings are a shade or two lighter than his back, tail and the top of his wings.
When he shifts his shape, Honets assumes the appearance of a grey-haired human male of about 60 eras, standing an unthreatening 5'8". With his multi-colored bard's cloak, a ready smile, and a deep pleasant voice, he has always managed to avoid the suspicions of dracon-hunters.

Honets is the eldest child of Mastre and Loveyl, an Arakmatian smith and baker respectively, who raised he and his sister Perfetc in a small town near the foothills of Eastern Arakmat. He began working the bellows at the smithy before reaching his eleventh era, and developed the stamina and strength common to apprentice smiths, but Honets' interests leaned in another direction. Music was an everyday thing in his family and it was this that caught his heart and mind.
When he was a draclet baby, his mother sang The Dracon's Lullaby to him every night, and then to his sister when she was born fifteen eras after his own birth. Whoever worked the bellows would sing cadence songs, helping them keep the steady rhythm needed and lightening the drudgery of the mindless job. His mother sang soft tunes to herself while baking, but the sound always found Honets' ear. Feastdays, holidays and the regular religious celebrations of Diana added their repertoire of special songs, and so did neighbors and customers to both the smithy and bakery.
If a dwarf needed an axe blade or wagon wheel mended, Honets promised a discount in exchange for the dwarf teaching him one of the mountain-folk songs. If an elf bought bread and sweetniks from the bakery, he made the same offer for a rendition of the woodlanders' The Acorn King's Party. Both parents indulged him, his father grudgingly and his mother eagerly.
Hobbits or Sprites. Dorin or Katta. No race that appeared was spared, and enough folk took his offer to keep Honets steadily and happily building his knowledge of songs. He also made up his own songs, beginning with simple cadence songs for the bellows work, then the bluesy songs of his own people that echoed their sorrows and hardships, their sad origins and their faith and praise of Diana and Aetheria. (He tried making up a few songs in the Dorin and Katta style, but though he enjoyed their music he was unable to compose satisfactory examples of the yowling and mewling that made up much of their songs.)
During his 30th era his sister began helping in the smithy. She and Honets made up cadence songs together, poked fun at each other and told outlandish tales about real or imaginary dracon heroes. Perf began to learn shape shifting and urged her brother to learn also. Honets resisted initially, but relented as he approached his 32nd era. He would be leaving in a few eras and knew the skill might very well save his life someday, so together they developed their human shapes. One full day in each cycle was spent in the shifted shape, getting used to the feel and movement of the odd forms. The jokes that Honets had made at Perf's expense when she had started were returned now by her with the additional sweet bite of sibling revenge.
Honets’ human form was refined as he considered where he wanted his life to lead. There was never any doubt that he wanted to be a bard, but bards drew a lot of attention anad dracons don’t really want much attention when they are trying to blend in as a member of another race. Young bards, especially, seemed to draw the attention of a certain portion of their female audiences, so Honets decided he would be an older bard, not merely to avoid the unwanted entanglements of young females, but also because over the years an already elderly man would not attract attention if his appearance did not age perceptibly. So grey scales became grey hair and a dark ash-grey skin. A large, winged, fearsome form became an unthreatening old man. What didn’t change was the deep resonant voice that could rumble like the avalanche in the dwarven song Stonesmith’s Cave, or flow slowly and smoothly like the River Carmelya in the classic Slow Sinkin’ Sailor Sam.
On the first day of his 35th era, following the family tradition, Honets left his family. He had been given 500 crowns, the deed to a house in Prime, and whatever clothing he wished to carry. On his hip he wore a dagger that Perfetc had presented to him. With her father’s guidance, she had fashioned a blade of good but unexceptional steel attached to a leather bound hilt. What made the knife exceptional were the musical notes etched on the blade and burned into the leather grip, the notes of The Dracons Lullaby. “May Diana walk with you!” were the last words he heard from each of his family as he left them.
The tradition demanded that he stay away from his family for at least ten eras, so Honets had to make his living as best he could. He did well enough, wandering slowly southward, then along the coast to Prime. Without an instrument he earned enough to feed and clothe himself and sleep inside most nights. While traveling he assumed his natural shape, but before reaching a new town or entering a festival ground he learned that it was better to assume his human shape. Most folks, it seemed, just couldn’t accept a singing dracon. He adopted the rustic, folksy speech and manners of the hill-folk, blending more easily into the humans that crowded every city.
Honets made a full circuit of the empire in the fifteen eras after he left his family. He had stopped in Prime long enough to identify the house his father had deeded to him, then headed north to Archadoon (as it was still called then), then west to Imperia, and south and east through the Great Mountains visiting High Peak, Frigid River, Evile, Diana, Arconis, and finally back to Aelyria.Prime where he stayed long enough to sell his unused house and buy supplies.
With no definite plans, he decided to head north toward Abestat. The taverns in Prime had given him tales that the Thane of Abestat was a dracon, and he wanted to meet her and maybe settle down finally in a safe harbor for dracons. On his way to Abestat, he found an injured and abandoned wolf pup. His own meager efforts would probably not have been enough to heal the orphan’s broken leg, but a female figure, probably a wood nymph Honets thought, appeared and magically healed the wolf. She then told Honets he must take responsibility for the pup before she disappeared.
Honets named the pup after the desert winds that scurried through the dunes, because that was how the pup spent most of his time. The name Scirocco was amended to Sir Rocko to suit Honets’ accent, and the pair continued on to Abestat. Then the Emperor died, the Aethergem fractured, and life became really interesting. Honets and Sir Rocko wandered up and down the east coast for several months, Honets becoming more and more concerned about the family he had left behind. Times were unsettled, and dracons always received the blame for bad times. Were his parents and sister safe? With a shock, he realized that Perfetc would have left home by now, too. Had he really been gone that long?
His sister would have been given their mothers old house in Prime, but when Honets investigated, he found that she had sold it and moved on, to Paxia one rumor said. Honets set off immediately for Paxia, and as he neared Paxia, he heard news from travelers that there was indeed a blue dracon there, a soldier in the Falcon Legion. “Not just a soldier,” the next traveler said, “she’s the Major, and commanding the whole outfit since their Colonel disappeared.” Honets entered the city north of the Great Mountains and found that the rumors were true, but his arrival was tragically late. At the Sea Hag he learned that his sister, Major Perfetc, was dead. No one could tell him how, or exactly when or where, but everyone seemed sure it was true......

Training (include thread links and/or moderator name): No formal training.

Major Items/Equipment (include all magical items, thread link, and moderator name):
-Sir Rocko-a wolf pup (Tweety-the wilderness near Abestat)
-a bard's cloak, multicolored on one side, grey on the other
-travelers pack 2 with extra waterskin(Windsor's-Aelyria Prime-pre-crash)
-4700 gold Crowns
-an imperial visa
-a dagger
-a flask of fresh spring water

Titles/Positions/Jobs: None yet.
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