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Alvasqua Gorgonknot

Your Name: Tim

Email: Deaconsword@yahoo.com

PC Name: Alvasqua Gorgonknot

Race: Human

Physical Description: Alvasqua is an average looking young human in his early twenties. He stands 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs in at 150 pounds. He has dark brown eyes and hair, and is usually clean shaven. He has a naturally cheerful and easy going individual, though his eyes betray him as also being a man of fierce determination and personal courage. He is usually
dressed in leather armor and black traveling cloak with a dagger and navy issue boarding axe in his belt.

History: Alvasqua first left his home in Arkdun for Aelyria Prime in order to take possession of his uncles home. After selling it, he saw a notice of inexpensive land for sale in Narim, so he bought some equipment and headed out.

Upon his arrival, he met Nila, the aedille. She sold him the Library of Narim where he encountered magical influences (whom he called "the Spirits of Mirth") that made the books dance and play games as well as practical jokes. He started courting Nila originally as a means of gaining a better understanding of life in Narim (politics, business laws, etc), but soon very much in love with her, though he never said so and later regretted it when
she disappeared and is now presumed dead. He also bought 10 acres of land outside of Narim, of which half is wooded and borders on a small river.

While owner of the Library, he traveled to Zinn Sunn were he attended classes in sorcery. Since he could not afford the 2000 crown tuition, he struck a deal with the headmistress; free tuition (I presume up through Adept level, but the GM and I never got around to settling on this point) in exchange for unlimited access to the Library's magical tomes and free lodging in the Library in perpetuity. He later sold the Library to a guild who paid him the sum of 20,000 crowns and accepted the caveat mentioned above.

After the sale of the Library, he was about to start a new usiness
venture when Narim was attacked. He was forced to join the attacking troops, but escaped when the force he was with was set upon by Narimite troops and the magi controlling the band killed.

Returning to Narim, he found the city still recovering. The Library was for sale again, and he purchased it for 7500 crowns.

Training: Axe, Apprentice level Sorcery

18,500 crowns
Light warhorse Maelstrom
Tack and saddle
Leather armor and medium steel shield
Navy issue boarding axe
Knife designed to be hidden in heel of left boot
Shortbow and quiver of 20 arrows (5 armor piercing, 5 broadleaf, 10
Camping equipment (bedroll, cooking kit, etc)
30 feet of rope
3 torches and tinderbox
5 days rations and horse fodder
Great waterskin (holds one gallon)
Parchment book and writing materials
Deed to 10 acres of land outside Narim
Deed to Library of Narim
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