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Sa'brael Laernhoun

Your Name: Jason Gooding

Valid E-mail or other contact: SeriliaLeafsong@aol.com

PC Name: Sa'brael Elowyn Nyghtwisp Learnhoun

Race: Elven - The 'so-called' Midnight Elf, as friends and family have denoted.

Physical Description: The midnight elf is a slender phantom of both lean musculature and sleek movements. There is no remarkable sign of training in his build, but all omens point to a natural beauty and soul-easing presenace, heightened, by awe-inspiring eyes of brilliant lavender flecked golden. His spectral features are fine, even faeish with their scultped detail - elven artisans would be proud. With a cant of his dreadlocked brow the tides are set free to splash windsongs in the form of corded tendrils of a silver and golden hue; sweeping down to drap over his shoulders like an untamed mantle, easily gracing the small of his back in length, pierced by elongated ears of the elvar. His ghostly countenance is in stark contrast against the obsidian vestments he normally wears, radianting a scintillate, however, pallid ashen shine that pacifys sunslight within its smoothed surface. Seldom disarmed by negative vibrations, Sa'braels kin may always expect a warm smile and thoughtful expression from the midnight elf.

History: Some feelings are never set free; and nothing holds more truth than that which Sa'brael has experienced of his own will. Visitations of childhood memories can never dull the inner pain and turmoil now experienced day in and day out. Youth was a state of rehearsed behaviors, and trained responses - nothing more was needed when man was but an afterthought, and not a dominant reality to be cautious of. Sa'braels early days were spent persuing antiquarian pastimes such as gardening, nurturing the animal life, and exalting the green beauty brought on by Carmelya. His noble lineage afforded him a comfortable lifestyle, and a priviledged opportunity to be as the elven lords had deemed a noble should be. His mother Serilia, and father Ahvaerune embedded a love for life, and a longing to reunite with the ancient tree inside their child; to return to a green age that had long been lost to them. Father coached him in the political intrigues of court life, and taught him to wage the empathic battles of community, allowing Sa'brael to witness life from all aspects and angles; whilst his mother instilled an intuitive ear in the young elf, teaching him to listen to the soft voices of reason, will, and inspiration...trust. Sa'brael scarcely remembers a saddened moment in his childhood, it was the sort that many longed for; and the likes of which he would not soon forget. The Dolwood was their home, and from the eldrich trees stood a glowing paragon of breathtaking proportions. House Laernhoun. It was the symbol of his elven heritage, and perhaps a beacon to those elves that had been assimilated into the multitude of cultures populating Aelyria. To most, it was a rememberance of what it was to be elf. Here the noble line of Laernhoun secretly worked in concernt with the Elder Circle; a marriage of interests that could spell doom. Sa'brael was only privy to the very scant details of the Circles relations to his family; he saw the radical elves as terrible and beautiful all in the same instant. He believed their intentions were genuine, and their drive was brought on by a divine call - but he would never be privy to the methods these extremist would go to in order to regain their lost green age. When the noble House of Laernhoun, as well, the other noble families began secret support of the Elder Circle; it was only a matter of time before the pact cried out in confrontation. Fearing the safety of their only child, Lord Ahvaerune had Sa'brael whisked to the wooded haven of Syl'ro'sya. In a neogitiation with Yaser'ail Ereene, Sa'brael was accepted into the Ereene Fae Circle as one of their own; Lord of Laernhoun and his beloved wife promised the elf child a short return home, dulling his senses with inaccurate explinations of trouble and events brewing in Dolwood.

Sa'brael evolved into a wonderous elf, enigmatic, and alluring in all the same rights. He was gifted with the everlasting grace of his people, and raised in the frivolous and nurturing evirons of the Ereene Fae Court of Syl'ro'sya. His adolescent years lost their scintillation, and soon shifted to the flickering embers of questioning and doubt. For forty eras his reality and preceptions had been altered to keep his curiousity at bay, and prevent him from discovering the secret nature of his arrival. Appreciation, love, patience, and empathy turned into stillness, apathy, and soon a deep void began to create a rift in the elfs heart. Self-imposed exile sent Sa'brael to live amongst the wilds, experiencing strange visitations of the mind. Altered states became the norm, and his last four years was spent entrenched in the valleys of his conciousness - roaming the Syl'ro'syan forests as one of the midnight children of nature. His emergence into the hazy fog of reality was brought on by a final dream, and his interpretations of his father and forefather were laid before him in the way of a strange dirge dedicated to House Laernhoun, to elf, to nature. When the sleeper awoke he found his path to Syl'ro'sya clear and present. He returned to Ereene circle to collect his belongings and bid his farewells to all the kind fae. In return, the generous fae had bestowed upon him a gift of crowns, some simple leather and a shortblade to safeguard his travels. He was promised a home in Syl'ro'sya, to which he readily accepted, but already the elf harbored 'other' plans.

Training (include thread links and/or moderator name):

Curently enrolled at the Brotherhood of Steel, Nexus Prime, beginning training for basic Dual-hand Longsword/Shortsword. (GM Jag)

Ranger Trainee of Natura (GM La Forge)

Major Items/Equipment (include all magical items, thread link, and moderator name):

-five-hundred (500) gold Crowns (the currency of the Empire)
-an imperial visa (your proof of citizenship)
-a dagger or a small blade
-a suit of light leather armor
-a flask of fresh spring water
-five rations of food
-4400 Crowns (Banknotes)

Titles/Positions/Jobs: He is a self-proclaimed revolutionary, and aspires to rekindle the immortal elven spirit.

Other: Sa'brael had embarked on a sojourn to better his martial abilities, and better serve the natural environs by enhancing his blade arms, and learning the secrets of ranger lore. Through his studies at the ranger hall, he planned to bring himself closer to the Dolwood, and indirectly investigate the mystery of his House and family. By chance of luck, and an inner calling, he was receipient to a letter from a dear friend and elven sympathizer, Felyn'dira Sunleaf of New Coldmoon. She writes, telling him of the impending troubles that nature faces in the form of a Thanes axe being taken to the Pondertree of Medonia. Torn between his duties, his previous engagments and finances, he conceeds to make a personal rally of elves. He wishes to foster a movement in defense of nature, calling elves to join him in a nationwide march that should conclude itself at the foot of the Pondertree. He also searches for the heirloom blade of House Laernhoun, and any evidence that may explain the fate which has befallen his House. When answers are uncovered, he plans to lift the banner of his fallen House and carry out the dream of expediting the reunification between elves, as a nation of people, with nature. To this he has pledged a solemn oath.
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