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Clark J. DeRineas

Name: Chris

Contact: Chris Gamgee

PC Name: Clark J. DeRineas

Race: Human

Description: Clark is a 19 year old, confused man. He is of average height and build, with grey colored eyes. He has jet-black hair, which is fairly short.

History: Clark was born in Frigid River. His mother was a scholar, and his father was a Colonel in the Frigid River militia. When Clark was born, his mother got very sick. She had picked up a rare disease when she gave birth to Clark, and she died shortly later.

When Clark was 4 years old, his father went off to fight in a fierce battle against a Nosferatu vampyre. Clark's father died there, in the mansion, which was atop a hill near Frigid River. Clark would later go on to face the vampyre, but not for many a year.

Clark's mother, being a scholar, had taught some of the most intelligent people around, and after her death, they began to teach Clark. He was put through vigorous training sessions in arithmatic, chemistry, and medicine. Whe Clark grew up, he would use these skills to exact revenge on the vampyre tha killed his father.

When Clark turned 16, he joined the Frigid River militia with his friend Alexander. He and Alexander, on patrol on night, stole horses and rode up to the manor where the vampyre dwelt. The mansion was huge, and it was raining. Alexander, being the older one, kicked down the door and ventured inside.

Clark and Alexander split up and Clark went down ito the basement, where he found Jakar, the fierce, ruthless vampyre that had killed his father. Jakar, being ions older then Clark, proposed that if Clark could answer his question, then he would let him go.

Clark agreed. Jakar asked, "Who was it that came knocking at my door, with a stake and a torch, 12 years ago??"

Clark, knowing that it was his father, unsheathed his sword and said. "My Father, Hugo DeRineas!" And with that he stabbed Jakar in the chest. Jakar, being a vampyre, was no dead. Clark then broke an oil flask over Jakar's head, and lit him aflame with a nearby torch. Jakar jerked as he slowly burnt to his death.

After Jakar was just a pile of ash, Clark blew the pile away. His parents dead, his friends tricked, Clark walked out and began to wander......

Training: Clark has little hand to hand combat training.

Items: 500 crowns, imperial visa, a shortsword, light leather armour, a water flask; half full, rations, and a house deed.
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