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Sabin Rorik

Valid E-mail or other contact:

Real Name: Tuck

PC Name:
Sabin Rorik

half elf

Physical Description:
6'2", lean, short medium brown hair, green eyes

Sabin lives in Natura where he's a woodsman ranger, a stable owner/horse trainer and a master painter, known for the portraits he's produced for several thanes and a number of other important folk. His father was a tortured elven artist who disappeared just after Sabin's birth, leaving him to be raised by his human mother and a more practical minded, abusive human step-father who was intolerant of Sabin's inherent eccentricity. Sabin can often be observed occupying himself with what seem to be one sided conversations; or on the other hand, falling into contemplative silences that can last for days. These periods are at odds with a more realistic view of the world. Periods of practicality occur less frequent than before, if one were to judge by his more recent works. Sabin disappeared after the first liberation attempt of Natura from the EC. He's only just returned with no memory of events during his absence.

Training (include thread links and/or moderator name):
*Some military training in Port Alyx calvary (lieutenant)/served as horse trainer and instructed recruits in riding skills-Kimberly
*painting (Paxia Art Institute)-Polina and (?)
*Ranger training: Natura
-archery-Raven Hawkwood-agm Steve
-sword training-agm Steve
-first aid-Sparx
-wilderness survival-Mel?
-unarmed combat-Mel

Major Items/Equipment (include all magical items, thread link, and moderator name):
*Paintbrush Hills-stables and equine training center (all stable supplies, roughly 30 horses)purchased-Mohi, Cheryl
*Rorik's Images-art gallery and studio (currently located on Paintbrush Hills)-moved from original location-Cheryl?
*Weeping vines-abandoned art studio inherited from father-Mohi
*Log and stone cabin on Paintbrush Hills

*Great Pyranese dog-Tug-came with farm-Cheryl
*Irish wolfhound pup-Walter-purchased, don't remember where
*Three legged bear-Beorne (adopted with Mariana D'lemeric)-Mel?
*Buckskin mare-Belle-purchased-Prime
*Bay stallion-Frank-came with horses rounded up in Centripax wilderness for stables-Kat?

*short and long swords-purchased in Prime/Natura
*short bow and long bows-purchased, Natura, Krystaria
*leather armor

Other possessions:
*harness racing sulky-custom made in Daltina
*tailored attire and pearl necklace with star sapphire clasp-purchased before crash, don't remember where (Acumin?)

Woodsman Ranger/Master Painter/Horse trainer/stable owner
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