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Nitzana Dwight

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PC Name:
Nitzana Dwight


Physical Description:
Nitzie is hobbit-sized, sporting most of the features that identify a hobbit. The exception, strangely enough, is a well-fed belly. This is not to say she hasn't been well-fed; quite the contrary! But she never could aquire a suitable hobbit-belly. Copious quantities of curly, dark blonde hair grace her neat little head, and a merry, open face peers from behind it. She usually wears a smile.

She likes to wear plain, neat little dresses, often with a crisp, white apron. She is one of those disgusting people who never seems to get dirty, no matter what they do.

Nitzie has led a moderately sheltered life - as sheltered as her parents could make it, that is. Being the curious sort, she found the company of her two, mischevious older brothers much more entertaining than her younger, less exciting sister. Her childhood was spent following the two about on their various escapades, and slowly beginning to join in. Countless times she cowered under the threat of her mother's mighty wooden spoon, and countless times she disregarded the threat...

Now, there must be inserted a bit of family background. Her mother's brother - that is, Nitzie's uncle - was, in temperament, somewhat similar to Nitzie and her brothers. It got him far, and he eventually became a fairly well-off merchant, with residences dotted here and there over Aelyria. In particular, he owned one in Midpoint, and one in Natura. When he died, he left these two houses to his beloved sister. How does this affect Nitzie? Well!

Approximately one year previous to Nitzie's departure from the family hobbit-hole, her brothers left to Midpoint, the deed to their uncle's house clutched in their little hands. When Nitzie chose to leave, she received the second deed, to a house in Natura, from her weeping mother's hand.

This curious circumstance has directed Nitzie's path to Natura, and it is here one may find her...


Major Items/Equipment:
500 Gold Crowns
An Imperial Visa
A Small Dagger
A Suit of Light Leather Armour
A Flask of Fresh Spring Water
Five Rations of Food
A Three Room House in Natura

Citizen of Natura

I've made a regularly updated webpage for my little Nitzie. Please, go visit!
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