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Nashkel Angor

Your Name:
Clint Smith

Valid E-mail or other contact: Slickshoes22@hotmail AIM:Slickshoes22

PC Name: Nashkel An'gor

Race: Giant

If you know Nashkel, you won't forget him. He stands at a staggering nine feet seven inches, and weighs six hundred pounds. He is built very stockily with extremely broad shoulders. His finely sculpted

Nashkel grew up the son of a hardworking rock quarry owner. At age three his father died, and grew up with his mother. Upon his mothers death, he decided to travel the Aelyrian Empire to find a
job as a blacksmith.

Dagger- The blade is about a foot long and its handle is about 10 inches. The handle is made of beautiful oak with "NÄSHKËL Ä'NGÖR" Engraved in the oak and then filled with silver. In the butt of the hilt is a beautiful piece of black glass. This piece of black glass screws out and inside the hilt is a poison reservoir. The blade is solid to the eye but it has a tiny hole at the very tip that extends all the way down to the poison reservoir. The reservoir holds up to two vials of poison. The dagger is balanced so throwing would be enhanced. The cross bar of the handle is made of steel and each end is beautifully carved into the shape of a dragons head. The foot long blade is made of steel and is fairly dull colored but the blade itself is sharp enough to split a hair. (N)

Club- made of palm wood. Nashkel carved this club out of Palm wood, with his dagger. The club is quite rough, with wood chips sticking out so as to give quite a splinter. The handle is quite smooth however. The club itself is three feet long. The wood is darkened from being wet and dried. The handle is quite thick, and the head of the club even thicker.(*)

2 Spears- both are short with a point made of steel that is dull in color, but quite sharp. They are about six feet tall. The handles are made of strong oak.(*)

Battle-Axe- Purchaced in the Laurellian provence, this battle-axe was custom made for his Giant size, and its double headed blades are extremely sharp.(*)

Leather Armor- This armor is made of tough leather from shark. A fierce fire breathing dragon is branded on the front of the armor. The Armor comes down to the elbow and then covers the shoulders with a slight curve upwards. Attached to the breast plate is a leather skirt that goes down to the knees and two leather sheaves. The skirt consists of rectangular strips of leather about 5 inches wide and waist to knee length long.(N)

Green and black clothes- The pants are a solid black going over the boots to the ankle. The Shirt is of a dark forest green that is almost blue and almost black. The shirt is made of wool lined with cotton. It is a long sleeved shirt that could be rolled up to the elbows if needed.(N)

Leather boots- These boots are the same color in leather as the armor, and made of the same strong leather.(N)
Heavy steel helmet- This helmet was purchaced at the same time and place as the Battle Axe, and is of the best construction. Has a thick visor.(*)

Traveling Supplies

Small Tent
Mess kit
Water skin (full)
30 feet of rope
Flask of Oil
Sewing Kit
Two Medium Bandages
Two Large bandages
Imperial Visa
Flask of fresh spring water
Fifteen days travel rations
7410 Gold crowns (In Purse)
Purse made of dark Bison leather

Beginning Battle-Axe training (In Progress)
Husbandry training (In Progress)

2 Rodenti Spearmen
2 Rodenti short swords men
1 Rodenti Magi
2 Mastiffs (War Dogs)
1 Dorin Mage of Entropy
1 Human Mage of Entropy

Titles/Positions/Jobs: Manager at the Phoenix Arms and Armory in Riparia.


(N)- Starting Equipment
(*)- No link, Old Aelyria
Character Webpage
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