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Saoirse Lanigan is unknown and forgotten
Saoirse Lanigan

Race: Human

Age: 21

Location: The Broken King

Wealth Tier: Sterling

Physical Description:
Approximately 5’6”, Saorise is on the smaller side for a human female. Svelte and lithe, she can generally fairly easily slip into small spaces and either conceal her form or make herself visible based on her wishes. Long Caramel coloured hair falls around her shoulders and down her back in wind tousled waves. Her matching warm copper-coloured eyes draw you in and often make people feel at ease with her, making them easy targets for her quick and slender fingers. She most often wears a white button-down shirt, open just below the bust, revealing a white undershirt underneath that is cinched at the waist by a brown leather corset belt. Black trousers are almost completely covered by thigh-high brown leather boots with a slight heel.

Saoirse tends to exude confidence and doesn’t care much about what people think of her. Some of this can likely be attributed to her height or lack thereof. She tends to be outspoken and more than a little snarky, two things which have gotten her into trouble more than a few times in the past. She has a bit of a temper which can flair if she perceives a slight against her or someone she cares for.

Orphaned young due to her poor parents unable to pay for medical care for feeble pox, Saoirse learned to survive on her wits as a child. She learned how to pickpocket to get enough to eat each day and used her small stature to conceal herself in small spaces to sleep unless she could sneak into a local inn or brothel and conceal herself while she slept someplace warm. Her evenings in the brothel taught her early on the kind of woman she didn’t want to be but did teach her more than a few tricks on how to get men to do what she wanted.
One day Saoirse caught sight of a purple pirate travelling through the streets. Following him, the pirate lead her to a ship on the docks. Finding the prospect of living on a ship one of interest, she sneaked aboard and hid out for a couple of days before she was discovered. After grilling her, the Captain decided that she was not a threat and could be more useful as a spy and a pickpocket than as fish food and she became a member of the crew.

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