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Egan son of Bilpip

Name: Egan son of Bilpip
Race: Korrigan Gnome
Age: 63

Height: 1’8”
Location: Near Songbrooke
Wealth Tier: Sterling Tier

Job: Egan does amateur street magic and tinkering to earn his bread.

Physical Description:
Egan has always been very proud of his height, standing tall at one foot and eight full inches, he was usually one of the tallest in his group. Apart from that Egan looks much like every other Gnome. He has bronze, slanted eyes and a nose that almost seems to long. Almost. Egan’s short, brown, curly hair has always been nothing but a nuisance to him and he chops the locks of hair down himself as fast as they can get in his eyes. This makes his curly hair spread out wild like it has a mind of its own. Egan wears a simple outfit of trousers and a long sleeve shirt with suspenders.


Egan has a slight mistrust of Gnome groups ever since his banishment and finds them to be repressive. Egan is always interested in meeting members of other races, which is why he spends his days roaming the city, much unlike other members of his race. Egan particularly likes humans. Like him, they always seem intent on finding some sort of riches. That and what they can accomplish in their short lifetime has always astounded the young Gnome. Egan is curious and unless he senses a direct threat, he is usually pleasant to be around, albeit his incessant questions

Egan was born in the Crown Province of Prime, or just Prime as he calls it. Specifically, his small group or Noba was located between Songbrooke and Ioannolia. For the longest time, Egan was content with his place in the Noba. When he reached adulthood, his father had given him his first hammer. It was of simple craftsmanship but to Egan it might as well have been a sword out of legend. Bilpip taught his son the basics of craftsmanship so that Egan could contribute to the Noba. One day, however, Egan started to tire of the monotonous way of life that living in a Noba or Gnoba brought. Everyday the same Gnomes did the same jobs and when work was done, they would train their heirs or apprentices to take their place. Egan always liked working and tinkering on things but a part of him wondered what life would be like among the other races. The only thing that outweighed Egan’s love of crafting was his love of showmanship. When he was quite young Egan learned a trick where he could make a pebble disappear (provided he was wearing long sleeves) and used that trick for weeks to astound both friend and family alike. Eventually Egan figured he could learn to fix all kinds of things and pick up a few tricks if he went on the road. Even though the danger aspect of adventure didn’t appeal to him much, he couldn’t help but think of the treasure it would bring. Eventually the wanderlust got the better of him and he announced to his parents that he would be taking off to search the world for treasures and to see the way the other races lived. Surprisingly his parents supported their son. They were sad but realized Egan’s mind had been made up a long time ago. Unlike his parents the Ama and Omak, his aunt and uncle, were taken back by this choice. Due to the small size of the group of Gomes and increasing danger in the surrounding world, Egan’s Aunt and Uncle chose to banish the young adventurer. For the past three years Egan has been wandering, seeking his new place in the world. A place hopefully filled with enough riches that he could return and maybe lift the banishment placed on him.

Racial Abilities:
The Stretch

Mysticism (Initiate)

Major Possessions:
A simple hammer that Egen uses for work and, on the occasional times he can reach that high, a head hitter.

A necklace that holds a small piece of stone, Egan’s father said it was from the highest mountain he had ever climbed, and he believed that it was piece of the Rock that all Gnomes came from. Egan knew this wasn’t true but kept the necklace with the rock anyway. Maybe as a religious symbol or maybe just because it was an heirloom from his father.

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