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Normal McPersonMan is unknown and forgotten
Goblet Normal McPersonman

Name: Normal McPersonman
Age: 32
Race: Human
Location: Natura
Wealth tier: Sterling

Physical Description:
Normal McPersonman is an average human female, standing around 5'5 or 5'4, whichever you think is more normal. She has two eyes situated above her nose, which she only has one of. Under her nose lies 1 mouth, with 2 lips, and then a chin. She also possesses 4 limbs total, 2 attached to the bottom of her torso and 2 attached to the top. At the end of each limb is another smaller limb, which has 5 very tiny and short limbs at the end of it. Her hair, which is of average length, is very understandable. Her appearance is often described as standard in relation to human females.

Normal McPersonman grew up in a house, with her mother, father, and brother. Together, they all owned one horse. The horse had a name. When Normal McPersonman turned 18, she left the house in search of regular activities. After finding said activities, she did a couple or so.

Normal McPersonman often experiences emotions, some of which include but are not limited to: sadness, anger, happiness, confusion, frustration, anger 2, and contentment. She does not experience fear. Normal McPersonman enjoys activities, like "ball" and "speak". She does not like things which fall under the categories of disturbing, gross, dangerous, unlikable, or agitating. Normal McPersonman eats and drinks on a regular basis.

hello, i am a human female of reasonable age. i have reasonable attributes.
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ball, female, human, normal, person

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