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Kati Rakaalsson Kha'Serith


Name: Kati Rakaalsson Kha'Serith.

Nickname: "Aalhari."

Gender: Male.

Species: Half-human (Vagaran) and half-dracon.

Birthplace: Northumbria Province, Aelyria.


Height: (Work in progress!)

Weight: (Work in progress!)

Hair: Medium brown.

Eyes: Green-brown.

Age: Nine eras.

Face Claim: Barney Clark.

Description: (Work in progress!)


Likes: (Work in progress!)

Dislikes: (Work in progress!)

Fears: (Work in progress!)

Flaws: (Work in progress!)

Personality: (Work in progress!)



Kata Ingasdotter (born Northumbria Province, Aelyria, 10191; died Northumbria Province, Aelyria, 10210). Vagaran human mother.

Ra'kaal Kha'Serith (born Hidden City, Aelyria, _____; died Aelyria, 10210). Moraden dracon father.

[Work in progress!]

Friends: [Work in progress!]

Enemies: [Work in progress!]

Significant Other: Not applicable.

History: (Work in progress!)

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