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Killian Farstrider is unknown and forgotten
Killian Farstrider

Adult Name: Killian Farstrider

Name Meaning: Killian derives from an old human word that means "church." The surname Farstrider was granted to him for being known for traveling abroad. And so, the meaning of his name in full is one who finds "church" (or meaning) through their travels.

Profession: Sailor turned Sell-Sword

Age: 34

Race: Human

Place of Birth: Arkdün, Northumbria

Citizenship Status: Northumbria

Wealth Tier: Sterling (Tier 2)

Physical Description: Imposing is definitely a simple word to use to describe Killian. With straightened back and bare feet he stands at 6'4" tall; his mass weighing in at 250 pounds. His physique is well defined by the hands of the gods themselves due to years of intense labor of forging through the woods. Atop his head holds a thick mane of black hair that cascades down just past the nape of his neck. He typically fashions it half up in a small ponytail that peacocks at the back of his head. His beard is neatly trimmed and traces his chiseled jawline only kept long at the chin where he parts it into two forked sections decorated with brass beads. His brows are thick and high arched, always giving his icy blue eyes what seems to be a furrowed gaze. His medium-toned skin seems always sunburnt around the chest, shoulders, and nape. White scars stripe his entire torso and arms telling stories of past victories won and lost against man and beast in the wilds of the known world.

Killian's childhood was extremely rough neck. He was raised on the coastal city of Arkdün, right by the seaports. As a young boy, Killian loved watching the ships come in to sell their fine wares. He'd watch the hardened sailors come off of their ships, swindling the locals into higher prices for cheap goods - which always amused him. He'd listen to their stories of travel and adventure: of battles and near-death escapes. He longed to leave the cold cliffside of Arkdün and its troubles behind. His family were simple people. His father, a dock worker himself, had put decent clothes on their backs and warm meals in their bellies. He was not much of the smiling type - but more known for his size and strength. Killian fondly remembers his father carrying huge casks of ale and other commodities from some of the sea vessels two at a time while the average man struggle with one. Day in and day out his father would work, as would Killian. And every day brought a new offer for his father to take voyage out to sea to make more of a life for their family. And every day, ol' Seamus would decline the offer. As much as Killian looked up to his father in admiration he never understood why he would not want to accept such an opportunity.

Over the years of struggling and hardship, Killian's mother had passed due to a sudden ailment. His mother was his heart and soul. An olive-skinned woman with long black hair to her lower back, high cheekbones, a pointy chin, ice blue eyes like his own, and a smile so warm that it could melt a frozen tundra into a vast ocean. If Killian viewed his father as cold prior to this-this was a new low. Seamus grew bitter and secluded. He spent more time on the docks and less time within the old cob-webbed cottage they used to call home. Killian used to side-eye his father in spite of his silence but at the time was too young and immature to recognize heartbreak. What if he took those jobs, Killian would think. What if he went out, even for a short while, to make more money for the family? Would this have changed his mother's path to sickness?

In adulthood, Killian had grown as tall and broad as his old father who showed no signs of slowing down save for all of his hair becoming stark white. Yet, as Killian's renown and stature grew - so did the distance between him and ol' Seamus. The little cottage that they once called home was desolate and abandoned. Killian spent most of his nights at the local pub and began renting out a room to distance himself from his old man. Though there they were should-to-shoulder every morning at the docks. Their need for one another always apparent by the close vicinity they kept during their daily labors yet no words were ever spoken between the two. Every so often out of the corner of his eye, Killian could see Seamus looking into his face as if trying to recognize the boy who once looked at him in such deep admiration. Either that or trying to get but one more look at the eyes of his lost soul-mate. Though Killian's blind animosity towards his father kept him from realizing the obvious truths of these actions and only agitated him deeper into self-loathing.

It was around that time that Killian began receiving offers from the old sea folk with promises of wealth and adventure. At first, Killian was scared of such acquisitions. The fear of the unknown sea and being away from the grey cliffs of Arkdün was something that he had always dreamt of. And now that it had presented itself to him he would decline with a deep chuckle and head shake. Seamus would just look on from nearby in silent contemplation. As Killian's reputation grew as a hardy dock worker, and pugilist during many a drunken pub brawl, so did the offers to go to sea. But now, every offer brought him closer and closer to a new longing. One, not so new in the heart of a younger bright-eyed Killian. The smell of the sea salt, the sound of the lapping tides, and the sensation of the wind on his face brought him back to times of great joy. Times of deep admiration and simple love. It was at this time that he had realized his purpose had always been to go out to sea.

So, one morning as the recent ships pulled in to dock as they had always done he looked across their mighty masts. He glanced at the different brilliant flags, all flying white flags beneath to show peace. But, there was one, in particular, the Queen Cletoria that peaked his brow. Loud and brash, they were. Their boasts of treasure and adventure were always heard and admired by Killian. And so, he had strode and presented himself over to a first mate who had quill and parchment in hand taking inventory of what was leaving the ship. Seamus had just put down a cask of ale and watched his son move past with purpose. With every powerful step he took toward his new course, the old dock workers would stop moving and look on with admiration and a nod of farewell. Killian would meet some of their gazes, lips tight and in a slight smirk, and give a slight downward nod of his head. It was then that Seamus had spoken for the first time in 10 years directly toward his son with a call of his name. The old man, lips quivering, would stare directly into his son's eyes and hug up tightly. He would then pull away and held Killian by the shoulders, eyes welled with tears, and gave a solitary nod. The display of emotion was more of an "I love you" than he had received in almost two decades from anyone. He would grab the old man by the shoulders and not say a single word for his eyes said all he would ever need to say. And that was the last that he saw the shores of Arkdün for a long while and Seamus.

Personality: One would imagine Killian to be a simple brute judging by his size alone. But, they could not be farther from the truth. Killian is a thinker: viewing life as a huge chess board that he insists on check-mating. And as such, he views life through brooding eyes and a mischevious smirk. He is a very passionate man with deep cares and considerations once he allows you into his inner circle. His deep voice emboldens a loud laugh and brash jokes which at times can seem uncouth - but a life out at sea will do that to an individual. His passion makes him the best of allies and the most ferocious of adversaries. This leads him to burn many bridges and having his fair share of enemies as he believes in trimming the fat from his life because tomorrow is never promised: only death and heartache.

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Killian Farstrider is unknown and forgotten

Bladed Weapons>Broadsword: ●●○○○

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Killian Farstrider is unknown and forgotten
Broadsword (Steel,Simple)(x1)

Thick, Black Brocade long sleeved Gambeson with buttons.(Linen,Simple)(x1)
Mild Steel Bracer with thin leather strapping.(Steel,Simple)x2
Mild Steel Greave with thin leather strapping.(Steel,Simple)x2
2" wide brown belt. (Leather,Simple)(x1)
1.5" wide brown sword belt with scabbard.(Leather,Simple)(x1)
Brown Pants.(Linen,Simple)(x1)
Brown Boots, Cuffed Top(Leather,Simple)(x1)
Thick, Black cloak(Wool,Simple)(x1)

Magic Items

Major Possessions
Longsword, 51'(Steel,Simple)(x1)

Misc Items
Simple brown leather pouch with a toggle closure
10" long collapsable wooden pipe
Small pouch of sweet herbs for smoking
Flint and Steel


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Killian Farstrider is unknown and forgotten
Fluid Time Log

[Jaedaxia] Just one more drink - honestly! (Active)

[The Crown Inn and Tavern] A Quick Stroll to the Pub Won't Hurt (Active)

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