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Cupara is unknown and forgotten

Character Name: Cupara
Race: Dracon
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 250 lbs.
Age: 30 (Born in Cryxatum Era 10193 Pre-Fractum)
Location: Aelyria Prime (Elven Form)
Wealth Tier: Sterling (Tier 2)

Physical Description (Dracon Form):
In this form, Cupara has a tall stature that intimidates others even though he only fights when threatened or for the empire. He is 6'4”, weight around 250 lbs with goldish tan skin. He wears light leather armor as his technique for heavier armor is limited.

Physical Description (Elven Form):
In elven form, he is the same height as his dracon form and same weight, the difference is that he takes on a more muscular form. His hair is long golden blonde, he wears the same leather armor. His skin is pale as though he lived most of his life in the forest away from sunlight. His eyes are deep green and have a charm about them that helps with getting his way.

Known to use his charm when he wants something but overall remains patient. He has a kill or be killed attitude but only in a time of being threatened or when it is for the empire. Avoids confrontation due to his dracon form will appear causing issues he would rather avoid.

Born to Sicilia and Akron in the city of Kalinda, parents who cared for their children and gave them everything they could desire. When Cupara was born, he was a disgrace to his family and dracon kind. Born with the ability to shapeshift but no wings embarrassed his family forcing them to give him a name that means Unnatural. Before he could even begin living, he was forced to live secluded from his family, educated, taught shapeshifting, and given a weeks ration then banished from Kalinda. As he slowly walked through the gates of the city, he tripped over a rock. He realized that was the first action he took outside the city, knelt down, slowly picked up the rock and placed it with his rations.

The road ahead was full of threats and new experiences but he knew he was not ready for this at all. He managed to progress forward down the road until something caught his eye, after what felt like days of traveling, he spotted bandits in the distance robbing a group of travelers. He had no training and knew he would not last against the group of bandits. He found a cave nearby and hid until the danger was gone. As he emerged from the cave, he felt something hit him from behind, knocking him to the ground and unconscious.

A couple of hours later, Cupara awoke further in the cave, surrounded by other dracon's that each looked different. Some had wings, some didn't, others were missing either a hand or a foot. Took him a bit but he realized that he was among other banished dracon's. What he didn't know is that this was only the beginning to his true calling. He decided to stay with these dracon's and learn to fight, shapeshift, and eventually become the man he was meant to be without his parents...


Experience Earned:
Initiate: < >
Journeyman: < >
Adept: < | >
Master: < | | | >
Archmage: < | | | | | >

Weapon: Steel Butterfly Sword
Home: Deed to a One-Room Hovel
Job: Adventure
Family Heirloom: Rock (See Background)
Citizenship: Visa

Fluid Time Log:
[Aelyria Prime] New Day, New Dawn [Moderation Please] - Housework, gathering of supplies for repairs, selling house.

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Cupara is unknown and forgotten
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