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Torvaldr Wyrdhrafn

 Name: Torvaldr Wyrdhrafn
Race: Esh'lahier
Age: Approaching middle age
Location: Ziel Aerca

Physical Description:
Standing at around 5'10", this pale elf is dressed in simple, formal and well presented attire. He also wears a fine, scarlet scarf around his neck, covering the lower portion of his face. Barely a hair or a thread is out of place, though the clothes themselves do not appear especially expensive. Veering slightly from this functional attire is a long, dark hooded cloak of greater quality, but looking considerably more worn. The cloak falls down to the elf's calves, secured with a round, silver clasp covered in ornate knotwork.

His fine, angular features strangely complimented by a weathered complexion that looks out of place on so elven a face. Slightly almond eyes framed with dark lashes gaze out handsomely, even by elven standards. However, his left cheek and jawline has a long scar from what must have been a deep, painful wound. His expression seems to relax into a look of passive disapproval.

Hair of burnished silver falls down his back, visible only when his hood is down. It is staunchly bound in a tight ponytail which begins at the base of his hairline. His eyes are swirling lagoons of chocolate. Somewhere deep within them might be the answer to what has made this elf feel the need to ostracise himself. For now, though, they merely gaze out from his face with their default stern, accusatory air.

While he knows and accepts that he is far from perfect, Torvaldr nevertheless has an unshakeable confidence in himself. If he considers a problem to be fixable, there is nothing that will prevent him from doing his utmost to find a resolution. He is, however, still aware of his own limitations and he accepts that sometimes he will need assistance from others to achieve his ends. He is very goal-oriented and finds motivating himself very easy. Though in the past this has led to foolhardiness on his part as his abrasive personality has prevented him from recruiting sufficient help to achieve a given task.

Torvaldr is, for the most part, a very disciplined and rational person. Considered cold and aloof even by the standards of other elves. However, the past has shown that he has a darker, more passionate side that can cause problems for him. If he doesn't keep a tight lid on his anger and jealousy, he may find he gets himself in to even worse trouble than that which caused him to leave his home town.

Having had a very sheltered upbringing, venturing out into the wilder world has been, and continues to be, a big shock for Torvaldr. Most distressing of all has been witnessing how poorly his people are treated. Hated or, at the very least, distrusted by almost everyone, he has a strong desire to improve the lot of his fellow Esh'lahier. That might be through mutual assistance, by setting himself as an example of virtue, or simply fighting against such bigotry wherever he might find it.

Despite his normally dour demeanor, and contrary to the opinion of people who have met him, Torvaldr does have a sense of humour. In fact, he does joke quite frequently, but the deadpan, understate delivery he employs means that many people miss the fact he is joking at all - another reason why misunderstandings are rife in his day to day dealings.

  • Ikonomancy
    Weapon - Bow
    Vocational (Ranger)
Experience Earned:
  • Ikonomancy (2 pts)
Major Possessions:
  • Basic clothing
    Slightly worn hooded cloak
    Simple bow with quiver of 20 arrows
    Cloak pin with family emblem

Torvald was the second child born to Celebras (father) and Hannele (mother). His father provided for his family by trading in sundry supplies, not always legally sourced. His mother was more respected in their community as a healer and font of helpful advice. His elder sister, Tarshai was the favoured of the two children in their parents' eyes, but she went out of her way to look after her brother. The two of them shared a strong relationship and confided in each-other often.

Torvaldr's childhood was without incident. He was a quiet, unassuming child. His serious nature was a concern to his parents. As a result of their treatment of him, he spent a lot of his time outside in the forest surrounding their home. With the exception of his sister, he felt closer to nature than he did his family. By the time he was a young adult, he was a capable hunter and planned to make himself a living that way.

Military service was, at first, a shock to him. He was a fair shot with a bow, but found the strongly competitive environment difficult. He simply didn't have the desire to win necessary to succeed. However, things changed in that respect when he was discovered to have magical ability. He showed some modest potential in ikonomancy and was placed with a mentor who could develop his abilities in that regard.

Studying hard, but seeing little in the way of action it wasn't long before his compulsory service ended. He returned home change, a full adult Esh'lahier.

Taking work as a scribe, he made a meagre salary. Living basically, almost starving, he strived to save money to allow him to study ikonomancy further by hiring another mentor. It was at this time, though, that he met Alayria Siaverrisce, the only daughter of a successful local businessman. Theirs was a torrid affair and Torvaldr was smitten. His usual self control was lost in pursuit of this, his first romantic relationship. They would meet after dark and spend the night together, rising before dawn to return to their homes so that no-one would uncover their illicit relationship.

This went on for months, and Torvaldr became more and more obsessed, both with Alayria and his plans to elope with her. However, her father had plans to marry her off to a local noble. One night she did not meet Torvaldr as expected and he crept to her home to find her. Meeting her in her room, Alayria cruelly broke off their tryst, telling him they were over.

Torvaldr could not accept her rejection, and made to leave, angry and heartbroken. Her brother, however, caught him as he left and stabbed him in the shoulder and stomach. As Torvaldr lay bleeding on the floor, Alayria's brother warned him off, carving a deep scar along his jaw. His intent was disfigure him further, but he was pulled away by the rest of his retinue.

Distraught, Torvaldr crawled from the scene, delirious with pain and covered with blood. He eventually passed out, thinking himself dead. Days later, he awoke in the company of his sister, looking after him. Torvaldr confided what had happened and his sister told him to leave the area, so that the Siaverrisce family could not take further retribution. Reluctantly, Torvaldr agreed.

Before leaving, though, he sent a message in secret to Alaysia, asking her to meet him at their favourite spot. He camped there, day in, day out, for days without number, but she did not come to him. Eventually, he was approached by a member of her brother's retinue. He told Torvaldr of Alaysia's impending marriage and goaded him. At that moment, Torvaldr was broken. He lost all hope and sense of value, seeing nothing of worth in life anymore. It was not until the retainer joked cruelly of her wedding night that Torvaldr's self pity was dissolved - and replaced with ice cold rage.

He claims to have blacked out at that point, not knowing precisely what happened. He came to finding the retainer's corpse at his feet, covered gashes and puncture wounds. The image of his dead face haunts Torvaldr's nightmares to this day. Shocked at himself, he hid the body and left, fearing discovery and imprisonment - or worse. He disappeared into the wilderness.

Torvaldr travelled for some time, hitching rides with merchants and caravans where he could. He made few friends, feeling loneliness and despair, still yearning in his heart for his lost love, despite believing she had betrayed him.

As he spent a great deal of time travelling with company or trading/working briefly in small towns, he eventually heard of the desolation in the Forest of Light. A strange fog and some destructive events resulting in the displacement of his people. This bothered him greatly, but left him at a loss as to what to do. He didn't feel a simple rural elf such as himself could do anything to resolve what had happened, yet he worried about his family and friends, yearning to do something. His feelings of loss from his disasterous first romance were intensified with survivors guilt. Almost daily, he feels a need to return to the forest of light to help his people and rescue his home, but the reality is, there is little he can do. For now.

Eventually, it did not take long for life in the wild to become stale. Within a relatively short amount of time, Torvaldr decided that his ultimate goal was to settle in a city somewhere. He preferred the idea of hiding in plain sight within civilisation, rather than relying upon nature's bounty. However, finding a suitable place to settle took much longer than he expected.

Torvaldr decided to seek out a city where he could work and resume his plans to find a mentor under whom he could further his ikonmantic knowledge. Recently, he has come upon the city of Ziel Aerca where he hopes to make a new life for himself.

Fluid Time Log
Watch this space!

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