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Milena is unknown and forgotten
Milena Engelbert

Name: Milena Engelbert
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 31


At 5'3", she is on the shorter side for a woman with a fair complexion. Her golden blonde hair reaches to the small of her back though it is normally pulled back from her face for ease of work and daily life. It is straight and rather thick and she has found binding it is the easiest way to do this. She is not strikingly beautiful at least not in the classic sense, but neither she is unattractive. All in all she would blend in with a crowd of common people and often be over looked for the most part. Her eyes are a dark blue in color and are a slight almond in shape. She has a fairly average in build as well, being neither over or under weight for the most part, mostly due to the fact she does take some payments in food gifts for those who have no other way to pay.

She dresses plainly, as benefits some one of her social standing normally in the darker blues, greens, and reds and some blacks of homespun clothing though it is always well maintained and clean. For colder weather she favors a blue grey cloak made out of study wool that is soft from use of wear. Around her neck is a pendent with a purple stone secured with a silver holding.

Fairly pragmatic she tends to take most things in stride as people tend to do when they are not in positions of power. She is rather soft hearted and will try and help when she can, something that as gotten her into trouble more than once. She has not received much formal education, but she has received informal training mostly though experience and though conversations with other people of her occupation and station. Although her ideas do differ some what on the main stream on certain positions.

Born the daughter of a toy maker in the city of Aelyria Prime. She grew up as typical child of the common class. When she was not helping her mother about the house she was playing in the streets with local children. Or exploring the city streets and getting underfoot of traffic caused by their betters. She might have keep up this sort of life style apart from one thing which made her life take a slightly different turn.

Her elderly neighbor a woman by the name of Ashlynn was the healer and midwife of their local area. She was elderly and while she was sound of mind her body was not what it used to be. Being aware of this her mother would lend Milena to help her with house hold chores and the like. It was then Ashlynn discovered that the girl was passably clever despite the lack of education. She took her under her wing, when she was not doing chores she went with Ashlynn to visit patients who requested her presence.

Most of the knowledge was of herbs, and simple potions and cordials coupled with things Milena had picked up along with the way though years of experience. In one way Ashlynn differed from others was she perhaps oddly for the time and place insisted on cleanliness, washing her hands before touching a sick patient or a woman in labor, she had no idea what the cause of this was but she had learned that it stopped many people from catching certain sicknesses and passed that knowledge on to Milena.

She also learned folk lore for what the sex of a child might be, or what the correct way to to predict when a woman might conceive and when she might not, as well has how to remove an unwanted child from the womb provided the pregnancy had not progressed to much. Milena proved to be an able student and when Ashlynn eventually died Milena took her place, her home often times having visitors in need of her services


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