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Lotus Hawkridge

Name: Lotus Hawkridge

Race: Human/Thėlyri

Age: 25

Physical Appearance:

Of average height and build, there isn't a whole lot about her that would stand out at first glance, which is something she has taken advantage of in the past. Her hair is a medium brown. In an effort to keep it out of her way she wears it to just past her shoulders and often in a loose braid. Her eyes are a light blue grey in color and large out of all of her facial features, they tend to be the thing people often notice the most. She tries to keep marks that would make her stand out to a minimum, though she does have a tattoo on her left upper arm of some sort of corvid like species. She wears an ear cuff on her right ear made of gold plate and with citrine studs. Her right wrist has a black leather wrap.

Her clothing tends to be black most of the time, with dark colors mixed in, and a mixture of cloth and leather. She tends to go for a steam lined look. With high fitted boots, fitted pants and skirt normally with an old jacket she tends to be fond of.

Her father was some one important, or so her mother liked to tell her. Most people thought her mother was crazy. All her memories of her mother before she left home was of a woman who was more attractive than her in a delicate and sad sort of way, and who more often than not choose to live in the past, because she was happier there. Despite this they were comfortable in their living conditions, not wealthy nor in poverty. Her mother despite her depression made sure her daughter was cared for. Childhood was normal enough when she wasn't in school she was with friends, she was an average student nothing to remark upon. Neither failing nor so gifted she stood out from the rest of the class.

As she got older it became clear she was going to be the one whom her mother depended upon. The woman's depression would often times keep her in a funk for days, while she could care for herself in that state she was most often useless beyond that. It became clear she would have to rely on herself more and more. Sometimes her mothers moods would prevent her from working. It was during one of these episodes, she decided she would have to take it upon herself to help with the finances.

Taking to the streets, she began to look for ways to earn money. Still being young, there was not many people willing to hire her. Still determined to help, she searched for some way to earn a living. She tried pick pocketing once or twice, buther attempts were clumsy when she worked up the courage to do it at all. After all, it was not something that came natural to her. She managed to get a few scraps despite her misgivings of what she was doing. She was also sure it was something she could never tell her mother she was doing, the woman would not have approved at all. One time, perhaps fatefully, she was caught.

Rather than turning her in to the law, she was taken under a wing. For some reason, perhaps she reminded her benefactor of themselves at her age, perhaps they were returning a favor. Whatever the reason she was shown how to better lighten pockets as well as slicing and a number of skills it would be required to part people from their goods. Although she was careful to only target people who she felt could stand to be parted from their money. Once or twice she hooked up with people and broke in a building or two, mostly for artifacts to sell on the black market.

Not wishing for her mother to get caught up in her new world she claimed she was given a scholarship to a rather impressive and far away university. She still visits the woman from time to time and sends home money when she has it, but is careful to avoid conversations with her that might make it clear what she does.

Major Possessions:


Fluid Time Log
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