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willibald O'Dande

Willibald O’Dande

The entropic cether

Race ~ cether

Age ~ 100 ordinations


Height ~ 4‘.5’’

Weight ~ skinny

Colouring~ red headed

Attire ~ rather depends what’s on the local washing line but currently a second hand suit of brown clothes with a floppy old sock as a hat

Family and roots

Willi has always been a dreamer content to look out of the school room window and dream of adventures in the wide world of Telath. He has a wide extended family back home which is a little village somewhere in Centripax its so small it hardly bears the honour of a name. Because of his dreamy nature Willi was always a disappointment to his mam and dad who expected him to settle down and take on the family trade of advanced Halfling accountancy! His mam and dad realising that Willi was not cut out for the exciting world of accountancy gave him reams of advice and help in the medium of useful and pithy quotations and these pieces of help and warning are something that Willi relies on in moments of stress.

It was inevitable that the call of the open road would draw Willi away from home and hearth and one brightening dressed in bright tartans he took up a stick with a spotted handkerchief and a goodly supply of bread and cheese and left home to seek his fortune .Willi had day dreamed about the possibility of one day owning his own caravan and a black and white horsey so that he could travel the by ways of Aelyria simply to see what was around the next corner and so far his efforts have all been directed towards this aim , unfortunately tide time and fate have intervened and despite his efforts chaos dogs his footsteps!

Major Threads

A quick visit to High Peak

a bit of a sing song Willi also meets the gnome Flopsy
Doodle a life long friend and a willing partner in the chaos that is Willi’s existence.

Aediles office Riperia Willi and Flopsy decide to swap their deeds for cash [post 155+] Unfortunately Mam appears and absolute chaos reigns. Willi and Flopsy escape arrest by swan diving out of the window.

Willi get a job as a grave digger He briefly meets Palacrisis and a young Alexis Sapienta and discovers a pair of arcane dice.

This leads him on a trail across the empire.[1000 crowns earned]


Hounds on a Halflings tail A visit to Vers and the Scattered Ashes Warehouse which leads Willi to …..

Jaedaxia and the conclusion of the tale. The magic dice are lost to the Ikonmaster and Willi is left broke cold and with the promise of a great future …which is about all he ever seems to get!

Willi tramps the world picking up a meal and a bed where ever he can and finally enters Imperia where he meets the wonderful Bethel Beanhopper and the awful Dzrg. Dzrg the Ooc harbour master is amused by the Halfling and offers him a job as assistant harbour master

Unfortunately for Willi Imperiageddon occurs a cycle later and the unfortunate Halfling is brained by falling masonry , loses his memory is robbed of all his possessions and is forced to walk the by-ways of the empire unaware of who he is.

He winds up in Natura and is befriended by kind elves who feed and cloth him but the thought of a steady job is too much and Willi scarpers.

But time tide and sheer grinding poverty makes for decision time and Willi returns to Jaedaxia where he determines to stay put get a job and raise enough dosh to buy a caravan and a black and white horsey.

He gets a job as a grounds man in the La Ville de Morts and for the first time decides to stick it out however strange things are afoot in the grave yard …..[Pay 75 crowns per cycle]

Willi also has an adventure in Jaedaxia An ambition for a Halfling

And comes out ahead for once he still holds the mysterious key for the warehouse on no 3 dock but as he and Flopsy are sitting in a green sail boat in the bay with no idea how to sail her, time will tell what happens next!


You now have a new sailboat! Approx. 500 crowns, more if you can sell it to a buyer

+ 120 crowns (banknotes), 8 silvers (after your initial purchases)
+ bronze key for Pier 3. East Harbor storage area (mystery).
+ 1 old visa for a certain "Trondor Cermafige".
+ 1 experience in brawling for Willi.

Increased speed.
Increased stamina.
Knowledge about the piers.
Knowledge about sailing. (as awarded by Crimson)
“if yer gets a taste for the grape just remember no animal ever invented anything as bad as drunkenness - or so good as the drink”
“if yer gets a taste for the grape just remember no animal ever invented anything as bad as drunkenness - or so good as the drink”

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