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Emile Tawfeek is unknown and forgotten
Emile Tawfeek

Name: Emile Tawfeek
Race: Human, Half-Nairu Half-Charismean
Age: 24
Location: Originally from Jaedaxia, worked in Medonia, now in Ziel Aerca

Wealth Tier: Sterling
Job: Freelance Scribe

Physical Description:
Standing five feet six inches with light brown skin, dark brown curly hair, and brown eyes. She often has a bright and energetic look about her.

Straightforward and honest, sometimes to a fault. Often willing to do whatever it takes to get the scoop. That includes telling lies, but she'll never lie when it comes to her reporting. What matters to her isn't writing what people want to here, but making sure that the truth is properly conveyed. If she can make both happen, that's when Emile is the happiest.

Emile was born into slavery, and her parents worked as household servants to a wealthy Jaedaxian merchant family. Both of her parents came from respectable slave stock, families that had over the generations produced untold number of slaves to be sold off to clients. As a result their pedigree was regarded as higher than most, and they were rather better trained and more well behaved than most of their counterparts. Unsurprisingly, Emile's family was treated better than most. Emile was from a young age trained to follow in the footsteps of her mother and serve as a maid for the household, however, her inquisitive nature saw her going down a different path. It was discovered that she took rather quickly to literature and letters, and soon enough the transition was being made. She helped keep records for the family, transcribe letters, keep track of finances, anything at all that might involve a quill in her hand and ink on a page. In her spare time, she also spent some time tinkering, fascinating herself with the basic mechanics behind how the world around her worked.

Years of service and a growing liberal atmosphere at the time saw Emile's family emancipated from slavery in her teen years, although her parents continued to dutifully serve the merchant family that had freed them. Through these connections Emile also managed to secure a job with the Herald in Medonia, serving an incredibly minor role with the newspaper for some time. She soaked up experience for only a short while before it was necessary to evacuate the city due to the impending Xet threat. Emile managed to leave Medonia before the siege of the city, returning home to Jaedaxia where she stayed throughout the remainder of the war.

Emile found that the Xet Invasion had caused, among other things, the downfall of the Herlad. With no central news network now available throughout the Empire, people now had to rely on hearsay and rumors, not particularly reliable sources of news at all. While it was unlikely that a proper replacement for the Herald would be created anytime soon, Emile found herself committed to the idea that the people of the Empire likely needed something to tide themselves over before then. The news still needed to be written. Determined to try and make something of herself, she made her way to what seemed to be the most exciting place in the Empire at the moment: the frontier capital of Ziel Aerca. There, she hoped to get started on her journey to be at the head of the enterprise that could become the Empire's next Herald.

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Emile Tawfeek is unknown and forgotten
Basic calligraphy/scribing lore
Basic gadgeteering (starting package skill)

Major Possessions:
Inkpots and ink
A metallic and wooden sphere made of numerous components that can be taken apart (heirloom)
Imperial Visa
Iron Dagger
Hovel in Ziel Aerca

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Emile Tawfeek is unknown and forgotten
Fluid Time Log:

Summer Era XXIV Post Fractum
[Ziel Aerca] Friendly neighborhood drug peddler [Adynirach]
[Ziel Aerca] Go big or go home [Sliucha]


[Ziel Aerca] Attitude City [Indefinite]

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