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Sarah Vermillion

Sarah Vermillion
Race: Human
Gender: Female


Standing close to 5.5 feet tall, Sarah is rarely seen without a smile upon her face and a skip in her step. Her hair when loose roughly brushes down towards her waist, the lengthy strands for the most part staying straight and with a rich brown hue, one that almost reminds one of some darker shades of red. Her eyes by comparison though held a green hue and more often than not held a sharp gaze as well, though one tinged with amusement. As for the rest of her body, it was lithe of limb with more than a few generous curves, including the swell of her chest and rump that tickled the eye of those who's gazes decided to wander in those general locations.


Hedgemage, level 1 (Elementalism and Necromancy)
Secrets :
2xp, starting package

Alchemy, level 1

Major Possessions:

1 Visa

Secrets :





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Before Sarah was the wandering mystery that she is, she was just a simple young woman that was part of a somewhat weird large family. She was born into a mage family that was based in Aelyria Prime, but whose interests spanned the length and breadth of the continent. The whole family had a singular pride in their gemblooded status, instilled within the patriarch by his ancestors and upheld by his wife as they upheld the various family traditions together and produced quite a number of children for the next generation. Together, they weathered the various changes and tribulations that occurred with the various fluxes that affected Arcana over the Era's and remained both proud and strong until the day that Sarah was brought into the world and after.

To the public, they were known as the Chroma family and went by the last name Chroma in practically all matters business or public. But one of the first ritualistic family traditions that they had set for themselves was that every new born child would be gifted a secondary last name of their own. In truth, it was more a title than a name, offered up only when needed in either circles of power or in times of battle, so that their colors would be afforded respect both during and after their time. It also served as an indicator as to what sphere the child might be unbound to in time if they didn't unbind naturally and to perhaps what potential they had within it. A strong singular color, unmuddied by others would indicate a strong potential and future, while less pure colors portended the opposite. For the colors generally weren't chosen by their wielders or by their parents, but rather by arcane augury and couldn't be changed at all during or after their lifetimes.

Sarah's color was soon revealed to them through this ritual long before she had the capacity to even understand it. Vermillion, a shade of burning brilliant red. Beautiful, bright and practically untouched by other shades. Her family rejoiced from the moment that they had learned of it, lifting her up and proclaiming her to obviously be the next in line to lead their family in the future. She would be a mage without peer or caliber, one that would lead them all towards a grand future. As a result, she was raised excluded from her lesser brothers and sisters, only allowed to briefly talk to them or view them from afar while her siblings were only allowed to address her with the deepest respect. She was taught, primarily by her mother, that she was better than they were. More talented and destined for greater glory from a young age right up until adolescence. During this time she was also taught everything she would need to get by in a privileged world, but only the bare basics when it came to Arcana and magical theory. For her education on that subject wouldn't begin for real until she was truly unbound into her proper sphere on her eighteenth birthday.

Time passed and her birthday arrived without tragedy. Before her family she stood proud and ready, looking into the eyes of her father even as her mother and the rest of her siblings remained in a circle around her. It was her father that did the honors, a well respected and incredibly powerful elementalist in his own right that moved forwards to unbind her. It was seen almost like a passing of the torch within the family. That this was the moment that his successor would be officially shown to them all.

The unbinding began.

And then it finished.

It was her father that was the first to notice, the aged mage feeling something not quite right during those moments that he had unbound his daughter. But it was her mother that confirmed what had happened, who delved into her mind and spirit with her mysticism and pronounced the awful truth to them all.

Sarah was a hedgemage.

For some unknown reason, either because she had possessed the sphere before being unbound again or because something had happened in that particular unbinding, their proud and lauded daughter, possessed access to two spheres.

Rather than being something to be celebrated, she was almost instantly shunned and sent away to her room to be locked within until they could decide what to do with her. The Chroma's after all, were exclusively magic purists. They knew from experience, that it took almost all of a persons ability and natural power just to reach the pinnacle of one sphere. Having more than one split that potential seemingly evenly, limiting one from reaching the highest points of their craft. Not only that, but they were unable to even craft a staff, an item thought of as necessary for the more delicate and sophisticated higher level spells that were seen within their family, as the perfection to aspire too.

Now there were options for the family, which they would spend time arguing over for the better part of a year. The option of doing some kind of binding and then unbinding her again or fetching a soulstone was brought up again and again, but to no avail. They didn't know what had gone wrong during that first one, and had been betrayed by the name that they had given her. Not only that, but within the eyes of the family, especially her father, she was seen as a tainted vessel. A disgrace that should be discarded and forgotten rather then cleaned up and existing as a potential stain upon the pages of their family history.

And so it was, that she would spend the better part of a year in almost total isolation, before finally her father himself would come to inform her of what had been decided.

She would be stripped of all belongings apart from the simplest of clothes that could be bought for her, given a Visa and a small amount of gold to live upon, and told that she had been completely and utterly disinherited. Her name's had been stricken from their records and in return for their kindness in allowing her to go free and live her own life, she was to do so quietly and out of the way, never rising up in fame lest her old family need to move to squash her.

To put it bluntly, she was to politely and quietly disappear.

Of course though, she wasn't really given a choice. Before she knew it she found herself somewhere in the wilderness, dressed in the clothes described and provided with those few items of parting. She was no longer a Chroma, nor would she be allowed to raise her Vermillion name lest her own family come to slay her.

But during that year of solitude, while her family bickered and fought about what to do with their tainted child, she had come to terms with what she was and what they had taught her all her life. She was intelligent enough to somewhat predict what would happen, and courageous enough to not give up hope both during those times of loneliness or in that moment where she suddenly found herself all alone. Rather, she had taken that time to strength her resolve, plan and think of what she would do next.

But one thing did seem to be somewhat certain within her mind. The last names of her family were all held incredibly important by those that wore them, herself as well, whether because of her upbringing or her own bound pride. And because of that...the bearing of Vermillion would not be allowed to fade. She would wear it proudly and raise it up in renown among both friend and enemy alike.


Father - Farnel _______ - Elementalist

Mother - Alice Chroma (Married in, thus no official secondary last name that is directly hers.) - Mystic

Older Sister - Sophia _______

Older Brother - Traycet _______

Older Sister - Alexa _______

Their names/titles were withheld from her the youngest despite her predicted fortunes as was custom. The older learns the youngers name early, while the younger waits until they are unbound to learn the names of their peers. Because of her upset within the family, she never got a chance. She also didn't spend much if any time with them, thus while their existence is known to her, the ins and outs of their personality along with their potential spheres are not known to her.

Chroma Branch Family/Associates:

The family has a number of branches that maintain close ties from previous generations. Not to mention, there are associates that work with them closely, sometimes in hopes of marrying into the family at a high position if they prove themselves skilled and powerful enough, as well as having a good gemblooded background.

~All relationships between Sarah and her family at this point in time are purely antagonistic for both sides.~
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