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Lady Cherjaine Aldred

Name: Lady Cherjaine Aldred

Race: Female Faerie

Age: Young Adult (Mid)

Wealth: Sterling (Very close to Steel)
Great drop in wealth
Increased in wealth
Great increased in wealth

Business: Copper
Started a business

Location: Port Alyx

Physical Appearance: Lady C. Aldred is small even by Faerie stand, standing only at 5 inch. Her golden-white wings are quite transparent, the patterns looking very much like the veins of leaves. If she was a human, she would look very much like one of the eastern descent. Fair skin, long black hair and dark brown eyes.

Background: LCA was part of a band of Fae-Folk known as Guardian who were all trained to fight equally with weapon, spells, stealth and much improvisation.

Lady came to Coldmoon with the Guardian seeking wealth and fame, but ended up finding a place to live. They spent twelve years searching the Great Mountains before she quit the Guardian and return to Coldmoon. Unfortunately, she returned to Coldmoon to see it destroyed by the age old war and was in the midst of rebuilding. She spent several years helping with the rebuilding of New Coldmoon and was offered a home there, but she decided against it for it held too much memories of the original city.

Lady returned to the Great Mountain, hoping to find her friends, but found nothing. Discouraged, she simply flew and see where the winds takes her.

Personality: It's a secret

Minor PTSD around PA countryside: [Countryside] Adventuring around Maeve

Major Possessions:
Bow and Arrows
Badge of “Guardian” (Heirloom)
Deed to a House in Port Alyx

Alchemical Possessions: (At her free time, she would create to refill her stocks)
3 vials of alchemical explosion (fire) - 2 vials will always attached to an arrow
3 vials of acid bombs - 2 vials will always attached to an arrow
3 minor healing balm

Long Term Threads
Ioannes XXIV onwards: [Port Alyx] The House of Faerie -> [Port Alyx] Warning: Lady at Work

Fluid Time Log

Mid Spring: [Port Alyx] A meeting with Talindra
Late Spring: [Countryside] Looks like they could box your lights out
Early Summer: [ZA] Meeting with Vireylda

Ponutis: Free
Melora: Free
Cryxatum: [Nexus Prime] Second Stop: Nexus Prime
Apertius: Free
One Brightening in Optia: [Countryside] Mercenaries needed: something bearly makes sense
Mid Optia: [Countryside] Adventuring around Arium
Ulyris: Free
Early Ioannes: [Nexus Prime] Traveling to Port Alyxandrya the Adventurer's Way
Mid Ioannes: [Port Alyx] Calling all Aspiring Alchemist
Late Ioannes to Mid Imperos: [Port Alyx] Of Mice and Mysticism (Indefinite please)
Mid Imperos: [Port Alyx] Finding the Perfect Mount
One Brightening in Tempris: [Port Alyx] Mad Scientist United
Tempris: [Countryside] Adventuring around Maeve
Junctior: Free
Kalendryas: Free
Immanis: [Khardran Mountains] Different Perspectives (Cherjaine)

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My Skill and Abilities

Alchemy Total: 5 XP
Secrets :
Starter Package 2 XP
[Port Alyx] Calling all Aspiring Alchemist 1 XP
[Nexus Prime] Traveling to Port Alyxandrya the Adventurer's Way 1 XP
[Port Alyx] Warning: Lady at Work 1 XP

Formula Book
1. Potion of Strength
Increased strength and the person become dumb

2. Potion of Dexterity
Increased movement speed, reduce common sense & no changes in reflex time.

3. Potion of Constitution
Increased resistance to pain, poison and overall constitution, odd lumps and veins appear, causing an uglier appearance.

4. Potion of Fire Proofing
Immunity to high temperatures and fire, but the fire and heat still cause the pain. (Just no injuries)

Essential Ingredients Gathered
2 x Bear Muscles (For Potion 1)
Cheetah's Muscle (For Potion 2)
A bag of wind collected during a hurricane (For Potion 2)
A Vial of Spinach Concentrate (For Potion 3)
Tears of a mother giving birth (For Potion 3)
2 x Fire Crab Shell (For Potion 4)
A piece of Asbestos (For Potion 4)
Stalk of Fear weed
Pouch of Shark Teeth
Length of Shark Skin

Other Alchemy Related Items
Ring of Emotions: Allows wearer to store emotions such as "boredom from a student in lecture", "anger from a berserker raging", etc. User must activate it to store it. Only can store 1 emotion at anyone time
Use: Use may activate it to spend all the emotion stored as part of an alchemical ingredient
Emotion Stored:

Bowed Weapon Total: 4 XP

Mysticism: 3 XP
Secrets :
[Port Alyx] Of Mice and Mysticism (Indefinite please) 2 XP
[Countryside] Adventuring around Maeve 1 XP

1. Bind
2. Detection
3. Invisiblity
4. Deafen
5. Voice of Thought
6. Objectify
7. Illusion (Initiate Level)


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