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Matteus is unknown and forgotten
Matteus Fowlus

Name: Matteus Fowlus

Race: Human

Age: 25

Location: Maeve

Wealth Tier: Sterling Player (Tier 2)

Physical Description: Matteus stands 6ft4 with a muscular but slim build thanks to his work as a lumberjack. He has dark brown, shoulder length, wavy hair. Brown eyes and a crooked nose which was broken and then reset after being hit with the blunt end of an axe. He is also missing a few teeth due to the same incident.

Personality: Matteus is a quiet but friendly person, he does tend to keep to himself and is slow to trust strangers. He is a helpful person though as in he will help people in genuine need. He is slow to get angry but when he does it tends to explode suddenly.

Background: Matteus grew up in Maeve with his parents, his father was a lumberjack as was his father and so on. While not rich they were not struggling either thanks to the lumber trade. At the age of 16 Matteus became a lumberjack and by the time he was 18 was one of the better ones in the area. It was while he was just starting out that the accident that broke his nose and to lose a few teeth occurred. He made the rookie mistake of walking behind someone while they were swinging their axe and the blunt end hit him.

When he was 20 his father died in an accident when he was too slow in moving away from a falling tree and was trapped underneath, dying almost instantly. His mother never recovered from the loss and when he was 23 she passed away from sadness and loneliness. After this Matteus started to become disillusioned with his work and so decided to look for something else, he didn’t know what as the only skills he had was woodchopping.

This is where we find Matteus, getting ready to set off.

Training: Lumberjack

Experience Earned: Axe Level 1 (2xp)

Major Possessions:
• Axe
• Walking Staff
• Backpack for carrying food
• Rope

Fluid Time Log:

(Please check this and let me know if there is anything I need to add or change. Thanks)
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