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Name: Aeyr Ealdwine
Age: 32

Mr. Grumpy Pants

Aeyr would be more attractive if his expressions weren't so severe and his countenance so characterized by lack of sleep. Premature but subtle flecks of gray can be seen up-close at his temples. He's 5'11, with cropped brownish blonde hair, relatively long legs, and the more slender build of a man who has never really known combat. His green eyes are often hard and lacking warmth, taking note of his surroundings unless absorbed in his studies.

His work in alchemy has started to have some strange side effects on his health, as evidenced by the slight graying of his hair, his faltering eyesight (he needs spectacles to read sometimes), and his problem with frequent headaches. His typical manner of dress is a white collared button-up shirt, a vest, tie, and belted slacks. His vest typically shows a slight bit of fading and his shoes have some wear to them, but otherwise his appearance is fairly well-kept.


Aeyr can be a bit of an ass. He is unafraid of blunt honesty but can sometimes be considered too forthright with his opinions. He gives off the impression that he hates people in general - and although he might agree with this, one who can tolerate him long enough will discover that he just has a distinct lack of understanding on how to deal with people, as well as a swift temper and a habit of seeing the worst in others. This makes it difficult for him when he actually wants to interact with someone, which results in an attempt to be civil that can come across as reaching and awkward.

Aeyr loves to devote himself to study and research, but can be irascible toward distractions. When he isn't buried in his work he observes the things around him, taking careful note of little nuances and committing them easily to memory. And while he takes some measure of pride in his appearance, he is willing to get dirty for the sake of his work and any challenge that might entail.

Aeyr grew up in Medonia under the pressure of severe and critical parents. Although it boasted some manner of weath and influence once, his family suffered many losses even before the city's devastation during the war. He has a good bit of family members still floating around at this point, but he likes to avoid many of them like the plague - especially since as he grew older he acquired a habit of disappointing its elders, given his rather individualist and rebellious attitude. He has an especially sour relationship with his brother, who according to Aeyr, is probably the worst dude on the planet. In truth, the two constantly bickered to claim superiority over one another, a rivalry that continues every time the distance happens to close between them.

Plain dagger
Some notebooks / ink and pens
A set of eyeglasses
Variety of other nerdy things?

Various connections between larger universities through the empire
Alchemist/Researcher based out of Medonia, working for Iseult Fluersdotter

L1 Alchemy

Douchery (+1 +1 +1)
Languages: Charismean, Common, Ancient, Arakmatan, (and vaguely some Vagaran writing, not proficient)


[Primus Gaudeo] It's Written on the Wall

[Medonia] What Do You Need From Me?
[Medonia] This Is How It Goes
[Medonia] Special Delivery
[Port Alyxandrya] Aeyrs and Graces
[Maevewood] Two Alchemists in a Forest

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Aeyr is an upstanding Citizen
Opinions of Aeyr

It warmed her heart to hear him say that he was impressed, even if it didn't sound like he meant it. That was his way though; curt, awkward, and very strange.
-Genevieve Jolliffe, Special Delivery

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