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Kore Kale

Character Information

Name: Kore Kale

Race: Half-Elven (Human/Thėlyri)

Age: 122 eras

Location: Prime (eventually)

Profession: Student of Arcana

Physical Description:
Favoring her human father over her Telera mother Kore is passably human at a casual glance. Rather then the exotic blue or greens of the sea elves her skin is merely fair, notable only in being paler then most Eunesians. Well below average human height at just five feet tall Kore doesn't look down on many adults, but most do not recognize this as a Thėlyri trait. Her slender build is lean and wiry from an athletic lifestyle not the willowy grace of the elves.

Yet her heritage is not entirely hidden to a careful eye. On her neck there are the slits of her ill-functioning gills, though nearly invisible when still they sometimes flutter when Kore is shot of breath or agitated. Her hair is a rich black color, but carries a distinct blue sheen. Then of course there are the soft round points of her ears.

Kore's clothing tends towards the extremely casual. Tulosi women wear little more then a skirt and simple tops about their chests, revealing far more skin then most Aelyrians consider to be polite. According to Kore they wear even less in the water most often and she has spent even more time swimming then most Tulosi. Since coming to the mainland she has adopted more concealing garb but will relax to Tulosi standards when not in public. Yet she has little more then a few plain tunics and trousers in shades of brown, of a loose cut that is easy to move in but has little in the way of style or impact. Color being reserved for the few Tulosi style skirts and tops she retains. Similarly Kore styles her mid length hair with little more then simple pony tails though she does keep it well brushed. Her sole piece of jewelry is a band of pearls set in gold her husband gave her long ago.
Personality and Attitudes:
Upbeat, laid back, and perhaps still a little immature. Kore doesn't let much get her down though she has lived for a hundred years at 'human speed' she can't help but feel young. On the surface anyways, she is feeling the reality of her lifespan keenly as those she knew as a child have all left her and she is unsure how much commitment she wishes to extend to others. Having spent most of her life in a quiet part of Eunesia Kore finds much of the larger world new and fascinating. Likewise having had to find her own entertainment she enjoys challenges and competition, finding it hard to back down. In arcana she found both of these things and has left Eunesia to further her mastery of it.

Regarding the world around her Kore has a fairly small grasp of the world around. She cares about her friends, family, and personal life but has never had much interest in politics of Imperial affairs at least until the chaos of the last several eras which has her deeply worried. Towards the worlds beyond Kore has a Tulosi's more casual attitude toward the gods. Revering all of the gods and archon in turn though she has unsurprisingly a particular affinity for Markalin, in particular in his aspect as the Fisherman.
Kore is a native of the isle of Tulos in the Nesocratic Federation of Eunesia. Her father was a mage orginally of Aelyria Prime who came to Eunesia to study the unusual weather. He would never find any particular insights on that front but would find love exploring the depths of the seas in the arms of the sea dwelling elves known to themselves as the Thėlyri. A famously promiscuous people who through a curious turn would birth three females to every male the Telera was interested in a human that through magic could dive to the depths only the Thėlyri and Mer knew. Their passion was stirring and soon the couple was blessed with a child, or so Kore's father thought.

In the end though the romance was not to be. For though like all elves the Thėlyri could mate with humans, the children of such unions did not inherit the full heritage of the sea dwelling people. Kore was born with gills that let her draw breath underwater, but not enough to sustain her. She could not live among her mother's people and even visits would be short. By the time she was five this had come between her parents, her father of course had no problem remaining ashore but her mother grew ever less interested in her daughter. When the Telera's clan was to move west Kore's mother went with them and left her lover and child behind. Yet if she barely ever knew her mother, her father made up for it by doting on his child.

This love would take much of the sting out of growing up a half-elven child in a human community. Of two peoples Kore had the lifespan and development cycle of neither. She would watch young playmates age past her while she remained static. Like many half-elves she would end up growing up faster then her own body, by the time she could be physically an adult Kore had been working for eras as a fisherman. While she could not dwell beneath the waves as her mother did, she was a superb swimmer that could outlast any human diver. Yet from her youthful look many insisted on treating her as a child, indeed in many ways she still was.

As her father was growing older and she neared adulthood Kore began to look outward. The isle of Tulos was among the quietest corners of the Empire, even the most devoted tomes on the history of Eunesia have barely anything to say about the quiet isle. Something most Tulosi took some pride in. Escape from the turbulent life in Aelyria was why Kore's parents had settled there in the first place, yet as she grew older she found it a bit stifling. She would come to understand her mother's desire to move on, yet unlike her mother Kore would end up staying for love.

He was a potter's apprentice who Kore met selling shellfish too. Young Nico Kale shared her dream of getting off the island and seeing more of the Empire. They soon became lovers and were making plans to visit the mainland when Kore became pregant. This would change those plans, instead the coin they had saved for a trip went to a house and a wedding. Plans to see the world fell to the wayside next to raising their first child, then another and a third. Nico would open his own pottery shop while Kore opened a small food stand cooking the fish she had once caught. While they would revisit seeing the Empire it never came to more then visiting the other islands of Eunesia. Something always came up, yet the couple fell into the idyll of Tulos happily so long as they had each other.

Kore would be happily married for over fifty years even as Nico and their children grew older it did not bother them to see her stay so young. Yet it a small seed remained in Kore herself. Nico's death would be heartbreaking, though she had indeed been content with the life they had lived it was never the same after that and the seed of doubt and discontent blossomed in her. Meanwhile her own children had passed Kore on the way, their elven blood too faint to match their mother they had families of their own. Nobody said anything, nobody did anything in particular, but all the same the family drifted apart. Kore would find herself sympathizing with her mother, understanding now how she could leave a husband who would be gone long before her and a daughter who could not be part of her world.

Kore would leave Tulos at last seeking to discover more of her Thėlyri heritage, and soon coming to the conclusion that she must as her father before her had take up the study of arcana to make that possible. She would take up Elementalism at the University of Metaphysics in Iefferon. Upon completing her Initiate studies she would leave with a goal of eventually studying in Aelyria Prime where her father had long ago. And dust off an old dream to see more of the Empire along the way.
Special Skills, Abilities or Attributes:
  • Limited Aquatic Adaptation: Thėlyri dwell in the oceans year round from warm shallow sees to chilly depths. As a half-breed Kore has inherited limited forms of this adaptation, she can swim better, dive deeper and stay down longer then any land dwelling race. Yet her gills are flawed, over several candlemarks without surfacing she will find herself short of breath and eventually suffocating. She must also be more careful with changes in pressure and the depths of the ocean are barred aside from the trouble reaching them. While she does not feel the cold as other races do, extended exposure to freezing temperatures will eventually chill her. On the positive side she is not as water dependant as Thėlyri though albeit still vulnerable to dehydration without ample water.

  • Sonar & Senses: While underwater Kore may make use of a special sense called sonar, using vocalizations and listening to the echoes in the water to 'see' with sound alone. However having not spent a lifetime navigating by sound the range and clarity of her sonar is inferior. By extension even on land she has exceptional hearing if she chooses to pay attention.

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