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Vireylda Saharn (Work In Progress)

Vireylda Saharn

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Vireylda Saharn is a dubious Denizen


Full Name: Vireylda Indel Saharn

Race: Esh'lahier
Location: Ziel Aerca
Age: Young Adult


In this world there are those that are blessed with beauty and elegance, grace and an aura of tranquility. They are those that are the muse of artists, the inspiration of poets. They walk through the world, and watch as the other people around them worship their beauty, and the ground they walk on.

Vireylda Indel Saharn is most certainly not this type of person.

Standing only at the mere height of 5'6, it would seem a shame that the graceful, slender build of the Esh'lahier has been wasted on Vireylda. This is not to say she is unattractive. When standing still the short silver hair with a hint of blonde, the pale skin of her race, and eyes the color of sparkling waves would seem incredibly pleasant to look at. The picture of tranquility, framed by the ethereal.

That fantasy ends upon closer inspection.

Vireylda is never still, always fidgeting with this or that. The movements are never intentional, simply a byproduct of the anxiety that plagues her. When she actually does plan to move, it is not with the grace inherent in her race. Nor near the elegance of other elves. To an elf she would seem average, moving with slightely less forethought or purpose than others. To a human however, Vireylda would appear somewhat faster, graceful than others, with movements smooth and clean as an elf should be. Combined with everything else, it makes Vireylda awkward yet fluid, graceful yet clumsy. The woman is a paradox, and even she doesn't understand fully why.

As for appearance, her body type is slim, with the seeds of what could become ravishing beauty, were it nurtured rather than starved. Her skin is pale, almost alarmingly so even to those of her race. This is a result of long hours spent indoors, and away from the sun.

Due to recent events however, Vireylda is slowly but surely gaining muscle, her skin getting darker, and filling out from the alarmingly thin wraith she used to be. Experience with sword play and extensive traveling have tempered the elf, and are slowly but surely transforming her into an more average shape, stature and skin tone.




Torfiel Saharn - Vireylda's father. Eternally an optimist, there were few times that Torfiel allowed something to break that view of the world. He was a funny sort of man, always cracking jokes and doting on Vireylda. A teacher by trade, he loved learning and all it's forms. Viewing creativity as a process that morphed into a whole, he also wrote books. Family was very important to Torfiel, and there was nothing that he wouldn't have done -perhaps regrettably- for them.

Status - Unknown

Andrelia Saharn - Vireylda's mother. The realist to Torifiel's optimism and flights of fancy. If anything, Vireylda probably gained the majority of her personality from her mother, than her father. Andrelia was at times cold and domineering, but it masked a passion for knowledge, and to understand why the world existed the way it did around them. She pursued more intellectual fields, a sorceress herself, she was the reason for Vireylda's initial interest in archanomechanics. As cold as she could be at her profession though, her warmth began to show through when she was with her family. There would be no doubt that Andrelia had loved them, with all of her heart.

Status - Unknown

Alyssa Saharn - Viryelda's younger sister. She had lived like a hungry flame, gorging herself on every new experience she could get herself into. At times reckless and headstrong, there were many times that Viryelda had to bail her sister out of trouble. Passionate and brash, Alyssa would waste no time in making her views on something known, even if it was better for her to stay silent. Alyssa could be said by many to be the opposite of the soft spoken Vireylda, especially so when it came to thought. Especially when it came to what she thought was right.

Status - Unknown

Jacen Saharn - Vireylda's younger brother. Quiet and reserved, Jacen might have been many things, had sickness not ravaged him to the point of frailty. However, as his body failed him the mind grew exponentially. Jacen spent many of his days in the family library, reading the manuscripts there. As a result he knew all kinds of obscure facts and trivia, along with many stories from his favorite books. Fantasy tales were his favorite, to the point that many times he attempted to write his own, with Vireylda's help. As all of her family, Jacen had a firm bond with the rest of his blood kin. Doted on as the youngest of all the children, he at times could be somewhat spoiled.

Status- Unknown

- Skills -

Adept Necromancy (+2, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1 , +1 , +1 +2)- 12 exp
L1 Healing (+2, +1 ) - 3 exp
L1 Basic Staff Combat (+2) - 2 exp
L1 Sword (+1, +1, +1, +1 )- 4 exp
L1 Grafting ( +2 ) - 2exp
L1 Dreamwalking ( +2)

- Knowledge -

Photographic Memory

-Major Items/Equipment -

Sterling Tier Finances

1 Oaken Staff
1 Gold Lined, Ruby Pendant (Heirloom from family)
1 Small Dagger
1 Cloak
1 Set of Light Leather Armor
5 rations of food.
1 Imperial Visa
1 Basic Sword
1 Shard of Inert Moonrock
Wood from Enchanted Glade
1 Barn Owl
1 Syringe Case - Five Needles Of Purple Mystery Liquid

Starting Jobs -

Apothecarion Nurse (Has granted Vireylda the ability to move out of her one room hovel.)


In the pursuit of knowledge, nothing is forbidden.
rep is preferred
Voted Best Neutral PC in the Aelyria Awards 2016

Going to school and work full time. Apologies in advance for delays.

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