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Name: Adynirach Thorne (A-din-EER-ick THORN)
Race: Human
Age: 30 Ordinations (starting age: 28, added 2 years IC)
Date of Birth: 16th of Melora
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (with some leanings toward good)


Adyn stands 5'9 with a slim but athletic build, broad shoulders, and long legs. His countenance is typified by a casual disregard for outward appearances; his short black hair is often haphazard and his jawline shadowed with anything from stubble to a short beard. The human's most prominent feature would be his eyes, a cool grayish blue that contrasts sharply with his hair. Several scars mark his body, the most obvious being a recent thin cut that runs from the center of his forehead to his cheek. His voice is a baritone leaning on the lower side.

There are two thin black bars tattooed on the back left of Adyn's neck, devoid of any other detail or ornamentation and often covered by shirt collars or armor. On his upper back, across the shoulders, are tattooed various years in which people significant to his life have died. Beneath his tunic, he wears a silver chain with a round pendant, a rose and its thorns engraved upon the surface.

Notable Scars:
• Cut over his eye from a knife fight after he was caught cheating at cards
• Thin cut under his jaw from a broken bottle, after trying to stop a bar fight in Prime as a guard
• Cut along his collarbone, can't remember how he got it
• Thick slash down his mid-lower abdomen from xetan war
• Mark on his inner right thigh from when he tried to jump a horse over a fence (and failed)
• Some arrow marks on his upper back/shoulders
• Diagonal slash from right shoulder to left mid back


Adyn speaks with the upbringing of a man who has been well educated, but his mannerisms represent experience with the far more benighted side of society. Law and religion are of little concern to him unless they threaten to impact his way of life. At his best he is cool-headed, good-humored, and courteous; at his worst, he can be prone to bouts of depression, alcoholism, or impulsiveness. Ever since childhood, his peers have known him for his hot temper, his desire for adrenaline, and his unabashed rebelliousness.

Adyn's main concerns have long embodied self-interest and self-preservation, but over the years he has let a select few past his barriers, and now does whatever is necessary to protect what he considers his family. Though only the direst of situations would ever drive him to kill an innocent, Adyn has been known to ignore many acts of criminality due to having become jaded over the years. For this reason, he has long tried to detach himself from his habit of piecing together stories behind faces, selfishly hoping this will leave him less compelled to attempt saving every person he finds suffering. Having formed a relationship with people like Kailin and Elliot has taught him to be more accepting of this inclination to care, however, and has tempered him to some degree.

To see random notes about Adyn's past and personality, see this post.


17 ordinations
Adynirach was born a bastard child to a successful merchant in Port Alyxandrya named Samson Thorne and a prostitute named Willow. When Adyn was three ordinations old, the prostitute was sold into the service of a new owner and was forced to abandon her child. She found and pleaded with Samson, who at first did not believe her, as he had previously been led to conclude he was infertile. Shaken by the promise that this child may be his son by blood, the man agreed to accept it from Willow and claim it as his own. Thus Adynirach grew with an education, raised alongside the adopted baby girl of Samson and his wife. The girl, Aria, and Adyn were close, with the latter claiming the role of protective and loving older brother, despite the fact that the mother saw him as an offense to her marriage with Samson.

When Adyn turned 17, his father died in a hunting accident. Lynessa, wanting to remove the boy from her life, offered Adyn as a live-in apprentice to a family friend, capitalizing on the fact that he held no valid claim to the estate. Insulted and emotionally crushed, Adyn ran away with the immediate intention of getting drunk but stumbled into a situation that prevented him from returning home, after which he was unable to find a stable means of living. He was forced to earn his bread as a sneak-thief and a pickpocket and soon fell into crowds of a similar ilk. Word of his disgrace reached Lynessa's ears, and she immediately barred him from any further communication with his sister.

In time Adyn fell in with a thieves guild and also picked up a penchant for gambling. This habit naturally caused him a lot of trouble, and at 22 ordinations his debts had accumulated to a point where he was rounded up, beaten, and left for dead. Forced to flee the city or experience further retribution, the human traveled for a time before ending his journey in Aelyria Prime, where he decided to write to his sister Aria. Aria, who had since married and was expecting her first child, expressed that her mother had no more say over who she could and could not see, and pleaded with her brother to return home. Adyn was spurred by a renewed purpose not only to be able to return to his sister but to do so in a form that would make her proud. So he enrolled as a soldier there in Prime, intending to repay his debts without her help, hoping he could return to her a respectable man.

Although Adyn served as a member of the guard in the heart of the city for a while, his unit was absorbed into the military to make up for losses during the xetan invasion, leaving him with harrowing memories of the combat in which he participated. It was here that he served for several long eras between postings back in the city.

Six eras after he had initially left Port Alyxandrya, Adyn learned that the Xetan attack had a disastrous impact on his home and family. The assault on the city itself, the flood of refugees, and the suffering of the province resulted in the family's devastating losses. On top of everything else, his sister was said to have died in the attack before the family could flee to Centripax. Devastated at this, the disillusioned man left the military and fell to drinking. It was only a matter of time before he was back on the streets.

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Random Past-Related Stuff:
Thalassophobia: As a teen, Adyn almost drowned after falling from a boat and was rescued by his sister. As a result, he has a fear of entering large bodies of water where an escape is not immediately evident and can panic if he falls into one too far away from shore.

The Gods Suck: Adyn considered turning to the gods when he was trying to turn his life in the right direction for the sake of the few who had faith in him. The loss of his sister and the invasion of the xet, however, was a pivotal time in his life that stripped him of all faith he might have found in the pantheon. It was at this point that he left the military and fell back to his old ways.

Personality Quirks:
Adrenaline Junkie: Adyn has had issues settling into a calm existence after his time in the Gut and the war, but even as a kid he was an untamed spirit with habits of thrill-seeking and rebelliousness. When he gets a feeling of adrenaline or a general "rush" from anything, he's more likely to feed into it.

This Is My Family Now: The few people that Adyn has grown close to are incredibly important to him. If any of these people were to ever be in danger, Adyn would protect them at all costs, even if they might not approve of the methods he chooses to employ.

It's All Witchcraft: Adyn has a strong distrust of magic of almost any branch. Magic users in his world are rare and deal with a type of combat less tangible than to what he is accustomed. Even his abilities as a spellbreaker are something he has yet to come to terms with and is a secret he guards very closely due to how vilified it is. He sees the trinkets he can make with this skill as a way to protect himself, or even out the playing field, against those who can wield arcana.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder: Adyn is pretty bad with authority and at taking orders in many situations, especially those in which he was ever made to feel "less than" by someone else. Superiors and elders alike have often coined him a troublesome smart-mouth. If he's given a significant amount of freedom with which to do his job, he's a much happier man.

Forever Alone: Adyn has issues with loss and abandonment. For this reason, he can close up quickly and is very slow to trust. Down to his core, he's a lonely person, whether he'll ever admit it or not. The nature of what he does for a living (and his poor perceptions of himself and his choices) make him feel he is a danger to anyone he might grow closer to, so the rogue assumes loneliness the way he would a shield.

 Adyn's favorite things:
Gambling and playing pool
Scotch and whiskey, coffee
Sliucha's smoked cigarettes, cigars
Port Alyxandrya, Ziel Aerca
City life in general (especially at night)
Beautiful women, nice legs
Heights, the stars, music

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L2 Short Sword, Dagger [Bladed Weapons] 7 Exp | Veteran
∎∎ ∎∎∎∎∎ ∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎ ∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎

L1 Soldier's Unarmed Combat 5 Exp | Basic
∎∎ ∎ ∎∎∎∎∎∎ ∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎ ∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎

L2 Burglary [Thievery] 8 Exp | Professional
∎∎ ∎∎∎∎ ∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎ ∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎

L2 Spellbreaking 7 Exp | Journeyman
∎∎ ∎ ∎∎∎∎∎∎ ∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎ ∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎

L1 Freerunning [Acrobatics] 3 Exp | Novice
∎∎ ∎∎∎ ∎∎∎∎∎∎ ∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎ ∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎

L1 Bow 2 Exp | Basic
∎∎Starting package skill ∎∎∎∎ ∎∎∎∎∎∎ ∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎ ∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎

  • Pick-pocketing
  • Stealth (+1)
  • Lockpicking
  • Card flourishes and sleight of hand
  • Horseback Riding
  • Common, Charismean/Jaedaxienne
  • Schola (from private tutoring)
  • How to play a piano, believe it or not
  • Basic adjuration lore

Freelance thief with minor gang and guild connectionsStarting Package [Winter Era XXII - Current]
Member of a thieving group in Aelyria Prime [Winter Era XXII - Spring Era XXIV]
Liaison for Sliucha Sindosa and potential trade contacts around the empire [Summer Era XXII - Current]

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  • Sterling tier from thievery jobs gained from guild and gang contacts
  • Steel tier from Ziel Aerca gambling tournament, via GM Indefinite
  • Received several silver coins from Darian in exchange for some mutant rat tails

  • Plain shortbow/quiver
  • 1 steel dagger with mild venom effect
    Desc via Crimson: "It looked the same. Felt the same in his hand. Yet Adyn knew that it held a dirty little secret. Its blade now excreted a colorless, odorless, tasteless venom. It would burn skin on contact much like a mild acid. But when it entered the bloodstream, it prevented clotting. Some might say it encouraged bleeding out."
  • Plain steel shortswords, longknives, rapier, dagger
  • Steel switchblade

  • Oiled black leather set (Traded for the novel looted here)
  • Black mask fashioned in the shape of a wolf's head, hood
  • Silver ring with 1/3 charges of L2 Suggestion (mysticism, activation word listen) [GM Indefinite]
  • Three-pointed leather sailing hat gifted by Rosie Kyrillos
  • Array of clothing from casual, to semi-formal waistcoats and white collared shirts, to multi-piece tailored suits


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Note: Threads that I feel have a significant amount of character building are given descriptions.

31 ordinations

Ziel Aerca
And in the Midst of All This, We Press On

30 ordinations

Secrets :
Administrate of Centripax
The Blame the Dolphins Job

Aelyria Prime
Playing with Fire
I Didn't Fall, I Attacked the Floor Adyn's sparring partner turns out to be part of a past he left behind
Defend Yourself

Stealing Moonlight

First Stop: Jaedaexia

Aelyria Prime
To Steal a Moment Adyn connects emotionally with a stranger and they have a tryst on the rooftops
Violence doesn't solve anything. Except this, this it will help.
Fancy Seeing You Here Danger pulls the two strangers together again and they initiate a hasty, turbulent romance
Take me Downtown Adyn and Ministra struggle with their differences ... and discover they're both probably insane
That's the "Gaol"
Trapped Together Adyn and Ministra hide away for a while and are forced to open up a little more
Gettin' Too Old for this Feth
And Then There Were Two

On Your Left
The Power in a Name Adyn and Ministra run into Kailin, and Adyn tries to face her
You Want Thingamabobs?
Of Reminiscing and Regrets Finally adamant about no longer running from this part of his past, Adyn speaks with Kailin
So an Elf, a Thief, and a Student Walked into a Party...

Primus Gaudeo
Connect the Dots

Ziel Aerca
A Mini Party
This is Our House
Lock and Key Adyn and Ministra go from lust to anger again, this time parting ways

Administrate of Centripax
Life is Meant for New Friends and Great Ladventures!

Aelyria Prime
These Words Don't Come Easily Adyn and Mini find one another again, but Adyn's past encounter with Kailin causes him to balk at re-initiating their romance
Mission Impossible: Mini's Mini-ons
Do You Feel Lucky, Punk

Port Alyxandrya
Leave the Light On Adyn attempts to make peace with his childhood friend Kerric
Drink to the Foam
Old Ghosts and New Memories Kerric throws a party for Adyn, at which he and Kailin spend time together
Sooner or Later, the Storm Will Come Adyn and Kailin explore his old home and spill their secrets
Stab Me in the Gut
This is My Life Now
Reconnections and Recollections
I'm Living in a Small World Again
Somebody Save Me
Sing Your Society Song
We're a Little Rough Around the Edges

Ziel Aerca
The Winds Begin to Change Kailin travels with Adyn as he ties up some loose ends in the world he's leaving behind
A Lively Tail

Ziel Aerca
Tricks of the Trade
Orodisa Oddities Adyn struggles with changes in Kailin when she inadvertently swaps bodies with Liahal

Downtown Diversions
The Feast of Folly A masked Rosie and Adyn spar and flirt with one another before Adyn discovers who his opponent is

Port Alyxandrya
Painting PA
Tell Me When it Kicks In
A-Sailing We Will Go A squall maroons Rosie and Adyn, driving home uncertainty and confusion about his feelings, and his future
Just Like Gold
Act Two: A Shattering in F# Minor Struggles with depression and uncertainty lead Adyn to break things off with Kailin

Republic of Northumbria
On Rainy Summer Days, We Wander

Ziel Aerca
Shore Patrol A business meeting turns into an inebriated gallivant around town, after which Adyn gives into his attraction to Rosie
I Have What You Want
The Docks

Dead or Alive!

Port Alyxandrya
To the Sky Adyn and Rosie chat beneath the stars in a rowboat, out at sea
Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire A mixup at the bar leaves Adyn and Rosie unable to tell a lie, forcing them to admit to actual feelings for one another

What Fools These Mortals Be

Port Alyxandrya
Take Me to Tomorrow
The Runaway and His Throne
Somewhere New, with Resources a Plenty, but How to Get Some?
Found Alternatives to Honesty
A Little Light-Fingered Music

White Cliffs

Weaver's Woods
All of Me Loves All of You (Soleil/Asunder Wedding)

Ziel Aerca
Dashing young rogues can't be helped when consecrated
Friendly neighborhood drug peddler

We Get Lost Beneath the Surface

29 ordinations

28 ordinations
Secrets :
Aelyria Prime
The Night Shift
A Dance of Daggers
Another Drunkard at the Crown
Somewhere We Shouldn't Be
To Teach a Drunkard New Tricks
Always Causing Trouble
A Midwinter Darkening's Dream Adyn receives help by a wandering dreamwalker in coming to terms with a nightmare

Traveling to Enamoria/Port Alyxandrya
We Could Make Time Rompin' and a Stompin'

Port Alyxandrya
Seeking Learning
In Memory of What Once Was Adyn meets his half brother

After returning to Aelyria Prime
You've Gotta Teach Me How to Do That

Traveling to Jaedaxia
Starting Over

A Simple Morning Visit

Monstrology II: Foul

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Note: Mods, feel free to use the following NPCs in whichever way you see fit for plot or character development purposes.


Aria Gallien (Maiden name Thorne) - Deceased. Adyn's adopted sister. Died during the xetan invasion before the family could flee Port Alyxandrya. Aria was often the one who kept Adyn in check in his younger years despite his penchant for getting into trouble. She loved social gatherings, music, and people, often forcing Adyn to be a part of her social escapades. Given that Aria gave Adyn a sense of belonging where there otherwise was none, Adyn was deeply upset when he was disowned and unable to see her, and her death was known to have undone many of the good traits she managed to instill in him. She was married to a navy man before she died, her baby daughter Ellinor having died with her. Her ghost was brought back for a brief period by Qiara Aubell when Adyn hoped to seek some form of closure.

Lynessa Thorne - Estranged. Widow of Adyn's father. Fled Port Alyxandrya after the xet invasion, and has not been in contact with Adyn ever since. Adyn often demonizes her memory due to her inability to accept his presence, which (in her opinion) was an offense to her marriage with Samson. They often had squabbles and lacked respect for one another, leading her to try and pass him to the Alyxandas as an apprentice after her late husband's death. She is known to have had difficulties with Samson's other son, Elliot, as well. Due to her upbringing, Lynessa is somewhat spoiled and has difficulty accepting those who have less than her, but she is not inherently an evil person as Adyn often paints her to be.

Samson Thorne - Deceased father of Adyn, died in a hunting accident when Adyn was in his teens. Thought to be impotent, Samson often gave into his vices, sleeping with prostitutes or other women during his business trips to other cities. When he later discovered that this resulted in a supposed son of his, he took him in as his own - much to his wife Lynessa's dismay. Despite his apparent flaws, Samson had a soft heart for his children and was a kind father to them while he lived.


Leysa Genevois - Estranged. A noblewoman from Jaedaxia, who often socialized with Aria and the Alyxandas in their youth. Cunning and utterly attached to her life of luxury, Leysa knows she is attractive and often uses her appearance and charisma to get the things she wants. She and Adyn shared a mutual attraction in their teens and early adulthood, but when rumors of his reappearance briefly surfaced in Jaedaxia years after his supposed death, Leysa didn't pursue reconnecting with him, valuing her social standing more than what they might have shared. This disregard was likely for the best, given their relationship was one filled with emotional manipulation as often as it was with tender moments.


Kerric Alyxanda - Kailin Alyxanda's cousin. The two grew up together and shared a lot of similarities and interests, becoming close enough to consider one another brothers. Kerric mourned for Adyn when he thought him dead. Upon their next reunion, the two beat each other up in the Alyxanda Manor gardens and made amends after Kerric nearly strangled Adyn to death with the rogue's own tie. Adyn considers Kerric his best friend even after all these years.

Notes: For other PCs, I'm always willing to assume past connections with others for the fun of it. Let me know if you have any ideas.


Elliot Thorne - Half brother. The two met by chance when, for nostalgia's sake, they both returned to their old family home (which they were raised in at separate times). Upon learning how Aria had nurtured the boy in Samson's absence, Adyn took it upon himself to honor his sister's legacy and do his best to keep the boy out of trouble. Unfortunately, that hasn't worked out so well, as Elliot has been known at times to have a knack for trouble much like his brother and has pulled Adyn into his own schemes as well. As time goes on Adyn learns more about the things that Elliot cares about, and as such has steadily become more emotionally invested in him.

Ministra - Estranged. Adyn and Ministra shared a smoke and struck out on an impromptu adventure, connecting on an emotional level over the course of the night and ended the brightening with a tryst on the rooftops that was meant to end there. However, they later enter into a whirlwind of a romance that not only appealed to the thrill-seeker in Adyn but also came at a time when he was more emotionally vulnerable than he'd ever been. This combination led him to dive into it passionately and impulsively, but after their quarrels became too much for Adyn to manage, and after his own internal conflict that arose from his reuniting with Kailin, Adyn distanced himself from Ministra.

Kailin Alyxanda Kailin's family dealt a lot with the Thornes during the height of their success. As they grew, Adyn became fond of Kailin, if not somewhat intimidated by her in his assumption that she could read his emotions too well. When Adyn's father died, he departed without ever letting the Alyxandas know. Many years later in Aelyria Prime, Adyn runs into Kailin by accident, forcing him to confront the past he had previously left behind. Since their having reunited, Adyn has felt old lingering feelings rekindle for his childhood friend but has stepped away from their romantic relationship due to depression, doubts, and general lack of direction.

Rosie Kyrillos - As children, Adyn and Rosie occasionally played together when Adyn's father was in Jaedaxia for business. When Adyn flees from Port Alyxandrya and stops briefly in Jaedaxia, he begs Rosie's father for money and stays with them for less than a cycle before pressing on to Aelyria Prime. Years after the war, when Adyn begins to pick his life back up in Port Alyxandrya, the two began a casual on-and-off physical relationship for the comfort and entertainment it provided, not wishing to open themselves up to emotional complications, although that always ends up far easier said than done.


Sliucha Sindosa - Adyn met the city's aedile at an afterparty for a gambling tournament he almost won in Ziel Aerca. The number of gifts and favors the aedile was willing to shower her companions in warmed the rogue to her, and he eventually accepted her offer of employment. Adyn currently seeks to move Sliucha's products via various trade opportunities throughout the empire and performs the occasional mercenary for her work as well. He thinks that Sliucha is one of the best bosses to have.

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Things written about Adyn by others

"To say that Darian was the more intelligent person in the room was kind of like saying water was wet."

"There was an unkempt ruggedness to him. It was if he was actively fighting against his natural charms."

That touch of fire had always attracted her, but as a young woman she'd been unable to imagine holding him without getting burned by it. She'd watched it happen often enough - his fire burning bright and hot and then torching out - and tried many times to convince herself that it was a reason to keep Adyn at a distance.

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