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Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa

Sliucha Sindosa

Name: Sliucha Sindosa
Race: Elf (Quarter Vysticchi, Quarter Esh'lahier, Half Medonian) - kiiiiiinda
Age: Young adult equivalent

Moonstone's Ascended Physician of the West
Steward-Governor and Regent of the Principality of Moonstone Lieutenant Governor of Moonstone
Aedile of Ziel Aerca
Administrator of Moonstone's Third District
Marchioness of Nierkeeping
Matriarch of the Temple of Sinful Delights
High Priestess of Alithea
Director of the Moonstone Academy of the Healing Arts and Sciences

Appearance: Pale blonde hair, purple eyes. Her skin has a slight tinge of grey, so that at a distance she looks like a normal light elf, but closer up and under observation her appearance is just slightly 'off.' She has a big fluffy fox tail that has been grafted onto her (silver snow fox tail as of Spring Era XXIII Post Fractum - now entirely natural, does not suffer graft penalties). It is very nice and fluffy. Her ears are now covered by a fine snowy down as well. Her tongue has also been cut off and replaced with a graft of a lamia tongue. Nice, long, and strong. She now possesses a natural, long vulpine tongue. As part of a boon from Alithea her bosom has expanded to a ludicrous degree. But besides all of that Sliucha is a rather petite elf and stands at 5'4''.

As a result of a poisoning, now has a very very minor degree of synesthesia that usually only affects her while under the heavy influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

Personality: Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewd~.

She's an Alithean, what do you expect? It's all in the signature: Anything is doable.

She's a terrible hypocrite at times and how she acts depends on her relationship with people. Usually, though, it's simple enough. Work together with her and she'll treat you like a close friend and do her best to make you happy. Oppose her and she'll do her best to wipe you off the face of Telath with no mercy shown at all. She can be a sweetheart and visit you just to drop off some cookies she just baked - she can be coldblooded and sit there with a smile on her face as your fingernails are pried off for crossing her. She's slowly getting used to politics and learning how to lie and deceive but for the most part tends to be straightforward and honest, which can be very awkward for some considering her lewdness.

But for the most part, she tends to be insanely friendly. Emphasis, perhaps, on insane. She loves meeting new people, making new friends, helping others, and will also try to get into your pants. Like, a lot.

Dreamscape Form: Stilio. A human top half, and a spider's bottom half. Even the top-half would look quite different from her usual form. A much more human form, the skin an olive tan. A set of retractable needle-like fangs that sat in place of the canines. Long, shiny black hair that was parted by chitinous finned protrusions along either side of her head. The only thing particularly similar was the tribute to her lamian tongue - her new one was pitch black, thick and fleshy, and capable of telescoping to a distance of several feet. The upper form was mostly nude, her breasts heavily exaggerated. But shining black exoskeleton covered the arms from the biceps down, resembling a pair of long black gloves. Waspish thighs soon gave way to the large, spherical spider-abdomen beneath, however, covered in shiny black chitin. Eight sleek spider legs, four on each side, and... other attachments. Spinnerets among them.

Secrets :
Sliucha's mother, Fanya, was a very unlucky individual. A full Medonian elf, she and her family moved to Vortex as her father pursued a business opportunity there. Unsurprisingly, the plan fell through, and her father would be murdered. His wife would try her best to feed the family, but the savings quickly dried up and the few funds she pulled in from odd jobs wasn't enough to support everybody. It was decided that Fanya would be married off so as to receive support from the husband's family as well as to remove Fanya from their own care. They would scrape together what money they had for the dowry and sent her off. All was well for a bit of time, but Fanya's husband got on the wrong side of one of Vortex's many gangs. In the middle of the night, their house was broken into and Fanya's husband slain. Fanya herself was able to flee from the house. However, it was the middle of the night, and Vortex was a dangerous city. She would be beset upon by a group of dark elves in an alley and, defenseless, was brutally raped and beaten by them into unconsciousness. Not only that, but as she lay there unconscious, a group of Hayans would happen to be wandering past. They would kidnap her and secret her down into the Vysticchi city of Har'oloth. There, they fully intended to have their fun with Fanya before sacrificing her to their patron goddess.

When the light elf awoke and learned of the fate planned for her, she attempted to plead for her life. Her words seemed to have no affect at all on her dark elf captors, until in her desperation she claimed to be pregnant. Fanya didn't think that she was, of course, but was grasping at straws in an attempt to stay alive. This, however, piqued the interest of the Hayan priestess in charge of her, and she schemed to kill the child in Fanya's womb. Fanya would still be sacrificed, of course, but she would be allowed to live a bit longer in order to allow the baby to develop a bit longer before both of them would be offered up to Haya. Such as it was that Fanya lived within the confines of the Temple of Carnal Love, physically and sexually abused by her captors, even as her stomach began to grow with the development of her child. But... child? Fanya had initially been concerned as to how she would trick her captors into thinking she was actually pregnant, but when her stomach began to grow she became truly afraid. Her captors always fed her drugs and used various herbs that prevented pregnancy whenever they had their way with her; it wasn't possible that their actions were responsible. Her mind drifted back to the rape just before she had been captured, and it was with immense grief that she realized the source of her child. But this product of the rape was her lifeline, and much as she would have rather killed it in the womb than give birth to such a thing, she had no other choice. Regardless, the Hayans had little concern for the welfare of her child, brutalizing her all the same. After all, the child would be sacrificed; who cared what they did about it?

One of the dark elves did, however. He was not truly a Hayan, but a follower of Zyrgra, the Queen of Pain. Because the two deities were so closely linked, however, he was allowed to stay within the temple. A loyal and devout follower, he had curried an immense amount of favor with the priestesses there. As Fanya's belly grew, he was struck with an idea, and approached the Hayan priestess. The child should be allowed to live, he argued. It was one thing to simply sacrifice it to Haya; it was another to mold the impressionable young thing to follow both Haya and Zyrgra. This was an opportunity to gain a toy to play with. Why simply throw it away? While the Hayan priestess was rather loathe to go ahead with it, the follower of Zyrgra's words and skills would win out, and she would decide to spare the child and place it in his care.

Months later, Fanya would scream as her stomach was cruelly carved open and the baby extracted from her bloody womb. As the mother's screams echoed around the birthing room and her blood dripped down the stone altar she had been placed upon, the young child would be named. Sliucha Sindosa, the man of Zyrgra would say, patting its head and taking it away even as Fanya grew quiet as the life ebbed from her.

Sliucha would be raised within the Temple of Carnal Love. She was not treated as a person; she was less than an instrument or a tool. The amalgamation of elfdom was a toy to be played with. Even from a young age, she would be loaned out to the various Hayan priestesses and acolytes for their sick and twisted pleasure, to do with as they pleased. They delighted in the fact that she was obedient and did everything that they told her to; there was absolutely no resistance on her part. Regardless of how demeaning or disgusting the task was, Sliucha would be more than willing to oblige. They took great pleasure in the authenticity of her screams of pain as well. There were simply too many individuals that, over time, grew numb to the pain or eventually found pleasure in it. Not this elf; it hurt just as much every time, and she never seemed to grow fond of it. But it didn't seem to be as if she loathed pain or was scared of it, as others were. Rather, she seemed to enjoy suffering... for the sake of suffering. Her Zyrgran caretaker took keen notice of this, as did his Hayan overseer.

What was more, she seemed to have a particular aptitude for torture. The Hayan priestess once whisked her away and, simply for her amusement, led her into a room where a captive human male was tied to a table. Handing Sliucha a knife, the Hayan priestess simply told the young elven girl to do extract a certain piece of information from the man. If she failed, she would be punished. The Hayan would watch on, both amused and surprised, as Sliucha got her hands bloody, cruelly driving the knife into and out of the man's body. It was the first time, the priestess noted, that she had seen Sliucha smile.

But the abuses her mother had suffered seemed to have left their mark on Sliucha. Nobody really noticed any problems at first, but at some point in her development, she would begin to suffer from voices in her head. At first, they were simply meaningless whispers, but they soon grew into a chorus of commanding voices. Sliucha would periodically suffer nightmares where an emaciated woman cut her open with a cleaver, or would sew the elf's lips shut, or otherwise tortured her. Before long, she would even begin hallucinating, seeing monstrous apparitions where there were none. Hands that crept up from the floor and held her down, shadows that choked her in her sleep, demons that plagued her every waking moment. Eventually, the voices would overwhelm, whispering commands into her mind. Tenets that were imprinted into her mind: the doctrines of pain, of suffering, of torture.

In an attempt to appease the voices, Sliucha would do as such. She slit the throat of her master's usual serving maid and hid the body under the bed. She knew her master's routine, and took advantage of it. Taking advantage of the maid's apparent absence, she would take her master by surprise and send him to Zyrgra.

The voices were silent after that, and Sliucha had found her calling. The Hayan priestess would be more than aware as to who was responsible, but rather than publish Sliucha, was quite impressed by how far she had come. Quite the disturbed individual... she was more than pleased at the idea of sending this girl out into the world and seeing what chaos she would wreak. And that was what she did.

Hahaha woooooow! Sliucha's actually a little embarrassed by how she remembers her past. tl;dr very dark and edgy lots of pain and blood and stuff!

But that's all, really. It's a little embarrassing but it's part of who Sliucha is now, after all. She was released from the Temple as a Zyrgran, giddy as could be when it came to bringing pain and torture unto the world as she'd been raised to do. While massacring goblins in what was then the fledgling town of Ziel Aerca she came under the attention of one Shei'yein Neydremi, who decided to take a gamble on the obviously mentally unhinged elf on the off chance that her thaumaturgy might prove useful to him. It turned out that it did - she reconciled her new medic position in Ars Sanctorum with the fact that people obviously couldn't feel any more pain if they were dead. Better to heal them so that it could all begin anew!

Time changes all people, though. Sliucha's time in Ziel Aerca saw her meet all sorts of people and gain all sorts of responsibilities. She started businesses. She became Aedile of the city! Slowly her penchant for pain began to wane as she realized that it wasn't really all that helpful when, as a politician, her priority was the welfare of her people. Plus, it was kind of a downer?

Sliucha converted and became an Alithean instead. She made friends with lots of people and learned that this was way more fun! With a momentary absence of the High Prince she assumed the role of lieutenant governor and began putting Moonstone on the path of recovery and development in the aftermath of the Xet Invasion. So like, Sliucha's been super busy and stuff!

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Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa

Iron medallion with a crow emblem (heirloom)
Steel dagger
Steel needle and lots of thread
Bamboo skewers
Numerous iron needles
Bone saw
Iron Hammer
Small leather bound book on haruspexy rituals
Fertility juju
Small mojo (shrunken head)
Zyrgra tiki doll
Mini-Sliucha wooden figurine
Strange grafting laboratory journal (full of research notes!)
Pieces of inert moonstone

Demonic book:
Institute of Aeternian Bastions of Power, by the Demonic Resource Department, 6th Edition

Demonic Lore obtained! Knowledge inclusive of the identity of the twins, the hierarchy of demons, type of demons, demon laws (or lack thereof), demonic rights (haha!), demonic bureaucracy and paperwork rituals etc.

Corrupted Ainlarite Iron Scorpion Token

Gem with 4 charges of L2 suggestion

1 Functioning Xet Rod.
1 Dysfunctional (Broken) Xet Rod
1x Functional Xet Rod.
3x Broken Xet Rods.
1x Really, really broken Xet Rod.
Xet Carapace; 5x Practorian shells suitable for a breastplate/backplate armor combination.

Low-level crown of moon flowers available spring/summer

Diamond Slippers; effectively Enchanted when within the Faerie Territories to be incredibly comfortable. They have no effect when within the Imperium and other territories on the Medonian Continent.

Olysréan Prayerbook

Totally innocuous feather

Honey's Secret Mix. 5 Vials of Crimson Liquid, 5 Vials of Azure Liquid. Blowdart is revealed to be a form of re-usable syringe. Effects Unknown.

Chainmail Bikini
(imbued with sorcery for full-body protection!)

Slightly marred angel heart:
L4 thaumaturgy reagent.

Piggy Gas: noxious gas capable of turning those who smell it into either pigs (smaller races) or boars (larger races)

1 jug of fermented lakeweed juice

Angel eyeball + bone fragments

Leticia + Lover's bones

Murgan Bloodbane’s Skull:
Tingles when held. Kills seeds, grass and small flowers within a two feet proximity if left overnight.

Bloodbane’s Bones x5
Disease/Corruption properties for Alchemy Potions

Baelung Heart:
Lust properties for Alchemy Potion to lvl3 in strength; or can be used as a suitable replacement part for the Staff of Arcana should it get damaged. Will not suffer from decay.

Donated by Adynirach:
"Slimy Lichen" - Unidentified. Very slick and slimy. Black in color and found growing in patches of 'black ice' or thin patches of ice that is very slippery. Other properties unknown. Uncommon.
"Green Lichen" - Unidentified. Crystalline and aquamarine in color. They are powdery and very fragile. Other properties unknown. Rare.

Sliucha has purloined a number of fragments of Glass infused with properties of Time. The Time is Now.

7x Dolwoods Glass Shards/Fragments

A gold band that contained a small diamond moonflower that has been Imbued with Glowing Sphere using Ice.

A silver necklace with a small diamond figurine that appeared to be cut in the design of Alithea with the unstable Enchantment of Purify Element.

A masque, framed with silver and constructed out of polished ivory; intricate threading in silver had been worked across it’s fore. An Imbuement of Memory Lapse woven through it’s being.

A very impressive blood ruby (Bloodstone) that had been the centerpiece of the Hayan Temple of Carnal Desire
“It’s Necromancy. Alchemy. Reification. All and none, they’re valuable and you’ve got your hands on a potent one. They’re traditionally used for transmutation. Be it as a Reagent for slowing down Entropy to a standstill or to barter with Demons. Or to power rejuvenation and youth potions.” Marcello went on, giving credence to the whole bathing in blood to stay young had more than a grain of truth to it. “In Spellbreaking, in Reification, something like that would be used in fashioning a weapon most commonly… though, it could also be turned into a defensive measure. A… phylactery. That each soul it was fed could be used to protect your own.”
Pravus Discordia - Staff of Arcana. 1) Rosary of Teeth 2) Baelung Heart 3) Cursed Opal

Omnibus Aut Nihil - Staff of Arcana 1) Corrupted Artifact 2) Baelung Heart 3) Moonflower Crown + Moonstones + Corrupted Virgin Blood

"Frisches Licht"
Secrets :
"This M'lady is what I call a 'frisches Licht'. You may ask what a frisches Licht is? Well it's a play thing I designed a while back. I have some gadgeteer friends that have helped me make these things, so I'm looking to sell these so that others can enjoy a little frisches Licht, whenever they want.".

The object seemed to come in a velvet material bag. If one was to open the bag you'd find a device that had a lever on the base, and the base itself turned. As the base turned one way the device would lengthen, as it turned the opposite way, the device would shorten. The device itself was covered by some form of skin, that expands, and contracts as it is 'being used'. The dual version would be the same except the device expands and contracts both ways.
"The payment for such devices, will be worth the effort for these will not only work manually as you will see, but if you know the trigger word, they will 'bounce' for you until you say the word again. So you get the fun with, or without having to do the tuning. So what do you think M'Lady, you want to try this toy of the darkening, or you want to pass on the chance? The choice is yours."

Rounds of eggcitement
Secrets :
"Well now this item may be more fun again, but that would be for you to find out me thinks. . Either Richard had an affliction in his eye, or he liked to wink, because he did it again before continuing. Wanger brought forward a box, the lid held shut by a clasp. He undid the clasp and lifted the lid to show what was inside. The inside of the box was a plush velvet, deep purple in colour, and resting in this material were two egg shaped objects, one black as the blackest darkening, the other a soft pink. "These are called 'Rounds of eggcitement'. I had these brought in from a merchant who wanted to hatch a plan to make some shields, but he sort of flew the nest, so I have a few of these here this darkening. Now's then you may be wondering what these here things are good for? Well there be two colours of them, and they could be eggciting for certain places. Maybe each egg needs a certain nest to activate it's inside trying to get out. All I know is if they both be hatching, or trying to, at the same time, then the mummy bird is going to be cherping some high notes"

Female Raslin Foal/Yearling (12 months old) named Mr Horse. Suitable for training, not suitable for riding for another 6-9 months (as of Summer Era XX Post Fractum).

Weird egg! - Hatches in Spring!

Business: The Apothecarion - Level: Gold
The Wash and Blow - Level: Platinum
Pink Velvet - Level: Gold
Sinners' Sanctum - Level: Silver
Club Vibrato - Level: Copper
Swirling Lotus Garden - Level: Gold

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Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa

Lv. 5 Thaumaturgy (+2, +1, +1, +1, +2, +1, +1, +1, +1, +2, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1. +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +2, +2, +1, +2, +1, +2, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +2, +1, +2, +1, +1, +1, +2, +1, +2, +1, +1, +1, +2, +1, +2, +1, +1, +1, +2, +1, +1, +1) - 74 exp

Lv. 3 Dagger (+2, +1, +1, +2, +1, +1, +1, +2, +1, +1, +1, +2, +2, +1, +1, +1, +1) - 22 exp

Lv. 4 Healing (+2 (SP), +2, +1, +1, +2, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +2, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1) - 31 exp

Lv. 3 Grafting (+2, +1, +2, +1, +2, +1, +1, +1, +2, +1, +2, +1, +1, +1. +1, +1, +1, +1, +1) - 24 exp

Lv. 3 Alchemy (+1, +1, +1, +1, +2, +1, +1, +1, +1, +2, +1, +1, +1, +1, +2, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1) - 27 exp

Lv. 1 Woodworking - +1, +1, +1, +1 - 4 exp

Lv. 1 Baking - +2, +1

Lv. 3 'No Shame' - +1, +1, +2, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +2, +1,+1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +2, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +2, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1. +1 - 37 exp


Expert torture knowledge
Advanced herbalism lore
Haruspexy: Here.
Being a studette
Divine theory
Animal husbandry
Xet tactics and strategy
'Handcuffs et al'
Raslin Riding
Demonic lore
Xet Rods
Desert survival
Lutran physiology
Navigation of Imperial administrative bureaucracy aka "annoying Imperial viceroys"
Basic competency with the Elvish language attained, predominately in verbal form (talk ok, read/write not so good)

Dreamwalking +1 +2, +1, +2, +1, +1, +1, +2

All PCs are now considered heroes by the people of Sancta Nova. Those still alive will be treated as such by all citizens and business in the town, receiving special treatment when ever they visit.
^As a result of helping during the Xet Invasion of Sancta Nova.

Positive rep with the Flattail Lotholt (now somewhere along the River Laroo)

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Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa

Fluid Time:

Secrets :

Undisclosed time in the past:
To put one's self back together - initiate thaumaturgy

Winter Era XIX-XX Post Fractum
White Snow - Goofing around in the mountains with Primith, Byxlle, Links
It's not like you use them to jump rope - Arrives at Hayan outpost, learns about haruspex and anthromorpancy
The mistress has not permitted your death - Basic dagger training
How badly do you need a healer? - Talking with Shei'yein

Spring Era XX Post Fractum

Ain't No Party Like an Ars Club Party - Party :u
Occupational Hazards - On the job
Nothing. Just Trolling. Problem Officer? - Trolling!
To Make a Mark... or not
Turning the Tide - Dirty work
Let's Live in a Lovely Cementery - Investigating the plague in Aslangrad
Sufficiently Convenient - Stealing a visa

Summer Era XX Post Fractum

Money is the root of all evil; what is the root of all money? - Borrowing money from Shei'yein
All power demands sacrifice, and pain
Let no good deed go unpunished; let no evil deed go unrewarded - Shenanigans.
When the Barb Pricks the Bee - Murderating with William.
Growing Pains - Journeyman thaumaturgy back in Har'oloth

Autumn Era XX Post Fractum

I Knew You Were Trouble - Dorfs n' Xet!
The Death of The Master - Apparently somebody died.
Business As Usual - Open for business!
New friends in new places - Getting to know Willow.
Whoops! - Professional torture
The social disease - Mutual business deal ala Willow.
Competition is the keen cutting edge of business - Dealing with Byxlle.
Slumber Party! - Slumber party!
Introducing your sister to your boss? - Introducing Byxlle to Shei'yein.
It's What's on the Inside that Counts - Xet dissection!
Malian Kame! Go! Go! - Campy shenanigans.
[Big Mojo Shop] - Sliucha Sindosa - Buying things!
So, I hear you like to see peoples insides on their outsides? - Interacting with Nanai.
Fields of red - More interaction with Nanai!
And don't I have a tail for you - Sisters!
Let it burn! Let it burn! Whisper words of sweetness. Let it burn. - Arson!
"What a girl wants, what a girl needs" - Hanging out with Rilith-sama! <3
Pretty please let us in? - To Vers with Rilith-Sama! <3
Return of the King - Mister Mask Adventures!
You can't kill what you've created - Adept Thaumaturgy!
Every new Beginning Comes from Another Beginning's End - Healing people!

Winter Era XX-XXI Post Fractum
A Strange Entrepreneur - Buying a new place!
Bones are surprisingly inflexible - Healing!
[The Grid--Seasonal Event] Disc Wars - Time shenanigans!
Ordinary, Extraordinary! - Business!
Every day is something strange - More business!
Sorry for Party Rocking - Clubbing!
Cycle of Suffering - Weird AA stuff!
Tabula Rasa - Imperia stuff!
Everything that kills me makes me feel alive - Penance.
The More the Merrier? - Fun time with Byxlle!
The Long Return - Meeting Ankou.
The evolution of man is slow. The injustice of men is great. ‎ - Stuff with Ankou!
Now you belong to me~ - Instituting slavery.
Self-preservation? Not interested - Arranging things with Ryori.
Trust me, I'm a doctor - Arranging things with Jade.
Bathe in the light! - Doing things with/to Nanai!
Kiss my Boo Boo Better - Healing Arturus
We can never get clean... - Nanai's visit to the W&B!
Slavery and Depravity - Oh no slavery!
Two Little Nightmares - Meeting Tiarela.

Spring Era XXI Post Fractum
Booze in a baby bottle - Meeting Areka and others!
But first, the woods - Beginning to make a Staff of Arcana.
How is babby formed? - Egg!
Puffs - Drugs!
Slippery and Shiny! - Business stuff!
Nothing like suds! - More business!
A day in the life - Can't stop the business!
I Hope Senpai Will Notice Me - Meeting Eclair!
Trapped souls, stolen and transformed. - Helping out Nanai.
What Does the Vixen Say? - Byxlle giving birth.
A Terrible Homecoming - Staff Quest: Visiting Vortex.
A Light In Darkness - Staff Quest: Visiting Har'oloth.
A Mystery Abounds - Staff Quest: Vortex 2.0
Just when you thought it was safe - Oh no Xet!
Paradigm Shift - Super thaumaturgy!
The best kind of business - Cont.!
Hearts of Courage - Even more Xet!
Hearts of Courage, cont. - Even more Xet!

Summer, Era XXI Post Fractum
Horseplay - Kinky~!
In Which Everybody Involved is a Winner - Lamia tongue~.
It's Not Stealing if They're Dead - Zyrgra things!
'round and 'round the Well we go - Attacking Natura!
Light my way - Business
A clue for two, a flu for you - More business!
Hostile Takeover - Aedile now!
Collection - Aedile business with Asterion.
Nothing But a Good Time - Science!
Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap - Taking care of business
What are waivers? - Druuuuugs!
Lab Rats - So many drugs.
It's a Wrap - Getting hiiiigh~
Brute force solutions - More Aedile business!
Tasty Snacks and Exotic Tastes - Food n' Drugs
Property of the State - Business Reclamation
A Courtesy Call - Wrapping things up.
Snap Your Fingers, Watch it Burn - Alchemy!
Establish this monopoly - Grafting!
The Exploitation of Opportunity - Business with Vaishen.
If these hands were used to heal - Learning with Porta.
Nettles and tea - Learning poison stuff from Mixie!
Twilight of the Gods - We're so f'd.

Autumn Era XXI Post Fractum

A better kind of herb - Druuuuuuuugs~
Zero... - Meeting Arturus again.
It's a trap! - Overseeing Arturus.
"Got juice?" - Meeting Porta again!
Bedfellows - Business stuff.
Toys R Us - Selling to Willow.
I'm sick but you're twisted - Nightmares with Barthelme.
Will Club for Food - Meeting an ogre.
The Collector - Putting Thugebb to work.
Smashing things together counts as crafting - Making a Staff of Arcana
Climbing over the bottom - Business.
How You Get The Girl - Godly shenanigans with Eclair.

Winter Era XXI/XXII Post Fractum

"On the Windswept Precipice of Nihility" - FINAL BATTLE
The Path to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions - Encounter with Quentin.
I will show you the world - Slaving with Inashi.
How much for the puppies in the window? - Setting Byxlle back up again.
Like Father, Like Daughter - Hiring Amara.
Ah, another entity of value - Hiring Vireylda.

Spring Era XXII Post Fractum

Magic Lessons - Teaching Amara thaumaturgy.
An Interesting Development - Vireylda's a nasty one.
Trust Exercises - Getting to know Vireylda better.
Welcome to the Family - A lot better.
Keeping the peace - Dealing with a gang.
Peace talks - Part 2.
Matriarch - L3 grafting
Rainbow of Blood - L3 Dagger
Odoriferous - Perfume!
Dicens nolite nocere - Healing business.
Dream as if you'll live forever - A very pleasant set of dreams.
The Right Friends in the Right Places - Lingerie and whores.
Dirty Deeds - Whoring out Alan.
Grab the bull by the horns - The return of Asterion.
Live as if you'll die today - A very nice set of dreams.
Consolidation - Taking over the jade mine in Lauryl.

Summer Era XXII Post Fractum

The good news is that most things are currently not on fire - Status report for Shei'yein.
Minecraft - Definitely not a bad idea.
Securing the Sea - On patrol with Kael.
Do the words "Corporate Overlord" give you Warm Fuzzys? - Reopening Byxlle's shop.
Sebon - Bath business!
To Always Saying Yes - Clubbing with Liahal.
Tears appear to serve no function - L3 healing.
Whittle, shave, and trim - Learning woodcarving.
Three Dimensional - Woodcarving continued.
Monkey See, Monkey Do - Monkeying around with Liahal. Literally.
Unparalleled HR - Recruiting employees for the Apothecarion.
Ironing out the kinks - Recruiting employees for Pink Velvet.
Anatomy Lessons - Completely wholesome work with Faengwen.
Welcome to the Family - Meeting Carnivalesque.
The Aeternian machine - Dasmia shenanigans.
Green fingering - Establishing the Third District.
The Desert Sand in the Hourglass - A visit from Porta.
Height Doesn't Matter - Trade discussion with Sima and Ssslaw.
Winsome, lose some - Advanced negotiation techniques with Ssslaw.
A Sound Consultation - Helping a helpful dracon.
Remnants... - A yummy redhead, a dapper gentleman, and some other guy walk into a hospital...
The Doctor, the Spellbreaker, and the Zombie - And then we fix some other guy.
A Long Way From Home - Helping a farmer set up.
Picking Up A Few Things - Part 2.

Autumn Era XXII Post Fractum

Inimitable Vice - Partying with Adynirach.
Ignominious Tease - Partying with Gowg.
Incipient Peripatetic - Partying with Razumikhin.
Salacious Profligate - Mistress Faengwen.
It's Moonstone, don'tcha know? - Gowg goes off exploring.
Reticulating Splines - Complicated whatever.
From terrible intentions... - Silicone!
Harlequins - So two sadists walk into a bar...
Epicurean Voluptuary - A day in the life of a club owner.
Through the Grapevine - Teaching Anriel alchemy.
Echo and Abyss - Tyana, land reclamation, maybe snuggles?
Healthy workers are happy workers - Healthcare!
Deft fingers - A thief slips into Sliucha...'s office.
Doing the Electric Slide - The sky is falling!
Fixing One's Mistakes - Helping a smelly man.
Whats this!? What's This!? There's ??? Everywhere! - Gowg does more exploring.
Hit it and... hit it again! - Hiring M. Noble for mercenary work.
Slithering through the sand - Trying to find a path through Moonstone desert.

Winter Era XXII/XXIII Post Fractum

Golden Button - Naughty piercings.
Khaluun - A day in the life of a bath house owner.
The hardest part might be the naming - Finding a site for a temple.
A talk of nuances - A talk with the governor of Arium.
Half and Half - For the purposes of rebuilding the Temple of Carnal Love.
What's Mine Was Yours - ^^^
Always Frightened, I Remember - 'Inducting' the new members of the Temple of Sinful Delights.
That You Came, And Found Me - Mind breaking an acquaintance.
You Stood, Always Smiling - Checking up on the Third District.
Ever Quiet, Ever Tender - A day in the life of a promiscuous elf.
No good deed - Things get complicated.
And I, A Lost Child - Helping Faengwen as the Aedile.
Blinded By Unshed Tears - Moonstone donation drive for the Temple of Sinful Delights.
A Very Lutran Primehiems - Shenanigans!
Nightmare on Tindei Avenue - Becoming a succubus.
Alchemical Atrocities... And Toothpaste - Teaching Fera alchemy.
Carnivalesque - Act One, Club Vibrato - Carnival shenanigans!
My Insurance Covers Those Medical Bills Yea? - Libertines stick together.


Lirael's Prison - Dreamscape Shenanigans.
The House of the Rising Sun - cont.

Spring Era XXIII Post Fractum

The Tears We Cry Are Echoes - Nierkeeping group fun.
Turn Your Head And Cough - L4 healing.
Not knowing whether we'll find light or darkness - Business stuff with Razu!
As the seamless tomorrow passed by - Robyn, Theo, business business!
That Tell What Tomorrow Can Hold - Temple of Sinful Delights Improvement!
If Looks Could Kill - Hunting basilisk.
Welcome one and all - White Fire
What makes plaster? - Teaching Sheng about healing salves.
Ammenable Pharmaceuticals - Brix commissioning a drug.
Champagne Showers - Rovain finds the best place.
Unnecessary Tension - Woodworking and stuff!
When an Owl-man meets a Snake-woman - Owls are tasty...
And I Wept In Your Arms - The harvest begins!
And I Heard Bells Ring Out Across The Land - Setting up beer/wine production in Moonstone?
Bringing Peace At Last, To Your Heart My Dearest Friend - Dracon date!
And Now The Love That You Gave Me - Visiting the legions in Lauryl.
Blooms And Will Live On - Wolf pack <3 <3 <3
Without End - Staff of Arcana V2
Through The Tears In Us All - Henri and Miss Taylor, maybe not so apathetic?
Why you gotta be so lewd? - Alithean stuff. Very lewd~!
This is our one and only journey - Hiring Markus
Them Kids Grow Up So Fast! - Byxlle and her teen-ish kids!
All Around Me Are Familiar Faces - What's in Arakmat?
We Begin Playing As An Orchestra - Driving the Xet out of Moonstone!
There's Hope Visible in a Still Hidden Location - Part 2!
Our Dream of Journeying - Moon flowers!
Something That Sparkles More Than Any Treasure - Eyeing up the cult.
The Tale We Once Wrote In This Small Room - Lewd Dreamscape stuff?
Running With Our Hands Off the Ship's Wheel - Meeting up with Robyn.
Making pacts with demons - Interesting.
Going Where Cakes... Lie - Cont.
A Boost To Go As Far As We Want - Fixing a mess in the Bellewoods.
Vox Dei - A tournament that Sliucha is definitely not participating in.
[Round I] Masked Lady (Sliucha Sindosa) versus Ylva Cherhc - Sliucha definitely does not fight somebody.
Healing is difficult - Sliucha definitely does not heal somebody who she definitely didn't fight.
[Round II] Gye'ron Versus Sliucha - Sliucha definitely does not advance to round two.
Identifying key steering factors in provincial value creation models - Some asshole comes back.
Fast Enough to Almost Reach the Vast Sky - Some other guy also comes back.


Party fun time? Party fun time! - Party fun time.

Summer, Era XXIII Post Fractum

Let my thoughts ride on the singing wind - Hanging out with Byxlle!
Ride on the Tailwind - Dorin squad!
The Swaying of the Crescent Moon - Follower development.
Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go - Working with Vree.
Impatiently Waiting For You - Wolf stuff!
The prologue to the novel we're currently writing - Dynne levels up!
Summer Family Reunion Time - Byxlle visits the temple again.
Baby Maker Certification - Experiments with little Byxlle!
The tale we are writing in this vast sea - Couples fun!
Mountebank - Some really weird stuff with Vireylda.
A Fine Feathered Friend - Vireylda gets an owl.
Retribution - We are so goddamn screwed.
Libidinous, Lovers - Dynne levels up, again!
The Broken Soul's Revenge - Meeting Marcy.
On the Road to Moonstone - Part 2.
Sour and Sweet Things Come At Once - Meeting Tey'val.
Making a stick... again - Staff creation attempt!
A spot in your plan sight - Dream police!
Two wrongs make a pretty decent couple - Date part deux.
Nice things for terrible people - Baking with Faen!
It is your duty to be happy - Preggers talk with some dorin.
A star in the dusk sky - Preggers talk with Robyn.
We sail towards a sea of endless dreams - Alimony.
Dreaming of Old and New - Legionnaires dream too!

Autumn, Era XXIII Post Fractum

This kind of girl don't get no sleep - Forge testing.
Children of the Sun - Helping Pescado and saurids set up in the desert.
I should be dead but my heartbeat's quickening - Dealing with some bandits.
Hang Tight, Hanged Man - Basilissssssk.
If You Have Eyes To See - Taking Vireylda to help a friend.
Enigmatic, Empress - Reorganization.
Hierarchy, Hierophant - Reorganization.
Conqueror, Chariot - Mining hobgoblins.
She comes a'knocking with her stocking and I get hurt - Meeting people!
Matronly Establishment - A day in the life of a club owner.
If I had it my way - Old guard meets new guard.
Maternal, Moon - Duke, arooo~!
To Go Beyond Healing - Teaching Willow healing.
Excellent Bedside Manner - A day in the life of a hospital owner.
Perchance To Dream - Teaching Vireylda Dreamscape stuff.
Something Innocuous This Way Comes - Making friends with legionnaires?
A girl's status is measured by her denier - Silk!
How Many Buns Fit in an Oven? - Helping Byxlle bake!
Building a Legacy - Meeting Faust, again! Don't let Tiyribi know!
Troubled waters, but they're only thigh-high - A day in the life of a bath house owner.
Show 'em what you're worth - Solving Iras.

Winter, Era XXIII Post Fractum

That ratio; a perfect score - Getting some things out.
She's got a fetish for fine art - Getting to know Victoria better.
Something to do with Puppies - Byxlle gives birth.
A corruption of Amber - It's all in the title.
~What's This?~ - A special guy visits the Club!
I See You Strutting In That Pleat - Visiting the drider!
The Marketplace Welcomes You - Mystery market.
Something Just Like This - Hooray, best friends!

Secrets :

Winter, Era XXIV Post Fractum

A pair of knee-socks and an oversized sweatshirt - Honey's Secret Mix!
Don't wake your father, skip the starters - Meeting Moranor.
I get the feeling I'm in deep - A day in the life of a mother.
Strap those garters up, oh my my! - Baelung hunt.
Maybe you can help me get what I want - Establishing the Moonstone Academy of the Healing Arts (or whatever it'll be named)

Spring, Era XXIV Post Fractum

It's an excuse just to shake your little derrière - Springtime Nierkeeping lewdness!
Double taking yeah I'm shaking - Fixing tongues.
I can't resist the way you flirt - Springtime shenanigans.
She goes right to my heart - Staff stuff!
Aqueducts and Water Rights - Dalia, water, and the Legions.
I see you flaunting, see you taunting, it's so sickening - Clergy investigations.
A Mini Party - Adynirach comes back with Ministra!
This Seems Like a Good Idea - Kailin has a good idea.
Super Scary Mercenary (In Training) - Things continue!
Work Hard, Play Nice - Drinks with Kailin!
Checked pattern on your skirt - Inviting Cyfer to set up legion stuff.
A Lively Tail - Adynirach comes back (again) with Kailin!
How Much Does It Take To Change A Person? - Nu-Byxlle!
Coming home for real - Coming with a dracon.
Room on the third floor, knocking at my front door - Karen, terraforming.
“Club Vibrato” but not a customer….YET! - A friend of Karen's?
Silent Partners~ - Nye comes to visit the Aedile.
Market Corruption - Sliucha and Nye do business.
A droplet of sin - Sarah Vermillion!
And Zero Fox Were Given - Liahal comes back!
Using Stuff To Make Better Stuff? - Teaching alchemy to Diamae!
Lie down baby - A day in the life of an Academy Administrator.
I Dreamed A Dream - Dreamwalking stuff with Diamae!
Wear Your Best When Going To Church - Byxlle and nu-Carmelyan rites.
This kind of girl just can't be beat - Visiting Ylva in High Peak.
It's all about the game and what you flaunt - Meeting with Tiyribi!
I can't deny it, come on and try it - Mi familia.

Summer, Era XXIV Post Fractum

Massive attraction, girl on girl action - Getting to know the +3.
Thanks for the Drugs - Ministra comes back! Without Adynirach. Awk.
And you know it shows - Sliucha's baby momma gives birth!
Twilight, Sparkle, up in the party - Drug refactoring.
A fresh poison each week - Perfume refactoring.
You're gonna steal my very soul - Corruption, artifacts.
Drop that, you already got your reaction! - Dracon date, baked goods!
We need social reform 'cause we're just so criminal - Sending Ministra to Imperia.
Strangers in a Strange Land - Niven and Dante visit ZA.
You can call me king or the ruler - Kemites around Vinesdale.
Arch your back now - Religious rivalries.
I'm buying what you're selling, if she asks then I'm not telling - Meeting Calanon!
She's got nothing that I want, nothing that I need - Following silly rumors.
Don't care about the dress code, put it on let's go - Swirling Lotus Garden: Ministra!
Get your boots on dear 'cause we're going out there - Swirling Lotus Garden: Liahal!
Dashing young rogues can't be helped when consecrated - Swirling Lotus Garden: Adynirach!
If you can't see that then you can just tap that - Swirling Lotus Garden: Kailin and Calanon!
I keep on coming back it's true - Swirling Lotus Garden: Byxlle!
Bawdy and Lewd Go Hand in Hand - Rosie and stuff!
My Mother (in law) Warned Me About You - Links visits ZA!
A winter valley, summer sand - Erion, the slave.
She's the last true mouthpiece - Hanging out with Miss Taylor!
She's the giggle at a funeral - Consorting with demons.
No masters or kings when the ritual begins - Confessional!
She whispers in my ear, take off your clothes - Priestesses and brands.
Go big or go home - Exclusive interview with Emile Tawfeek.
You're so enticing, mesmerizing, don't know how to react - Another day with her dracon!
Pick up my sword it's time to do business - Alexis and the Pink Velvet.
You and Me. We got Chemistry - Teaching Calanon alchemy.

Autumn, Era XXIV Post Fractum

Strap on my cloak I'm 'bout to roll with this - Angela and the Wash & Blow.
She's an absolute terror for absolute territory - Surveying the Third District.
Can't keep me quiet, I just keep screaming - Watching over the pups.
Linguist subliminal, damages minimal - Desert tour.
Drain the whole sea, get something shiny - Alchemy, no smudge makeup.
Stop that, I'm gonna need a redaction - Dreamscape patrol.
Lean back now, here's what I meant - Dreamscape with Dynne.
But there's a catch to our glory and there's an end to this story - Confessional!

Winter, Era XXIV Post Fractum

Overpowered, my desire - Cypher!
Haunting in Bellewood - Some ghosts up to no good? Starting trouble in my neighborhood!
Routing the Goblins - Hobgoblin trouble!
We'll see the light of day again my dear - Checking up on the Legions!
The gates have opened once again - Did you know Sliucha had a family? She didn't! Doesn't. We'll see.
I'm a machine, gotta win because there ain't no draws - Amathor, trials.

Winter, Era XXV Post Fractum

Storm, Stone, Salt - Magic Hollow shenanigans.
I Can Explain. - Vireylda comes back.
The youth of today have no honor or valor or soul - Makael seeks employment.
I'm gonna set things straight again, I'm gonna prove them wrong - Kitkat development.
Infecting me with a cure I was never meant to see - Healing Gye'ron.
My blazing heart still beats for you, you know it's true - Edibles!
We were born sick, you heard them say it - Checking in with Ninuka
A Deal With Meephos- Missing children and all that
Goodwill Missions Willing Good - Meeting with Tiyribi and the Legions
The Fate of Cetheron's Hammer - Spoiler: it ain't good.
Won't you come round my way for some conversation, please - Calanon stops by.
A very important mission - Good pupper Akina gets mail!

Spring, Era XXV Post Fractum

That looks tasty, that looks plenty - Heat.
Looking like a heel but it's just a boot - Crown of moonflowers, upgrade?
Sanctuary - Talindra comes to town.
I'll gravitate towards you, or you'll miss me when I'm gone - Saida!
Ooh, Shiny Magical Object! - Bailing Talindra out, and mysticism.
Me? I'm gonna keep on smiling - Babysitting the pups.
I will prevail, even though there may be many foes stalking my trail - Building a fort.
For the Lonely Roads Ahead - Farewell to Talindra!
Irresponsible adults with too much time on their hands - Confessional!
I need a palate cleanser while I walk these streets of gold - Being sociable with Vireylda!
Fine dining, got to respect - Hunting down the kurnslyth.
Peace By Any Means - Corruption, coercion, Srennius.
The Devil Is In The Details - Demon stuff with Vireylda.
Oh say, can you see all the lights that are shining? - Alfio at the club!
We had a great day out - Dracon date!

Summer, Era XXV Post Fractum

Say that you're fine but I know you're a wreck - Couples therapy for the Kasmia family.
Who knew that voodoo could do so much for me? - Ralmith, spellbreaking recruitment.
Resumes are Overrated - Getting Links in on Moonstone bureaucracy.
A Clever Title About Puns and Hearts - Byxlle and her angel heart.
Feel this one and just go with me - Broomy, Netters!
Open Your Eyes and See What I See - Vireylda stuff.
I'm on a quest of which I know I can never fail - Governor hearings.
I'm elite and you're forlorn - Ana!
Emitting Love in Moonstone - Corruption, Olsyreans.
There's a spark in your eye and a grin on your lips - The homosexual heir.
You kinda scare me and I wanna let you go and find another adventure - Inari, cold calls, Dreamscape.
Interspersed with memories oh so clear - A mysterious tower in the desert.
Animate me 'cause I got no soul - Loot check via spellbreaker!
The Fox and the Lamb - Meeting Ellie.

Autumn, Era XXV Post Fractum

These inhibitions sucker me in - Gay heir v2.
They say I'm getting overzealous, but I just got too much zeal - Meeting with Medonia's governor(?).
Plastic in hand by public demand - Sarah helps with some sex toy experimentation.
I found something interesting and we should discover it together - Couriers?
Pierce the armor, break the scale - Kurnslyth followup!
A New Dawn - Hecate.

Winter, Era XXV Post Fractum

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Positive Brand #1: Reciprocation

Secrets :
Sliucha bears a first Brand from Alithea. As such, Sliucha now renders anyone that has sex with her to be 100% infertile so long as it's about business/function rather than love/pleasure. This disease will also spread to anyone that an 'inflicted' also comes in contact with at higher proficiencies (thus far, is self contained). No physical manifestations. This can be activated or deactivated at will.

Wasteland is now known as Reciprocation:
As part of Sliucha’s elevation in status in Alithea’s court, ‘Wasteland’ is confirmed as not an actual annihilation of another person’s fertility but rather the temporary theft of such. When utilised, this counteracts Sliucha’s innate infertility from past Zyrgan Rites and can be used for both male and female targets via physical properties manipulation obtained here.

Positive Brand #2: Funesta Amore

Sliucha bears a second Brand from Alithea which was provided upon the release of one of her trapped Incubi. This acts as an aura about Sliucha that allows her to see the first kindling of 'young love' (i.e., early Courtship). Those within very close proximity who fit this criteria will be subjected to an increased desire to be unfaithful. This affects all races and genders equally.

Mark of Alithea

Sliucha has been marked by Alithea in the form of a set of red hand prints on her enhanced bosoms. This mark cannot be removed by any means, be it mundane or magic, except by another deity. As of now, the mark has no ability other than the permanent physical enlargement of Sliucha's breasts.

The Mark of Alithea is Sliucha's potential Third Brand. The Brand will only be fully bestowed once the Temple of Sinful Delights has been completed, and Alithea deems the temple worthy.

Positive Brand #3: Bilquis

Vagina Dentata meets Bag of Holding.

Sliucha has internal ‘hammerspace’. Without some form of safety line however, attachments to the outside, it’s a one way door so to speak for anything not alive. Internal storage is effectively infinite, however inert/dead objects will result in Sliucha being violently ill (Alithea’s party girl has to go hug a toilet for a while, best have a friend hold her hair back, etc).

Consumption of a whole individual will automatically trigger Sliucha’s First Positive Brand, ‘Reciprocation’.

Positive Brand #4: Iridescence Glamour

Sliucha’s role within the inner workings of Alithea’s children has resulted in the fourth Positive Brand of Alithea and acts as the foundation of any future Fifth Brand of Alithea.

Physical Alternations:
Sliucha now has three white Fox tails (slightly purple tips).
Sliucha is affected by a form of Glamour. Namely that it’s very, very difficult for Sliucha to look less than immaculate. Difficult, but not impossible.

Tail #1 (Memory). Memory Lapse, when Sliucha brushes her tail up against someone, she is able to affect them with a Non-Magical effect of the Mysticism equivalent of Memory Lapse. This should be treated as a lvl2/Journeyman Spell. This may be used three times per brightening.

Tail #2. (Emotion). Whoa!, when Sliucha brushes her second tail against a target she is able to amplify the emotions related primarily to Alithea - Lust to the extent of a lvl2/Journeyman Spell. This may be used three times per brightening. This additionally can be manipulated into a close range Aura about Sliucha for the same equivalent spell strength.

Tail #3. (Physical). Bop! when Sliucha is within the Dreamscape, Thaumaturgical injuries against a target will cause Physical Damage (no greater than a lvl2 spell) rather than knocking the target out of the Dreamscape and consuming a memory. This may be used three times per darkening (Dreaming).

Completed Brand Unlock: Inari's Blessing.
Sliucha has the trainable/experience garnered Racial for Shape Shifting in the same manner as Mer, Dracons, etc. This follows an equivalent Mass relationship.


Negative Brand #1: "Love Hurts"

Sliucha will be subjected to a painful burning sensation wherever her skin comes in direct contact with someone that is in Love and is Faithful. This is the equivalent of an Initiate spell in strength, but is highly resistant to healing. Time/Natural healing only.

This does not activate when engaged in an act of Lust/Corruption as the other party is not able to fulfill the activation condition...

Negative Brand #2: "Remorse"

Any attempts at using magical healing (Witchcraft or Thaumaturgy) to heal a target that is in Love and Faithful, will result in the spell backfiring. This will result in the ‘Love/Faithful’ target being healed, and Sliucha receiving a mirroring affliction at 1:100th of the initial damage. Remorse will never do more harm than a Journeyman spell can inflict – no Mortal injuries.

Life threatening/Mortal wounds will result in Sliucha being marked somewhere on her body with a Broken Heart that while resistant to healing, can be removed with Adept+ magic.

Zyrgra’s Needle – The needle that was used to stitch Zyrgra’s lips shut while she was still alive. No lips can ever be unstitched when this needle is used and is said to be in the possession of Kreska Yangta, Priestess of Zyrgra. But Sliucha stole it~! And then traded it for the Nierkeeping deal with Xenar.

1 I.O.U. from Bob Kettle, Champion of Haya

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'Mister Scales' (Весы, Échelle Graduée) Friend, lover, servant.

Mr. Scales is now a Dreamwalker. Mr. Scales has highly limited skill in most areas of Dreamwalking, but prodigious talent in 'Invoking'. This comes at the cost of always forfeiting memories used in this manner. 'Invocations' should be treated as coming from a Dreamwalker with twice the skill/experience as Mr. Scales personally holds.

Henri and Miss Taylor. Former priest-in-training of the CoF and middle-aged housewife. Their minds have been addled by prolonged exposure to Les Misérables and thaumaturgical experimentation. They no longer feel. Miss Taylor works the Apothecarion's front desk, while Henri works as a nurse. As of Spring Era XXIII Post Fractum they have begun to feel again, Henri off to Collegio in Centripax and Miss Taylor slowly going back to her old liveliness and gossiping.
Alya - elven bodyguard/companion. Lv2 throwing stars/knives, Lv1 knife/dagger
Alfio - muscular, well-endowed slave. Works as 'entertainment' at Club Vibrato.
Gildor - Juive’len slave. Veteran Glaive, Basic Brawling. Only speaks Elvish. Works as a bouncer at Club Vibrato.
Elrohir - Nimalni slave. L2 Stoneworking, L1 Carpentry. Building contractor for the city of Ziel Aerca.
Lamalas - Vysstichi slave. Guard at the Temple of Sinful Delights.
Fi'Doh - dorin mercenary. Fun!
The Township of Castitas - Hayan/Alithean cult of ~100, led by the dimwitted but very charismatic and attractive Leader + Caly (L2 necromancy)
Kian - A handsome lad with good physical features, works as a clerk at the Pink Velvet
Yajur - Horny dorin, doesn't speak common. Staying with the dorin pack.
Popanim (faerie), Debby (chubby Jaedaxian woman) [piercers], Hong Qiang (portly mustached Kemite), Jill (young skinny girl) [leatherworkers]
Himiko - Absolutely gorgeous, although her common is lacking. Works as a receptionist at the Apothecarion.
Kitkat (nurse), Aifric (nurse), Jensen (nurse), Faergus (herbalist), Ronja (cleaner)
Amber (L2 Feral Shaman), wolf pack, Drider (Galaeron, L1 skill), Faerie (Kaya), hunting spider
Queen Archibald Tortancula Fluffybottom Bones
Dorin pack!: 6 males (Rek [alpha], Son'Hi, Snu'Pi, Ha'vei, Fi'Doh, Ve'kan), 6 females (Eh'nu m, Witta gm, Nar'na d, +3), 5 pups.

Name: Ve'kan
Age: Young Dorin adult

One of the five original young pups that Sliucha freed when she helped save the pack of Dorins, Ve'kan has grown up remarkably quickly into one of the packs more respected youthful members. Many of the pack see in him a bright future for them, as he's shown a level of intelligence and shrewdness uncommon among his kind. But perhaps most importantly of all, he has an almost natural ability to inspire trust and loyalty in those around him that seems to be only growing as he does. Only time will tell if he will live long enough to fulfil the level of promise he shows though.

Vanessa: event organizer at Club Vibrato.
Saida: bartender, night shift. Female sea elf, doesn't really like clothes.
Andre: bartender, day shift.
Bloodmoon: orc bouncer


Relevant Skills:
Healer, Level 1

Relevant Lore:
Aifric, Human Female
Age: 20

Relevant Skills:
Thaumaturgy, Level 1
Healer, Level 1

Faergus, Dwarf Male
Age: 213

Relevant Skills:
Herbalism, Level 2
Gardening, Level 1
Herbal Medicine

Jensen Tindervael, Human Male
Age: 41

Relevant Skills:
Healer, Level 2

Battlefield Medicine
Ronja, Human Female
Age: 14

Relevant Skills:

Ziel Aerca's Third Agricultural District:
Wheat, Yams, Rice, Potatoes = positive viability.
Barley, Canola = Negative viability.
Agriculture District:
10,000 approx citizens, primarily Sherian refugees from south of Narim, and Kemite refugee's from Lauryl.

Origa-Kuroi, Priestess of Turtas.
Vysstichi Liche in her middle two hundreds.
Journeyman Elementalism.
Artisan Grafting
L2 alchemy


Initial survivors from the Temple of Carnal Love
Two Vysstichi women who serve Zyrgra.
Madselaa Garssen
Tidrayne Salerethai
One Esh’lahier male who also served Zyrgra.
One Vysstichi woman who served Haya.
Four shrine maidens
Halueth (A)
Saeryn (A)
Dynne (A)
Akam'lir (T)
Vysstichi male ‘washboy’, Turtas, castrated
no name (up to Saeryn!)
two Vysstichi male guards
Darvreloth (A)
Invus Vilaovas (H)

Mountain site - 23 hobgoblins, not very intelligent, L1 spear
Malgorn the dark elf

Blind Beggar Lady

Amber, daughter of a local wine merchant, new administrative assistant who follows Sliucha around.

Melody, a nice lady who runs a charity that Sliucha has sponsored. Impregnated by Sliucha, due Summer Era XXIV Post Fractum

Moonstone Academy of the Healing Arts and Sciences
Name: Percival Tonguity
Gender: Male
Race: Gnome
Age: 31
Skill level: 3
Attractiveness: 10/10
DTF: Yes
Notes: mostly worked with dwarves in the past, the sort of person who'll confidently give an answer even if they don't know what it should be - careful with this one!

Name: Atrinthal Beliverus
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 27
Skill Level: 2
Attractiveness: 6/10
DTF: What?
Notes: Not DTF, lame! Bit boring, but very knowledgeable and smart.

Name: Hemina Wuzzk
Gender: Female
Race: Quelanthasan Elf
Age: 254 1/2
Skill Level: 2
Attractiveness: 2/10 (unfortunate grafting accident)
DTF: Will it get me the job?
Notes: Awesome!

Name: Amynid Globsky
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 22
Skill level: 1
Attractiveness: 10/10
DTF: Yes
Notes: Pretty Jaedaxian gentleman!

Name: Humpbert Dingleberry (changed from real name, because real name was too hard to pronounce)
Gender: Male
Race: Saurid
Age: 45
Skill level: 2
Attractiveness: 8/10
DTF: Yes
Notes: Gruff, rough, curt.

Name: Anastasianista Vladimyrelda
Gender: Female
Race: Katta
Age: 31
Skill level: 2
Attractiveness: 9/10
DTF: Yes
Notes: Professional, sleek, smart.

Name: Ben Hurley
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 77
Skill level: n/a
Attractiveness: 1/10
DTF: Yes please
Notes: Lonely man who misses his wife. Cleaning helps him forget. Perhaps some counseling is in order?

Name: Yvelt Ironfister
Gender: Female
Race: Dwarf
Age: 345
Skill level: n/a
Attractiveness: 10/10 if you like bearded women.
DTF: Certainly not
Notes: Tsundere dwarf. Lives up to her name!

Name: Grover Middleditch
Gender: Male
Race: Cether
Age: 44
Skill level: n/a
Attractiveness: 7/10
DTF: Yes
Notes: Swinger with lots of kids. Should meet his wife sometime! More general labor than cleaning.

Name: Adamina Flurrytongue
Gender: Technically male, but identifies as female
Race: Medonian elf
Age: 468
Skill level: 1
Attractiveness: 10/10
DTF: Yes
Notes: Lives up to the name. Talks quickly, too!

Name: Germing Trevorboot
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 18
Skill level: 1
Attractiveness: 8/10
DTF: Virgin... so yes?
Notes: Quiet, a bit textbook, mostly theoretical knowledge.

Name: Hapibottom Greyskull
Gender: Female
Race: Half-orc
Age: 22
Skill level: 2
Attractiveness: 6/10
DTF: Yes
Notes: Not the best speaker but improving!

Name: Umbridge Nerdalert
Gender: Male
Race: Dwarf
Age: 555
Skill level: 1
Attractiveness: 7/10
DTF: Yes
Notes: Works with inmates and such to help bring them back into society.

Name: Viluma Turkleton
Gender: Female
Race: Half-elf
Age: 45
Skill level: 2
Attractiveness: 10/10
DTF: Yes
Notes: Objectively helps patients come to their own conclusions. Likes taking notes.

Name: Liliu Yngrind
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 24
Skill level: 1
Attractiveness: 10/10
DTF: Yes
Notes: Vain, but takes medication to help with that.

The city's one hospital (run by a Vysstichi woman) and three clinics (group run by a shrin who likes Sliucha's 'attachments) have allied with the Academy.

Skaeve, smol "saurid champion" and defender of the kurnslyth!

Friends at the old mill

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Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa

Magical Creations

Amulet, Enchantment
Induces a healing aura that will help stop bleeding and ward off infection.
Spell strength: Master
Functional time: 10 Candlemarks. (1/3)
Recharge time: 19 Candlemarks. (2/3)

Alchemy Creations

Ingredient(s) (primary) + Reactor/catalyst (reagent) (secondary) + Binder/Stone (tertiary) + Modifier/Herbs (recommended) + Flavor (optional) + Stabilizer (especially if more than one components are used).

Smelling Salts Potion: when applied to the tongue, will awaken the target from any naturally-caused or mysticism-caused sleep. They will not be able to taste anything for a cycle. 2 uses.

StimSlide: silicone. Coating (waterproof, thermos), industrial grease, molds, caulk. Also "toys."


Self cultivation/manufacturing:


Rapture: A big shot of energy and a slight feeling of euphoria. No crash present. Overdosing may lead to blackouts.

Felicium: Induces a state of lethargy in the smoker along with a massive sense of jubilation.

Pink Lotus: Makes the smoker feel very hot and amorous.

Candypop: Very trippy. Fills the smoker with happiness, but their vision is suddenly filled with explosions of color and everything seems significantly more vibrant and garish.

Dyne: Heavy euphoria, but highly addicting. Sliucha knows how to craft the antidote to cure addiction.

Twilight: Heavy euphoria that remains steady over a long period of time, slowly diminishing to prevent a 'crash' and stave off addiction. May result in munchies, and makes sex pretty awesome.

Sparkle: Leaves a pleasant, fuzzy feeling all over, and causes the tongue to tingle a bit.

Jubilee: Causes the user to perceive time slowed down by an incredible degree.

Advent: Jubilee mixed with a material dubbed Chrism, leading to hallucinations of Kaimelea and perceived time anomalies.

Taken Orally

Pink Velvet: A bright pink pellet, sucked on or swallowed. Strong aphrodisiac that lasts for around a candlemark.

Trystian: A soft chewy cube with red and blue stripes on it. Fills the user with a massive sense of bravery and courage, but also induces strong hallucinations.

Twist: A powder to be taken with water; higher dosage equals more concentrated effects. Induces a massive spike in energy in the user. Heavy usage results in a massive crash, leading to headaches and other nasty side effects.

Bloodhype: A small, yellow pellet. Noticeable effect of making the user speak anything that passes through their mind. Other effects may arise that vary from user to user. Sharp, euphoric spike. Highly addictive.


Serenity: Makes one veeeeeery calm. Helps with subsequent butt stuff, too.


Wissam: Causes slight irritation in the eye and mild discomfort. Quickly induces a long euphoric high in the user where they zone out. Highly addictive.

Khaw: Wissam without the eye irritation.


StimGlide: A colorless, tasteless, oily lubricant for the purposes of carnal activities. Contacted areas become significantly more sensitive and result in a far more pleasurable experience. The effects are more pronounced when used upon the mouth and genitalia.

Imported from Zul'tha Jin and the Miu Street Gang:


Secrets :

She also has limited access to an assortment of other drugs (small quantity, rare frequency -- think of it as a one time access to a random total of ten drugs). Example drugs are Mageburn, Pink Lotus, Mushrooms, White and other varieties (feel free to make them up). You may only permanently increase the stockpile of those drugs via IC roleplay and discovery!

Aglaophotis: disinfectant
Chuinjuatin: contraceptive, direct insertion
Blue Nine: for upset stomachs
Dragon's Breath: bad breath
Monocane: laxative
Bungay: sinus clearing
Chrism: helps with fevers


Master-level Techniques developed:

Gelatin-injected wrinkle removal
Restoration of scarring as a result from severe injuries and burns
Fat-reduction surgery
Orthodontic surgery
Teeth replacement and restoration
Optical transplant and restoration of sight
Inner Ear Reconstruction Surgery and transplant


1 MP that can be used for crafting Dreamscape suitable resources/territory within corresponding to her Deity.
1 MP - Pink Velvet
1 MP - Alithean/Temple resource
1 MP - government/bandit takedown
2 generic MP
1 generic MP
1 spellbreaking MP

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Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa

House Sindosa-Aenelis

Marchioness of Nierkeeping/Evergrove

A mixture of the Sindosa and Aenelis heraldry. Purple and white, split with the right hand side as per cross and the tree motif on the left hand side being rendered via escutcheon. A combination of fancy and practical set side by side on the same Coat of Arms.

Sliucha’s Coat of Arms ultimately looked both very fancy, and like something that one saw when upon a concoction of Sliucha’s various narcotics; or perhaps a distorted image that when one’s eyes defocused just right; caused a three dimensional pop-up to appear of a boat or a cat.

What was inside was the first page being a large seal, the crest of the Sindosa House of Coldmoon. It was a large oval piece with the left side having a present cut out of it to denote lineage to the Trelorean Sky Houses rather than the Star or Sun. The left side appeared to be a constellation set against a stylised tree.

The other family tree’s seal was oval, bearing the same crescent as Sindosa for a Sky House, only there was a stylised constellation that didn’t appear like anything seen within the sky upon the Medonian Continent. Upon Trelore? Perhaps something else altogether, for all that it’s name was lost upon the Priest.
Family Tree

Note: Every three generations begets a 'Sliucha'

Paternal Great-Grandparents:
Vararis Sindosa <-> Adrith Auel (Statuses Unknown)

Maternal Great-Grandparents:
Feynrel Aenelis <-> Carmael Savel (Statuses Unknown)

Leilah Aenelis (Alive, small farm in Linnea)

Grandmother's sister:
Adrith U’sionayl (Alive, status unknown)

Grandmother's brother:
Deyren Aenelis (Deceased, Elven rebellion)

Taredd Sindosa (Deceased, Elven Rebellion)

Fayriel Sindosa (Deceased, Elven rebellion)

Maika Sindosa (Alive, Herbalist in New Coldmoon)

Cousins by Maika:
Sliucha ??? (same first name!)
??? (very young child)

Fanya Sindosa (Deceased)

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