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Lilliana Damarque


Lilliana Damarque: The lil' Lady

Name: Lilliana Myrran'thill Damarque
Race: Vysstichi/human half elf
Age: 25 ordonations
Location: Arconis

Physical Description:
In being a half elf with a Vysstichi mother and a human father, Lilliana has the typical perfect proportionsz common amongst her mother's race, yet she isn't as tall as common Vysstichi women. With her 5'4", Lilliana is just below the average hight of a human female and seriously below what is common for Vysstichi women. Her weight does reflect her elegant and near perfect proportions though, weighing just a smidge under 80 lbs.

Her hair is of a light silver teint, while her eyes are a mixture between ruby-red and violet, signs that give away her elfish heritage, more so her Vysstichi blood, which runs through her veins. Though she does have the Vysstichi blood, she does not have the typical dark gray skin, but more a pale gray coloured skin, though it does not make her less beautifull. With her big eyes and her smooth and silky skin, Lilliana signified the pearl of her family and combined the elegance of her Vysstichi mother with the charming appearance of her human father.

Her body is devout of any significant markings, except for a small birthmark on the inside of her left thigh in the form of a rose, though this could also be Lilliana's own imagination.


Lilliana acts as is expected from a young noblewoman; with grace and elegance. she is quite considerate and friendly, though sometimes every month she has some rather large moodswings. She never fears to be alone, but she never had the chance to bealone either, seeing as her father and his employers; the Serra Kanes, always try to find her a suitable husband.

He favorite colors, are blue and green, which she thinks to be the only colors that make her look at her best, especially when attending social events and parties. However, she dislikes black clothing, which he finds to be rather gloomy and unpleasant to look at, even for herself.

Lilliana has many interests, going from music, to politics and in some cases even arcana and combat, though she only wants to have a usefull way of defending herself, but only if the weapon of choice is elegant and beautifull.

What Lilliana hates are arrogant and bloated people, men and women thinking they can do everything when they actually can't, even though she does respect proper authority when it is needed from her. She also dislikes people tha manipulate others with false promises and schemes.

  • Lore:
Politics basic
  • Skills:

Experience Earned:
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Background of Lilliana

Twenty five Eras ago, Lord Pelagius Damarque, as an emmissary of the wealthy and noble Serra-Kane house of Arconis, traveled accross the Aelyrian empire to create good bussiness opportunities, contact associates of the family or keep an eye on local politics that interested the Serra-Kanes. He acted as the eyes and ears of the family in recluse, always searching for whatever they needed. On one of such travels Lord Pelagius Damaque came to know a young noble Vysstichi woman, who fell in love with the lord's charming appearance and his charismatic behavior, yet it was a love not built for the ages. The Vysstichi woman; whoes name was Vi'Yolena Mythran'till, could not bare to deliver birth to a daughter, explaining her conservative family on how this came to be, she secluded herself from the entire world for a short period with people she knew and trusted. After she gave birth to her own little halfblood miracle, she gave her daughter a necklace that belonged to her family for ages and asked her trusted friends to deliver the baby at the address of Lord Pelagius Damarque; the child's father.

It was at that time, during a cold night of the winter season, that those friends dropped the baby off at the address of the Serra-Kanes; Lord Pelagius' employers. When Lord Pelagius came to the Serra-Kane estate to try and find out why the head of the family had asked him to retreat from his current dealings for the Serra-Kanes, he came to know that he supposedly had a daughter waiting for him. For the first time laying eyes upon the halfblood miracle he was a part off, he decided to name her Lilliana, after his mother and asked the Serra-Kanes to treat her as family and one of their own, which considered with the fact that Lilliana had Vysstichi blood running through her veins, was quite the mirracle on itself.

Under the watchfull eye of both her father and the Serra-Kane household, Lilliana grew up to become a fine young lady, with her calm, but cheerfull nature claiming a place in her family's heart. Lilliana had the pleassure of having a decent education, well-thought in manners, etiquette, geography and politics. Even though she was quite the outgoing person; regularly attending social events such as many dinnerparties, balls and more, Lilliana started to develop a sense of duty and commitment.

As only child, she enjoyed the full parental attention of her father as well, even though she knew well enough that her face reminded the aging Lord of his one true love, the one he could not keep. During the eighteenth era of her life, Lilliana was given proper clothing to appear in more public events and socialize under the Serra-Kane name. A future was determined for her, she would act as an envoy for the family, just like her father, but in stead of becoming an envoy in bussiness, she was groomed in the world of politics, with the Serra-Kane's depending on her clear thoughts to keep an eye on the local politics of Arconis.

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  Lilliana's Posessions

-Rusty dagger(starting package)

-common clothing
-dresscode clothing(still needs approval)



-polished silver necklace (family heirloom)

-Food rations: 5
-flasks of water: 5

-Room at the Serra Kane summer home (GD Amalthea approved, starting package)

-Daughter of Lord Pelagius Damarque (addressed to as 'lady' or 'young grace')

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