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Jarex is unknown and forgotten

Name: Jarex
Race: Sea-Elf, Tėleris (male)
Age: 68
Location: Portshire

Physical Description:
A typical Tėleris. Thick skin and strong musculature.
He has the height of the normal male elves and the body
of the sea elves(webbed hands and feet and gills on his enormous neck).

Personality: Calm and slow. Doesn't like to talk much like the other males. It's possible that
this will change after a couple of years in Portshire.


Experience Earned:

Wealth: 1500 crowns

Major Possessions:
- 1 Rusty Dagger
- 1 Set of Plain Clothes
- 5 Flasks of Water
- 5 Rations of Food
- 1 Visa

Background: Jarex left his home in the Bellenic Sea at the age of 67 when
his father got really mad at him (Jarex refused to take on the family heirloom).
At first Jarex thought he was Silencing him for a just a cycle,
but then it was a month, then two, then three. Jarex
had nothing more to do than to get out of there - no one dared to talk to him.
His travel was hard, mostly swimming, having luck not encountering sea dragons,
getting dolphins as a mounts, etc. The most hard job was to find a visa for that
land called Aelyria. He did some very hard work for a land owner in order to get
one. Now he finally can start a new life by visiting the city of Portshire.

Fluid Time Log
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