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Furah Steel is unknown and forgotten
Furah Steel


Name: Furah Steel
Age: 20
Height: 6'1.
Weight: 168 lbs.
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Blue
Background: Furah grew up in Port Alyxandrya his entire life, and rarely left it's borders. Aside from the odd excursion away from the walls, all of his memories and experiences began here and he had no intention of leaving his home any time soon. His father Yute was a trader who had recently passed away due to poison from a bandit's dart while on an expedition. Furah had never known his mother, and through prodding of his father learned little about her. He knew she was beautiful and well spoken but nothing more.

Furah himself was a kind-hearted fellow, feeling a sense of purpose and pride in helping others. Growing up he had many friends all of whom moved off to other homes. His child life was happy and safe, and during his childhood his father was rather successful and so he enjoyed a lot of privileges others could not. He had always wanted to join the military in some capacity, but his father wouldn't allow it, expecting Furah to take on the family business.

After his father's death, Furah inherited most of his asset's - which were meager to say the least. His father's business had been going down hill for a while, and Furah did not realize how close to poverty they really were until now. Yute had left their home to his uncle who had quickly and cruelly forsook Furah to the streets to look for his own home. Luckily Furah had been able to locate a merchant who had a piece of property he was desperately looking to get off his hands. The building was completely decrepid, a dank hovel in comparison to some of the grand buildings of the city.

Without much choice Furah took the bargain and began his adult life there in that hovel.

500 Crowns
1 Rusty Dagger
1 Deed to a basic Tenement
1 Set of Plain Clothes
5 Flasks of Water
5 Rations of Food
1 Trader's Feather
1 Visa

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